Ishvara: Quantum Leap

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomI’m Ishvara. I come from another solar system and we follow everything that happens on Earth now. It wasn’t that long ago that we were where you are now. A quantum leap away from what is happening on Earth today. We might say .. in the earth and in human bodies. In all the bodies of beings that are on Earth and in this solar system for that matter as well. A lot is happening in this part of the Milky Way in the present time. It’s an exciting time in this part of the galaxy. There is a lot of life and movement around here now. Energies that swirl around and stabilize every second. You are not exactly alone in your work on Earth. You are part of something bigger and you will eventually understand that. It is part of the energies that are released here that affect the Earth in different ways. Everything is energy that you have understood by now. You are going from a lower energy to a higher and it is the higher energy that has now begun to affect the Earth and thus also humanity.

The question then becomes how you receive this higher energy. The best way is to have an open mind. Don’t be afraid to open your mind and your heart. It will give you the energy you need right now to replace the lower energy that is in decline on Earth. It may not look like it, but the Earth has begun to replace the lower energy with the higher one and this cannot help noticing. A shift also takes place in your bodies and new thoughts and ideas begin to form in your heads. A new way of looking at the world and yourself has begun to be formed in the collective field to which you belong. New ideas and new talents grow up like mushrooms from the Earth.

New technologies have begun to flourish here and there on Earth today. With the technology you have today, you can reach all corners of the world in seconds. And what is this then? Well, it’s energy, energy that spreads all over the world. Do not be afraid of the renewable energy that you have invented, they are part of the new that is coming into your world. It will not stay here, there will be new and improved inventions that make life for you and the Earth a better place to live.

Be open in your minds and receive everything you see and experience with an open heart. Rely on the intuition that arises from an open mind and a pure heart. Be attentive and follow the advice laid out as a pattern around you. A new pattern with a higher frequency. Nothing can go back to the old anymore, just as you invent renewable energy, you renew your own energy and thereby give birth again hope and faith to the world and its population.

I just wanted to come today to make you understand that much of what is to come has already come and is just waiting for you, your open mind and commitment to the new energy that has just begun to awaken the Earth.

Watch the time with great caution. It is now you should breathe a sigh of relief and turn your face towards the sun.

I am Ishvara … I am … just as you are.

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» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg