Mother God: Speeding Up the Ascension

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomDear angels on earth, I am your Mother God. I come today with a quick update. The Divine has decided to change the ascension plan so that the ascension of the planet and humanity will happen sooner rather than later. The planet needs the process to speed up and humanity too, has the urgent need to get on with the ascension process and ascend.

After consulting with your Father God, together, we, the Divine and your Father have come to a conclusion that Gaia’s ascension has come to a point that the speed needs to be faster. Humanity has awakened to a percentage level that requires the Divine’s management. Time has come for the Divine to start to manage the planetary ascension, and to make sure that Gaia’s ascension is a smooth path, and humanity’s journey home will be safe and sound.

The planet right now has plunged deep into a chaotic place. Gaia has decided to intervene. She has seen this scenario before and she doesn’t want humanity to plunge any further into the chaos. Being the parents of the planet and human race, your Father and I agree with Gaia’s assessment. We have seen the planet plunge before. And the scenario was so vivid that it is still in humanity’s memory bank. Now the planet is on the verge of replaying the same game again, your Father and I have decided that the Divine won’t allow it to happen again. Humanity has learned the hard lesson, now is time to move on.

The process of releasing is such that the war games have to be replayed in order for the planet to experience the lessons, and so humanity can eventually move on from the war consciousness. And yet, experiencing the war consciousness doesn’t mean you have to have a war. It is the human mind that interprets that way. It is in the planet and humanity’s interest that wars won’t happen. It is Divine’s desire that there are no more wars on the planet earth. The Divine understands that karma is still at play. Countries still are at each other’s throats. And situations can be easily escalated into wars. That is why we, the Divine have repeatedly asked the planet to follow the Divine laws. And know that no wars are allowed in this ascension process. No one is allowed to be above the spiritual laws. No souls on the planet have the authority to test the Divine will and the Divine laws. No exceptions whatsoever.

In order for the releasing of the war consciousness to continue, we, the Divine ask the souls who are tempting the Divine laws to stop and start following the laws. You are not allowed to conduct any conflicts which are not inline with the Divine plan. You are up against the Divine laws, And there are serious consequences for that. So do behave according to the spiritual laws and the laws of the land. And know that Gaia needs the releasing. Humanity too, has to let go of the war consciousness in order to ascend. Be the good citizen you need to be and be the law-abidding citizen the Divine requires you to be. Know the spiritual laws are in place for the planet and human race. You are not excepted. I love you dear angels on earth. I am your Mother Divine. Go in peace.

Channel: Linda Li
All Rights Reserved.

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