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connecting the dots eraoflightdotcomThe Ukraine is the key, fear of the revelations of the crimes of the Democrats and the whole story is ; what and who is behind this world crime conspiracy. That the sons or relatives of the Deep State politicians in the US have served as a straw man to satisfy the corrupt politicians’ greed is serious, but compared to the whole story it is a fringe phenomenon.

Joe Biden’s intelligence is lower than my shoe size, he’s guilty of extortion to get the Corruption Investigator fired, threatening to withhold funds.


In this story, I put in an article written by Norbert Pols. In his bloodcurdling research and revelations he explain the international crime for preserving the power-hungry Elite.

How can at be that at the MH370 crash site, littered with Asian corpses who corresponds to the Passenger list of the flight of the MH370 and that the bodies where without blood, in a state of decomposition, with no European appearance at all, on a summer flight found with only Winter clothes?!

With intact Dutch passports, some of them with holes preventing them from being used as travel documents when boarding flight MH17.

The whole fabricated investigation of the JIT about the MH17 is fake!

Fred Grapperhaus; CDA Minister of the Pedo protection GESTAPO Justice and the prosecution OM warns for fake news and misinformation about the MH17 murder by the Dutch government.

We call this projection because the investigation is 100% Fake, as there is a non-disclosure agreement signed by the NWO globalists Mafia to hide the truth.

It is also strange that the black boxes of information have not been disclosed to date, because this would show that the flight recorders are from the MH370.

People who set up a foundation for the survivor of the flight MH17, are themselves linked to the political party of Mark Rutte Gay MP of the Dutch, the VVD, and partly of them have a criminal past.

Passports can be made by the government or embassy without any problem, or have been delivered to the Embassy in Kiev with confiscated expired passports with Holes, because the passenger list was known to the government well before the flight.

The Dutch Ambassador had already reported 3 days before the flight that flying over a crash site in Ukraine had to be avoided, due to heavy artillery.

This Ambassador Jennes de Mol, will therefore not only have given this information to the Dutch government, but will also have to cooperated with the whole conspiracy to serve the interests of the Bilderberg Mafia in The Hague and the Dutch Royal House.

99.9% of the reasonably intact passports came through him to safeguard Shell’s interests and contracts, which in my view makes him an accomplice to Genocide.

Ambassador Jennes de Mol must also have cooperated in the deceit to swap the Asian bodies with freshly murdered people who were on the MH17 flight, so he may also hang in a place of honour if the tribunal convicts him of war crimes.

We can say that the Dutch and World population have been seriously misled in this crime that our Dutch Cabal government has committed with the EU NWO criminals from all over the world and the UN fascists.

Most of the perpetrators shown in the picture have a dark family past linked to the Nazis in the past.

Fake King who came from Bernard von Lippe, see also picture of wedding Bernhard and Juliana where the Hitler salute is given.

The derivatives trading in birth certificates on Wall Street, are insurance policies taken out in our name, of which the Cabal is the beneficiary via the Vatican via the Fiat Money System.

This Genocide of Passengers of 2 flights the MH370 and the MH17 yielded a lot of money for the Cabal, as the organ robbery and human trafficking of the victims have not yet been counted.

We now see the Cabal and Deep State undergoing their own arrogance of unprecedented stupidity, because the weakest links are now going to fall.

This could trigger a Door-Knob pandemic epidemic among the Cabal Elite like the doorknob suicide of Maxima’s sister, if they want to confess.

Elite suicide around the world will make the Door-knob shares rise and make more victims as the entire C0r0nav1rus deception and umpteenth false flag with the help of Bill Gates to have Agenda 21 imposed by the UN, with mandatory vaccinations which are then simple executions on the world’s population.

Bill Gates has co-funded the C0r0nav1rus development because he also owns shares in the Vaccination production companies.

Coïncedence: How the game works…

To frame and blame China with an economic attack using false propaganda, with this CIA / Mossad False Flag crime.

Virus and Vaxination… a medical deceit…

Control of disease information. Control in the field, where agents rush to the scene of “outbreaks”, creating disinformation to the sanctified halls of academia, in the press, in Big Pharma, in government.

You automatically believe this Chinese coronavirus is a killer?

Do you automatically believe that the press is frightening?

You automatically believe that medical experts have found a virus and proven that it causes a human disease?

A cover story.

And lying to the Cabal mafia to force a world war to camouflage the implosion of the Fiat money system.

Research / Opinion Writer Norbert Pols

The man who paid the snipers who shot 100 people during the Maidan demonstration.

Both policemen and demonstrators were murdered and that action paved the way for Poroshenko.

No one should say that name. Not only did Erik C do the most dirty job for Obama/Biden, he is also the “Secret Silent wh1stlebl0wer’ Trump’s impeachment.

There is a lot wrong in our world when almost all social media companies take you away immediately when you mention the name of this gentleman.

His name surfaced when Adam Schiff started talking about “The Wh1stlebl0wer”.

The people who mentioned his name on Twitter were immediately banned.

The rest of the media followed, even FoxNews doesn’t dare pronounce his name.

Erik C is the key to everything. He was part of the C_A before he went to work at the White House, an organization that people don’t leave.

Rand Paul recently tweeted Eric’s name as a senator; It was a left-wing shame.

The Erik C name should never be known because there’s a lot of international dirt on it.

All media channels together have tried to cover up the member but, it seems Erik C was also directly involved in MH-17.

Eric has been the White House’s door to the Obama administration’s shadowy secret services practices, His name should never have been known but, stupidly enough, they used him as the whistle-blower who had to nail Trump to the pillory.

Now the Erik C name is on the street and it is immediately known that he paid the Maidan killers and was instrumental in the coup in Ukraine, and the Maidan protests were about the signing of the European Association Agreement.

That connection typifies globalism; but what makes it also complex with all layers involved, You don’t expect so many parties to share the same goal.

Globalists, however, use their organisations to unite the world under one umbrella.

That makes it possible for the EU to work together with the US on the coup in Ukraine.

Ukraine should have been the springboard to Russia, Ukraine would be incorporated into NATO.

Eventually an incident would have been necessary and there would have been war with the Russians.

However, things went differently.

The east of Ukraine feels Russian, while Ukraine used to be starved by Stalin.

There is still a resentment among groups against the Russians, while in today’s Ukraine there are still groups that look back on the NAZI past with melancholy.

A country of contradictions and the perpetrators of the coup took little account of that, which led to a civil war.

The army of Kiev could not conquer the two eastern provinces. 10,000 lives were lost but, Luhansk and Donbas held out (the site of Shell scale gas extraction).

NATO had no mandate to help Poroshenko’s army in Ukraine, Ukraine was not a NATO member. An international incident could change that.

The bringing down of MH-17 could have been that incident. Worldwide, the media knew for sure that this was the work of the Russians.

There was no proof yet and yet both the media and politicians knew for sure that the Russians had brought down MH-17.

Just as the name of Erik C should still not be mentioned now.

Just as the name of Erik C not can be spoken loud, the internet search engines don’t forget their names either.

More and more people are sharing their own research with the world via the internet.

The MSM loses its power, Twitter and Facebook maintain unwritten rules, to stop the real news but, in the case of Erik C, the Berlin is falling .

It turns out that the media companies are losing power over the narrative.

A great example of this is the sentence “J3ffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself”. Nobody believed Epstein committed suicide, despite the fact that authorities and media continued to massacre him.

In Erik C’s case, that task has become even more difficult. All they can do is silence the subject to death.

It won’t go away with that, especially if we start to understand who Erik C is.

Rinus Note: A good tip for Deep State Democrats, if you can’t play cards then don’t play bluff Poker if you don’t have the Trump Card and (Patriot Admiral Rogers with the full house of White Hats)


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