Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: Advances

higher self eraoflightdotcomThe secret advances in technology have been going on for over 50 years, and the speed at which they have increased means that you are so far behind it would take ages to bring you up to date. The technology now exists to quickly deal with your present problems that are greatly holding back your evolution, and the dark Ones are preventing you from fully benefitting from it. However, the forces of Light have been trying to create a new scenario so that the rate of change can be speeded up. A complete change cannot go ahead until the dark Ones are stripped of their ability to continue with their control of affairs on Earth. For some time now many of the minions who support them have been removed and imprisoned, but it is a formidable task to deal with thousands of miscreants.

Depending on how quickly the Event takes place it is possible that it will happen before the dark Ones are totally placed in check or prison, so that it is difficult at present to give anything other than an approximate time of 2029/2030. The old ways of the last cycle are no longer applicable and for Humanity to progress it is important that beneficial changes are introduced as soon as possible, and every effort is being made to achieve it. We have mentioned free energy many times, and it is possible that it might be revealed from an independent source. That alone would bring massive changes into being and greatly aid the moves to reduce or rid the planet of pollution that is suffocating the seas and destroying marine life forms that you are dependent upon for a balanced ecosystem.

Each soul should take a look at what they could do to help clean up the planet and so encourage the return of all life forms to a healthy environment. Understand that you are most dependent upon Mother Earth for your well-being and survival as well as unpolluted air if you are to return to full health. It has all been neglected for too many years and now is the time for a grand clean up that will help restore nature that has been badly blighted. There are small groups helping with the changes, but only a world-wide plan will bring the maximum benefits as time is running out before a major catastrophe occurs. You may feel that the sense of urgency about the condition of Earth is unwarranted, but we assure you that the danger signals are there to see for those who have the ability to understand them.

As you might imagine food is at risk because of the poisons that exist within the earth’s soil and even waters. Man is aware of these problems and is now taking steps to reverse the situation, and is just beginning to recognise the immense damage to the coral reefs, the home to so many different types of oceanic life. Of course many organisations are aware of the urgency to get nature back into balance, but the size of the task calls for a greater response. Your governments and World Health Organisations are taking action, but the size of the problems is overwhelming and calls for more co-operation between nations. It is no good waking up when it becomes too late.

The good news is that once you really get going to restore the Earth, there is help waiting from higher sources, although Universal Law holds you responsible for making good all of the harm you do to the environment. We first want to see the proof that you do care for the Earth and are taking positive steps to overcome the problems that presently exist. Again we mention that we do not wish to take steps that would interfere with your freewill, but we will always help to the degree that we allowed. We are delighted that Man is beginning to accept responsibility for his actions. Ideas for progress are imprinted into the minds of those who are in a position to get things done, and usually that is a successful way to achieve it. It is then up to you whether you act upon them.

Understand that what is happening in the time you are now in is not like the normal experiences you have previously had. So far at the end of the earlier four cycles of approximately 25,600 years, the Earth has been cleansed so that very little evidence remained of the previous civilisations. This time Ascension is possible because sufficient souls have raised their vibrations and will go on to ascend by experiencing the Event. What evidence there was has all but vanished, most of it deep under the Earth’s surface from where you have occasionally found remnants of advanced races.

Your version of earlier civilisations is far removed from the truth although in principle Darwin’s version of evolution was correct. Of recent times you have found many skeletons that tell you there have been far more different human species that have come and gone than you care to admit, including Humanoid beings of some 30 feet tall or more. In a relatively short time further revelations will be made and more understood about your true history. You is much to learn that will shock those who hitherto have not interested themselves in the real truth of your past evolution. You have a great future ahead of you and many ET’s are awaiting your Ascension because you will be the first to experience it as fully conscious beings. The Event is of course the trigger for it and it will be instantaneous for each soul. Not all will be ready to ascend but will move on as the old cycle is to be closed.

There is a place for every soul to continue their evolution and it will exactly cover their needs so there is no need to concern yourself about your future, as all has been taken care of to ensure a smooth transition from one level to another. These are exciting times to experience as you have waited a very long, long time to reach this point, and you can now enjoy the success of your efforts to overcome all of the challenges you have successfully met. Be assured that in time matters will settle down and your evolution will progress even faster. By then the dark Ones will have been reduced to a non-effective force and most of them imprisoned for their crimes against Humanity. They will have played their part in the “power game” and were never going to be allowed to usurp the plan of the higher forces that were for the evolution of those who lived in the energy of the One God. All souls will eventually gain their advancement, and remember at all times we stand beside you leading the way.

In your realms of time matters move very slowly compared to the levels of the higher vibrations but nevertheless much progress is being made. As you cannot see the overall picture it is difficult to appreciate that you are advancing in spite of the chaos that often exists. However the all-round efforts are bearing fruit and it will gradually become clear to you where you are going. Much is ready to explode upon the scene and it will clearly indicate that the Light is now the dominant force for good. Be of good spirits as you have so much to look forward to that is soon to be revealed.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same internal connection with God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

8 Replies to “Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: Advances”

  1. Mark

    Been listening to channels since around 1982. And the one most important thing…Discernment …. if it doesn’t ring to my soul, being, then…well it’s just interesting. The second most important thing….scenarios…can’t even count the number of scenarios I have heard over the decades. Don’t buy into scenarios as this guy seems to love. Scenarios are about some power trip. Go within, discern your next steps in life based on what feels right for you. Everything else is just conjecture. Mike tends to go difficult and dark with lots of ego. Not really helpful. The best info on this site are from Daniel Scranton and the Arcturians. They give great insights into energies…always leaving it up to our free will to decide. But people love to fortune tell into the future….which can be fun….but usually never happens they way they say.

  2. Bla

    So when Salusa said that they gone land with their ships at the Olympic Games in China, and after they said it was just a joke it was also our fault?!

    Wake up and realize that most of the channels this days are infiltrate by dark or they are a pure fraud in order to make some cash!

    They have nothing to do with the truth and they just mix some relevant stuff with bunch of lies in order to catch your attention!

    Ascension it’s a very personal work, not some aliens from the sky who come to save us or some channels who keep repeating the same things over and over again which not even 1% of them come to pass ever!

    For me Mike Quinsey has proved to be a fraud same as “Michael Love” who trick people into buying “cristals” for thousands of dollars which in reality are just colored glass!

    The light workers community has been infiltrated with frauds as well but no one has the guts to admit this!

  3. Haraldur

    Thank you, very uplifting future, waiting for us.
    That will be lot of pleasant fun to experience.

  4. Michael

    You lost me when you said that our governments and World Health Organizations are taking action.

    1. Bla

      Same here! Also about the event taking place in 2029-2030… until then our world will be turned into ashes!

        1. Bla

          Yes! Unfortunately Mike Quinsey messages are not to be trusted at all… I remember when he use to channel Salusa the galactic federation in the period 2008-2012. It was bunch of lies over there as well! Nothing has come to pass from what he ever channel!

          1. Tom

            I would disagree with when he channeled SaLuSa. It is our energy that controls the time things change. The galactic forces can only do so much.We have free will so it is up to us to wake up and stand togeather. Remember Fear takes our power from us
            So any person who pushes fear is of the dark forces. And I mean anyone so when you listen to the political parties see what they are selling to you.