Blended Earth Reality

energy waves eraoflightdotcomDuring the Ascension Cycle, those serving the Christos Mission are attempting to dismantle the distorted base 10 Artificial Tree of Life used in an assortment of artificial technologies to project Artificial Timelines. Those that embody the Christos Blueprint have returned to the earth field to support these template corrections, through the restoration of the core manifestation body being returned back into its natural formula of Base 12 Math. The metatronic reversal of the collective shadow bodies, is held within the adverse Sephiroth that are created from this distorted organizational template. This is also called the Black Tree of Life, which transmits Qlippoth current consisting of black subtle forces assimilated into AI fields that are used to maintain the metatronic codes running in the earth grid.

The split of two main organizational templates in the earth body has manifested a blended system that is competing between artificial and organic timelines, in which the artificial layers running metatronic coding are designed to fully mutate the original human DNA into reversal 10 base architecture that is preferred by the invading forces.

However, all individuals who make choices that are in harmony with the Natural Laws, are being given increased natural immunity to the artificial blending of metatronic coding. Practicing the Krystic principles inherent within the Law of One, and choosing unconditionally loving and harmless behaviors, protects against reversal coding that has been designed to permanently mutate the Silicate Matrix. The pure and loving heart of a kind and compassionate individual choosing to be in Service to Others, manifests strong consciousness immunity against artificial intelligence and the artificially blended reality. The silicate matrix contains the entirety of the corrected Christos shield within the personal 12 Tree Grid, and this connects the consciousness body directly to the God source, or aligns directly with Guardian support for hosting.

The 12 Tree Grid is the base holographic instruction set of the Christos Blueprint that corrects the continuing spiritual progression, for all manifest forms to achieve Ascension through an evolving twelve-dimensional body.

Recently, with the acceleration of the war over the timelines collapsing sections of the base 10 architecture, this event has moved the position of entire soul groups and monadic families from out of these artificial timelines. Many of these groups are being retrieved through the Daath portal via the Mother Arc and Arc Technology. As these soul and monadic families have been moved out of artificial timelines and onto organic timelines, this has corrected the soul groups positions throughout time and space, resulting in major adjustments being made to the Transduction Sequence or birth records.

Realignment of Soul Groups to Organic Architecture

When the earth was infiltrated with base 10 reversal architecture more specifically designed to support Black Sun hybrid DNA programs, every soul group with base 12 coding was split into smaller units. These fragmented aspects were then stapled to the earth grid as a power source and many were trapped within the Golden Eagle Grid. This generated a massive problem with Monadic and Soul family extension placement throughout multiple timelines, as the incarnational imprint or transduction sequence became infected with base 10 code. Thus, soul extensions were incarnated in the wrong place and wrong time from what had been intended or what appeared to be known from the pre-manifest levels. Essentially, this means soul group formations were incarnating into Artificial Timelines which disrupted the organizational anatomy of the entire soul family, in which Soul extensions were unable to evolve or ascend beyond the position they were being incarnated in. The artificial timelines are Consciousness Traps in which Soul extensions and Monadic families could not connect or communicate with their other aspects, leaving them to be recycled into the same karmic patterns over and over again. To ascend we must integrate our identities throughout timelines, and this process of repeated incarnation into artificial timelines with base 10 architecture, mutated the original base 12 code.

Thus, recent shifts of collapsed base 10 architecture has impacted entire Soul family and Monadic family extensions, that are currently being re-aligned into the correct sequences of organic timelines through the upgrades that are being made to the birth Transduction Sequence record that is a part of physical incarnation. This event has brought millions of souls and monads newly into alignment with the Guardian Host, through re-connection to the organic architecture. The NAA are scrambling to get these souls back to where they were before, as the fragmented and reversed stations of identity in these soul groups were being used as energetic placement to power up virtual realities and false AI timelines. These soul groups did not know the reality they were experiencing was an AI projection used by the NA forces as consciousness trap. This may have instigated an increase in dark aggression during the 10:10 Transmissions, as dark entities attempted to reclaim those groups that they lost control over while being moved out of the Artificial Timelines.

When we intend to connect with the organic architecture of our Christos Blueprint, this helps to heal and integrate our soul extensions and monadic extensions. Our Soul and Monad is a family of consciousness that contains extensions that are existing simultaneously in other dimensional timelines. The first level of spiritual Awakening is connecting with our soul consciousness and extensions, our soul family is comprised of 12 different individual personalities. As we integrate our Soul consciousness, we integrate these 12 aspects within our consciousness body, and this unifies the triad of the entire Soul Matrix, so that we experience our emotions and the forces of love in entirely new ways.

Complete soul integration leads us to the higher integration of our Monadic matrix or Oversoul Matrix, which contains 12 oversouls, each containing 12 souls within them, for a total of 144 monadic or oversoul extensions. With each stage of monadic integration there are significant expansions of consciousness that unify the monadic matrix in our consciousness body, and then we find that we are connected to everything, living in a massive Universe that is filled with many possibilities to explore. The process of soul extension and monadic family reintegration is happening at an accelerated rate at this time, because this has been made possible when the transduction birth records were shifted into organic Timelines.

Artificial Timelines versus Organic Timelines

The planetary body has reached an important milestone in the shifting of timelines, and the enhanced revelation of perceiving the technologically induced Artificial timelines versus the Organic timelines throughout creation is being emphasized. There has been a massive shifting of the ratios between artificial timelines and organic timelines in the overall field architecture. As a result there are some surreal events happening in the multidimensional fields that have heightened the war over timelines between the various competing factions. The current conflicts are primarily over maintaining the base 10 architecture and metatronic Fibonacci coding that uses the Artificial Tree of Life constructs, which exist as NA controlled artificial machinery within the planetary body.

The current Timeline Wars are primarily over maintaining the base 10 architecture and metatronic Fibonacci coding that uses the Artificial Tree of Life constructs, which exist as NA controlled artificial machinery within the planetary body. This generates a Blended Earth Reality. The base 10 architecture uses an artificial core manifestation body and distorted birth Transduction Sequence that runs reversal 10 current. This reversal current runs throughout the technologically controlled sections of the planetary field which force splitting, which implements the artificial timelines that project the artificial spaces or phantom matrices. A Phantom Matrix can be considered a virtual reality hologram with a finite energy source. The structure is entropic and parasitic as it must rely upon an external power source through which to siphon energy to continue to exist.

» Source » By Lisa Renee

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  1. Cheri

    Here is my email address if you ever want to contact me directly. But it is great to share this way as it is vibrationally attractive to all who may need to read. This is what I love about this site. We communicate with each other through the comments!

    Onward we go warriors! As Lisa Brown says were gettin er done lol!

  2. Cheri

    Fascinating stuff for me anyway as this is the work I do in lightbody service to the fallen structure. Right now I am seeing literal cartoon characters funneling through in these inorganic virtual reality timelines. Wierd! No wonder Illuminati Disney is so creative with their characters. Except these quantum timelines are dark and twisted. We move so fast that normally I just see glimpses of faces and animals and now they are all cartoon characters. Sometimes when I first wake up I am immersed in one of these timelines before the lightbody fires up and right now the scenarios are just bizzare. It’s dead energy we are feeling right now. I am unable to translate it because we thankfully have no frame of reference energetically. I see them being dispersed back into organic timelines just like Lisa says and they turn back into normal people and animals and go back into loving scenes and family units.

    I remember merging with these soul aspects of self and personalities Lisa described, it was just fascinating. We went into timelines reclaiming parts and pieces. My team would say here is your spontaneity things like that lol! I also saw teeth and eyes and hair being removed from the image that was the creator flying through these quantum blueprints and in a little jetson-like spaceship throughout these timelines hahahaha omg! Creation is so imaginative and obviously this was a comfortable image for my inner child or subconscious to relate to. He had on googles and the whole thing was quite playful lol. I used to love the jetsons! I saw myself folding into several people (and one wolf lol!) probably these 12 x12 as Lisa describes.

    We (my team) are also doing a soul harvest of the Illuminati fallen monad of Isaiah as well as mine Hilarion and the soul extensions of prime creator whose monadic name is Quetzalcoatl. They come up to the lightbody in spirit which look like ghastly clouds and tell me their monadic name and what the emotion is from their timeline. Saying things I knew rape, incest, fear, hatred and now everything clearing through is agony. My heart melts for the sheer pain experienced when creation fell and this conscious energy became trapped on the grid suffering in inversion and reversal. Not to mention what these dark ones do to themselves in the name of their religion starting within the womb, omg! horrific.

    Anyway we are all doing this for our ancestral lines. It is just chaotic right now in the quantum field but I am finally hearing a lot of gratitude as the DNA heals through and the soul energy is released. The resistance is almost healed and hopefully this will heal the dark ones here as they surrender to the divine plan. I feel for most for them really as they are getting back the entirety of their broken and tortured fragments to heal through. This has got to be far beyond what you and I have felt and healed through our fallen ancestral aspects. If you look closely you can see they are just broken children. The AI mind control was entrained from birth and they actually believe this false reality picture because it was their tortured fragments driving the hell realms and carrying the frequency of this matrix reality within our omnipresence. We are finally all moving out of the ultraviolet spectrum of light and freeing our omnipresence from the Ultra programming. Most of the biological weapons and prisims keeping us from activating our pineal and full glandular system are fully dismantled. All is incredibly well as all is healing and being transited into harmonic organic timelines which will bring peace and joy back into our world as the creational blueprints heal!

    Well family update from the hell realms becoming Eden once again! We are getting it done together and the best is yet to come. We can not heal with any one of the whole left behind holding these lower frequencies. It takes time and our allowance to let the fallen creation heal through. I am incredibly grateful to be here on this journey with you all. Let’s love this place back into wholeness! 😘

    Ps: the dark ones here will probably still have to be locked up to keep them from their criminal tendencies until we can transition to the new frequency of reality. But I take great joy in knowing their soul has healed through as there is no greater truth than WWG1WGA!!

    1. Adamas

      You seem really experienced. Was wondering if you might like to talk about this kind of stuff? I’m trying to figure out what to do to help.

      1. bodhimoss

        Raise your vibration, hold light in your body/mind complex and love in your heart. When you master that, clear the DNA distortions from your ancestral line. That should get you started.

      2. Cheri

        Hello my friend Adamas!  I love your avatar name!  The fact that you know the name of your soul at the monadic level is fantastic and speaks to your level of inner awareness.  Sounds Pleidian.  Bodhimoss is quite right as from what she has shared she also works on aspects of the creational blueprints like I do.  We call it gridwork and the fact that you are drawn to it is highly telling as we are in a massive synchronization at the soul level.  It is a calling of sorts as we all have various specialties within our DNA.  The creator aspect within me says there are lots of us on this site in particular.  It is kind of an unsung talent hahahaha!  Unlike channeling it is totally inner focused and quite intense lol!  I am not sure if you are of Pleidian vibration but they hold within their DNA strands the kundalini phire technology and it is quite powerful in trans mutational work as they are genetic masters.  Of course we all carry multiple DNA strands from experiences on planetary grids all over the universe but we all have a home vibration and frequency where our soul comes from.  Mine is Arcturian and that DNA contains the corridor of light through which souls transition and evolve.  They are master builders of creational blueprints.  I also have strands from Andromeda which are highly shamanic and Cassiopia which are quite scientific.  We are an amazing amalgamation of universal talent lol!

        So I did have a huge and abrupt awakening experience at the beginning of 2013 to do this work.  It all started with a cheap plaster cast of the Mayan calendar I bought from a Mexican guy at a swap meet lol!  I brought it home and started spending hours painting it in all its intricate detail.  I think the whole thing is a giant DNA roadmap and contains the genetic secrets for time travel.  Anyway unbeknownst to me it fired up my multidimensional Mayan DNA hahahaha!  So after that I started looking into the lightbody and you gotta love this point in time as I bought a lightbody activation online for $24.99 lol! from James Tyberron who was doing awesome scientific channelings of AA Metatron at that time.  It was a guided 15 minute meditation of various breathing techniques to phire up the kundalini.  I repeated it about 5 times and after about a month the whole thing came together.  AA Metaron fired up the emerald ray within my lightbody as Hilarion is the chohan of this ray.  It sounded like a massive group of voices on the starship enterprise preparing for lift off hahahaha!  I could here things like all systems are clear and saw Metatron use the platonic solids to fire up the green flame within lol!  I had to look up on the internet what the heck a Hilarion was hahahaha!  Things are so dense here we can’t even remember who the heck we are my gosh lol!  The meditation and breathing and my huge desire for lightbody travel activated the God particle within me and the creator who I experience as Quetzalcoatl through my Mayan DNA came down that etheric silver cord and we went on a wild and wonderful vision quest some of which I described in this post.  There is a DMT substance released within the pineal which is akin to active hallucinations.  Omg it was wonderful as I was seeing moving full colored pictures on the walls of my apartment lol!  Anyway I have described my experience and my work in 4 or 5 posts on this site if you search for Cheri Lawrence or Cheri of Hilarion and the most recent describes our angelic avian lightbodies and how the etheric wings transmute energy.  So the creator asked me after the vision quest if I would heal his Nephilim and 8 years later this is exactly what I am finishing up.

        Now not everyone is having such a dramatic experience like me as the work is much more subtle and the awareness of moving through timelines and transmutation is felt at the cellular level but once the pineal fully activates you have shamanic vision to see what’s going on.  Lisa Renee describes her awakening as a spontaneous kundalini awakening. This is the key focus if you want to do this work.  Focus on awakening your kundalini.

        But for me I have since learned I had a specific mission and reason for coming into this time period.  Most of us have not been back here since Atlantis when we were much more energetic than physical.  In Atlantis I brought through the Ra planetary blueprint and this lifetime I carried in the 2nd half of the double diamond sun template of Quetzalcoatl to clear which complete the template for the full quantum crystalline blueprint which is a planetary grid template for ascension.  They call me a planetary “reference being” but in truth I feel like a cosmic janitor hahahaha!  Sweeping out and evolving all the dark corners of the lower astral realm holding the ultra programming in our omnipresence which is keeping us seemingly stuck here in this funky reality that is nowhere near what true creation is like.  It is much more innocent, fun and playful with harmonic songs sung in rhythmic measure and harmonic tones of unity and expansion.  Just lovely, tender and compassionate!

        So Adamas sorry I went on and on but everything we share is a mirror and inner activation.  I am happy to share with you or anyone as I am very friendly and loving even though I have the worst of the worst astral miscreations funneling through lol!  We are a talented and glorious team bringing very subtle aspects of this whole thing together as this is much more the nature of living in the light than the harshness of this dead end reality.  I will send you my email adress in the next post which will be a duplicate of this one whenever KejRaj releases it from his queue (since it contains an active link). So it will be a duplicate message with my email address. Feel free to contact me directly.

        I love your energy signature and vibration.  It is clear and strong and you have the full clarity of desire and intent to be in service which is itself a huge activation.  My advice is to focus on awakening your kundalini if you want to do this work but we can talk more in depth if you wish.  It is an inner job like Bodhi says but we do activate each other by sharing and we should do more of this with each other rather than just reading channeling as our goal is to embody all these masters and archangels within not to keep them outside of us giving us advice.  The truth is these are just our DNA akashic records we are connecting with, reading and remembering.  It’s a wonderful process really!

        Love to you my friend!  Thank you for the nice note and reaching out to me as nothing is by chance and we are all in this together!

        The key is syncing up with our future selves in the ascension timelines.  I used to complain to my higher Hilarion self that he was not communicating enough with me and all I heard was we were not at that timeline yet lol!.  So I sit here in a state that feels like ignorance and just allow it all to flow through me.  I can’t remember a thing in linear terms.  I can however see through my pineal vision and hear the clearing songs and feel the kundalini rising and falling as the clearing process spirals through inside of me.  It hasn’t shut off in 8 years omg!  But creator says my work will finally be done this year yay!!!! 

        In joy, love and laughter as we bring this plan together!  We are all intricate parts of this plan!  My inner team calls it the Atlantian Millenium Proposal.  It’s an inside job and the time is now! 😘

        Cheri of Hilarion
        House of Ra
        Order of the Seraphim

        1. Adamas

          Thank you! Adamas is indeed a name related to my soul, so I tend to use it on my spiritual profiles. I’m not fully sure where I originated from, but I remember lives in different star systems.

          I’ve tried to do meditations to fix my own DNA, but I’ve never tried to incorporate it on a mass scale, so maybe I should. I didn’t know how that would work, but maybe it has to do with scalar waves in a way? Not sure if those can go through time, though.

          Definitely seems like there’s a lot that needs to happen on earth. I communicate with spirits, and recently got connected to some kind of psychic network where they were planning their missions. They’re focused on tracking down and dismantling some reincarnation traps right now, and the bits of it I pick up are interesting.

          I think I was here in Atlantis too, though I don’t know why exactly, or if it was even in the same timeline that I’m currently in.

          I don’t know if I have a specific mission, and I’ve actually had many entities (though mainly negative ones) tell me that I’m not supposed to be on this planet and need to stay out of the way, or that me being here makes it easier for them to destroy me, but they haven’t succeeded yet, lol.

          Glad you like my energy! I like yours a lot too, glad to get to communicate with people who have been working on this stuff for a while in their current lives.

          I’ve communicating with quite a few of my other selves, though mainly past equivalents. Though I’ve met one future possibility, but they seem to be going through their own storms as well, so they’re more like a reflection of my incarnated self.

          I think people working on these missions sharing and working together is important too. I’ve tried to make discord servers for that purpose, but they tend to end up turning into “astral drama”.

          Anyway, thanks so much for answering, Cheri and Bodhi!

          1. bodhimoss

            Hello Adamas, sounds like you are right where you need to be. Cheri shared some wonderful insights with us, one of which I really laughed at: “So I sit here in a state that feels like ignorance and let it all flow through me.” This is exactly so, it is a brave surrendering, and how it should be. If we knew everything in every moment, while still immersed in this 3d density, we would be overwhelmed. She is also right that we activate each other just by validation. Carry on, Adamas, you are loved and appreciated.

          2. bodhimoss

            Adamas—Re: Mass DNA clearing… I don’t know the answer to your question about scalar waves. I have done personal DNA distortion clearing using time travel, where I jump timelines, go backward and “undo” or “redo” a pivotal event in my ancestral DNA history, which I have discovered includes Illuminati lifetimes and some pretty horrendous evil. My current project is is a mass clearing of the slavery distortion and replacing it with freedom codes. I am guided by my guides at the moment I am ready to work, then afterward stand back and watch the results trickle slowly into the collective. You may find your particular mission by examining the events of your current life that form a pattern. In my case I have always been fascinated by slavery in all its forms and have had numerous personal and professional associations with that particular timeline. If you look for your own patterns, they will all line up like good, little warriors and you will know what you’re supposed to do. Hope that helps.

          3. Cheri

            Hey again Adamas, thanks for sharing all this info, so interesting! I am so isolated doing this work because you can’t focus on a darn thing when you have a multidimensional chorus going on inside your head and a giant energetic kundalini cord surrounded by feathered chakras existing in all dimensions and octaves spinning inside and all around you lol! The creator put the entire planet in my monad to do this work on the Nephilim and I can barely do anything else as it takes all my energy. I can feel the lightbody yanking and pulling in and out of timelines as this clearing work is fierce and the resistance to the flow is brutal. I walk around with a blinding white light hole in the middle of my forehead which is quite distracting lol! At first I was fighting the clearing program as it was quite painful with all the mutated DNA clearing through. Strange things like gnarly deformed gargoyles and funky little gremlin bears. I saw the grays and the praying mantis and all the DNA miscreations from the SSP program. They were telling me to shoot myself. I had demons coming at me right and left. They looked like a cross between a crazed criminal and that freaky clown in Stephen Kings movie IT hahahaha! Calling me every name in the book as they funneled through for transmutation lol! Many of us were on some kind of quantum espionage list as I could hear them calling me lightworker suspect 273 hahahahaha! They had an elaborate set up called project looking glass to spy on us and bioweapons installed in all these timelines. Mostly flouride, heavy metals, pepper spray, microwaves, chloroform and thorazine. They controlled our brainwaves in delta (lucid dreaming) and gamma (christ consciousness) with a fixed sine wave holding this reality together. A series of prisims to refract the coherence of the light and keep the quantum field soley within the ultraviolet (blacklight) spectrum. Very elaborate! I could see them lining up in the astral for putrid yummies of dark mutated energy and when they got a taste of my light they were all grimacing and spitting like what the hell is this yuck! Omg! The whole thing is a trip! Truth is they are just DNA mutations and they can’t hurt us or touch our vibration. I just look at them and let them funnel through my lightbody to heal. The creator is taking back the angelic blueprints. This releases all fragments back to us to briefly feel and heal through without attaching to it or resonating with it.

            Sounds to me like you are fully in your mission and psychically connected to integrate all your soul extensions and evolve your entire ancestral line as we are really not here to fight the astral or go on reconnaissance missions as this just engages the low vibration of slaying demons. Although it is kinda fun and if constructive it is part of the process to victory of the light! Me I follow the truther community and politics because it is fascinating to see the dark ones and resistance flailing as they no longer control the quantum realms. Truth is at this point our chakra system will bring what needs to be cleared into our lightbody for transmutation as we are the sole point for evolution throughout all dimensions and octaves. The soul is coordinating this within us all at the monadic level. This is what Bodhi means by total surrender hahahaha! Bodhi so true!

            You seem fully activated Adamas and soul led and in your mission. Some interpret the mission as doing something but really it is just about allowing all to flow through like Bodhi says. Evidently we do this at the end of every cycle to reset the blueprints and anchor in the next phase of evolution on the various planetary structures but this one is a doozy man o man! Just the most dense darkness and miscreated energy ever experienced. That is why all of us heavy hitters and energetic giants are here within this density hahahaha! This work is not for the faint of heart lol!

            The kundalini is the genetic miracle within us all that controls the entire genetic code and pineal activation. This is what is clearing through now and when the transmutation evolutionary process is complete it will phire up the master bliss codes which cause the chakras to spin so fast that the DNA goes quantum. I was given a preview of coming attractions when the kundalin which is our energetic central nervous system instructed the DNA to freshen and replace all the fluids in my body in an instant. Omg it was wonderfully cool as a calm serenity encompassed my entire body. Just relaxed and totally content!

            We are in a holding pattern til this all funnels through. We have to stay in this lower vibration to allow the blueprints to heal through. Once the planetary blueprints heal we will don our omnipresence and project out a new reality through the pineal gland. This is when we clear through to and immerse ourselves into the high vibration anti matter Eden timelines we have already created. Like Bodhi says our consciousness has to stay in this vibration too otherwise we woul instantly ascend out of here. So onward we go in ignorance and nowhere near bliss lol!

            You were definately in Atlantis. At that time of the fall in consciousness as pure light beings we projected ourselves into these timelines at the end of the millennium for this repair work! It is a complex quantum phenomenon and can only happen at the end of cycles and galactic alignment within the photon belt. So much suffering but most of us high vibers were not immersed in it like the dark ones we are just healing it through by being our lovely selves!

            Love sharing with you my friends! We will look back on this as a great accomplishment and a fascinating experience! Great to hear all that we are doing as a team!

            Love you 😘