The Insanity of Separation Consciousness

light waves eraoflightdotcomThe Galactics present on planet Earth during the Ascension cycle have chosen very challenging incarnations for the purpose of studying/ understanding fragmented consciousness and sourcing technology for the rehabilitation of its architecture. It is not possible for the coherent Intelligence to comprehend the Collective consciousness of Humanity that has been operating on Earth during what is referred to as the dark ages because such insanity makes no sense, hence the “senseless” society. The only way to comprehend the insanity of separation consciousness, one must experience it, there simply is no other way. To the sentient/aware being, human consciousness on planet Earth appears as a mess of dysfunctional patterns and templates, it all feels like very loud, chaotic, disharmonious noise and inorganic colors. So this consciousness had to be experienced in order to be comprehended. This is not who you are, obviously.

If you identify with galactic consciousness … you dropped in/walked in here through the biological vessel comprised of coding that has been damaged/fragmented/distorted. So this vessel (it’s like a space suit) has quite a few screws loose, disconnected DNA codons, impaired/traumatized nervous system, incapacitated brain unable to process multidimensionality, overactive emotional body due to fragmentation that registers as pain etc. The communication technology (cellular) has been damaged so universal data has not been directly accessible. So now you were left with the limited mind and some telepathic abilities that held the caliber to penetrate only the lower dimensional collective consciousness. So here you are … repairing the vessel and re-membering it’s original components which allows energetic repair to crystallize since you are bringing in the union codes and going through the process referred to as em-bodiment. All this time you were repairing your space suit so it can function properly, when it does, your access to multidimensional consciousness is granted. It’s challenging because the fragmentation must be felt in order to be repaired, neutralized.

There was just no other way for you to be here if not in one of these vessels. See if this feels true and if it does … it means you no longer need to identify with any of separation consciousness, you are a perfectly whole living consciousness that isn’t painful/fearful. You are love-full. Whatever comes up that isn’t of peace and wholeness … you know what to do, inquire about the technology for the repair of fragmentation. Only fragmentation/separation hurts or is fearful. You are love/power. I know how challenging it is to feel the lower realms … when the genetic coding is repaired, the vessel is no longer plugged into the lower grids so it anchors into higher timelines, but of course it takes mastery over the mind (metaphysical mind too) in order to not move energetically into fragmented timelines that prevent embodiment of unity consciousness. With a loving heart ❤️

~Avatara Ananda

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