Divine Mother on the Current Situations on The Planet

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomDear children on earth, I am your Mother Divine. It is my earnest desire that you, dear angels on earth, come and share the moment with me. The energies that are coming to the planet are indeed very intense. The planet wide populations feel these energies. Some awaken to these energies spontaneously, and, at least, a portion of the population is in the process of awakening to the current energies. That is encouraging to the Divine. It is Divine’s hope that the souls on the planet awaken to this level of the ascension energies. In other words, the energies are designed to wake up the entire population of the planet. And it looks like the energies are doing the job. The planet is awakening exponentially in just the last few days. For that, we, the Divine are indeed very happy about the result. And we will continue with the incoming energies till the planet wide awakening reaches a level that is satisfying to the Divine and Gaia. That means that all souls on the planet need to wake up. It doesn’t matter where you are or which group your soul belongs to. It is time for all souls to wake up. The ascension of the masses indeed has begun.

I love you dear angels. Currently, the Divine continues the push of mass awakening. Also, Gaia’s releasing has been gaining more momentum. The releasing of Gaia’s pent-up energies is happening and the speed is becoming faster. Gaia knows that in the current atmosphere, the ascension energies are very intense, humanity’s releasing is getting more intense and deeper, and that means that Gaia has to get the ascension together so that all the releasing can be manageable. And that means that Divine has to come and take the leadership role so that the entire operation is under control. It means that the Christ, your Father God needs to come and lead the process. It is needed.

Gaia has repeatedly asked the Divine to intervene for the sake of the planet and human race. Even though the ascension journey has been up and down, the Divine has managed well till recently when the planet plunged deep into the chaos. Gaia has learned that the planet now is in such a chaotic place, it is going to take the Christ, the Father of the planet to get the ascension back on track. The planet is in such a dire situation and humanity has no clue about it. Gaia is deeply worried. The planet earth too, is indeed very sad about where humanity is consciously. The planet and Gaia are asking the Divine to intervene and hoping that the Divine and the Christ can come up with some solutions to bring the planet and humanity back on the ascension journey, and that is what the planet wants. And the Divine is considering the options.

What the Divine is considering is to have your Father God start the leadership role, and lead the ascension from now on. That being said, the planet is in such a disarray. The energies on the planet are literally intolerable for the Divine, and coming in at this energetic environment is not suitable for the Divine and your Father God. No matter how much we, the Divine and your Father want to come in and help, we just don’t have the environment. The energy is just too toxic for us. We cannot just come and work. At least not now. However, what we can do is to speed up the cleansing process and clear Gaia’s atmosphere so that in the near future, when the planet is clear enough, we, the Divine will give it a try. But until then, it will be too risky for us to land on the planet and help. That is the assessment we have. And your Father God too, has to wait till the planet is clean enough for him to come. So for now, we, the Divine and your Father God work diligently to clear Gaia’s atmosphere and the planet earth. And hopefully we, the Divine will come in shortly.

In the process of clearing Gaia’s atmosphere, we, the Divine have discovered that the atmospherical environment is pretty damaged. Gaia needs a brand new design in terms of atmosphere environment and the chemistry environment surrounding the planet. The planet, right now, only functions at roughly half of capacity. Humanity now only gets a small portion of the healthy environment. The environment on the planet is suitable for human life for about another half century. And that is the most humanity can get out of the planet earth. The situation is indeed urgent. The planet has come to a point that survival has become a serious issue. Humanity too, whether humanity admits or not, has come to a survival point. And that is just the reality. Regardless of whether the population agrees or not. We, the Divine have warned the populations on the planet about the seriousness and what the planet and humanity’s future will be like. That is the latest news.

Now, we, the Divine have also been working with the planet in a way that can slow the deterioration of the situation. What the planet needs right now, is to stay strong and wait for the Divine and the new technologies to arrive. Once the Divine comes in, we will bring in the technology so that the planet will be cleaned rather quickly. The technologies are ready, it is just that, currently, the planet is too risky for advanced souls to come and help. We only can help at a higher level and hopefully that the clearing of the planet speeds up to a degree that we, the Divine can actually land in the future. We are working toward that goal dear ones. I love you. I am your Divine Mother. Go in peace dear ones.

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» Source » Channel: Linda Li