Update on Mother Earth’s Ascension

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomThis message is for the starseeds here in this now. Please verify and research, thank you.

On 02/02/2020, Mother Earth’s Chakra points was transitioned into diamond crystalline.

On 05/02/2020, Mother Earth other souls in different now came and helped her, she is now successfully amalgamated with her various selfs, (plus other souls beings).

On 05/02/2020, later on that same day, Mother Earth was successfully ascended. We think (this still needs to be verified) that she is now multi dimensional, including 4d, 5d, 6d, 7d and maybe 8d and 9d.
Please verify.

The ascension game has changed, now there is a great push to get the rest of this universe to also ascend. ALL HANDS ON DECK, no more excuses.

Starseeds, all over this now are doing daily meditation and shining their light. There is a push to try to get as many people to ascend when the rest of us hit that critical energy point called the event.

The white hats, are doing their thing at taking down the deep state.

How to verify?
Easy, many of you are now awake, just use your natural gifts.
Two that many of you can now use, is mind talk or telepathy, and the other is your mind scanner.

With telepathy just say hello to mama Earth, you will find her only on 4d and above.
With your mind scanner, same thing, you may only see her at least in this now (theres maybe other now moments) in 4d and above.

Another way to verify, have a chat with Arch Angel Michael, if you have a true heart (starseeds), he is always willing to help out. Thank you AA Michael.

In service to Mother Earth and all her people (s).
George who serves. Thank you, we love you all.

4 Replies to “Update on Mother Earth’s Ascension”

  1. TeeLight

    Terra Nuova tells me her soul already lives in Ascended dimensions, just like me, she says.

    We have lightbody insides, and hard, crusty 3d outsides, as does she!

    When I ask “when?” She giggles and asks if time is the same for us.

    Of course not, I reply.

    Not a singular event but the evolution of the entire solar system, and to us humans, it’s going to take time.

    Irony is that until we stop focusing on when, on time, it can’t happen.

    We block our own Ascension with our demands, expectations and fears.

    The day you let this focus fall away is the day you begin the true Ascension.

    Earth cannot fully move into the next dimension until we are either her partner, or gone.

    Sadly, many are choosing the latter.

    Sending love to all

  2. Max

    I think the confusion is due to the date format being in the UK British format as opposed to the American format. In the British system it is DD/MM/YY. In the American system it is MM/DD/YY.

    So the date 5/2/2020 in the British system is 5 Feb 2020. In the American system it is 2 May 2020.

  3. Max

    I think the article refers the date as the British English version as opposed to the American version. 5/2/2020 is 5 Feb 2020 in the British date system whereas in the American date system it is 2 May 2020.

    I think that may clear up the confusion.