Greetings friends! It is I KejRaj!

I have been for the past two weeks or so dealing with some health issues, which are not “ascension symptoms”. I have been running back and forth, doing different tests and so on, to try and figure out what is going on. As of now, neither I or the doctors are certain. More testing required.

I am doing my best to keep the blog fresh.

All the lightlove to You! From heart to heart, KejRaj!

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  1. Diana

    Not to be posted to be made public, please!

    Notwithstanding you have not responded to my offer to assist you with your health issues, I am taking the liberty of attaching this link for your information.

    https://www.natoyahall.com/single-post/2020/02/05/FEBRUARY-VIBRATIONS-FORECAST. Hope it works!

    I am moved to send this to you, don’t ask why, it just came into my mind this could be the answer to your dilemma. It is the answer to mine I might add. I suspect that even the instantaneous healing may have been part of my experience. As a healer, I seem to be drawn in particular to those with cancer issues. In the last few weeks there has been such an episode with a complete stranger who landed on my doorstep. She told me her story and I told her I would help her. I did. While I haven’t seen her in a week or so I’m going to say her last appointment with a specialist was positive and she is cancer free.

    A number of the assention symptoms referred to in this article fit my profile perfectly. I hate the fact that when I eat, the food tastes like cardboard. Like the idea of not having to eat to live, that suits me just fine. I’ve already been asked if I’m getting younger. That’s nice! Everything happening in the universe is happening as it should, there are no accidents or coincidences.

    I’m guessing you might find your answers here too. The power of prayer is also very powerful, just to let you know 😉



    1. Cheri

      Hi Diana, great linked article! I have that cardboard food thing going on too lol! For me the changes to my spine and muscles is just amazing! Wrinkles, lines and bumps including all wild hairs lol! are being completely eradicated as the cellular structure heals through. My entire spine has elongated and straightened. Now I work on the blueprints so I am healing through not only my own ancestral lines and soul monad but two fallen monads including that of the Illuminati as well. I can not tell you how many diseases my team has healed through me like Taysachs, cystic fibrosis, herpes, aids and wierdly turrets syndrome. I would get the symptoms and fevers and bumps, breathing irregularities, heart valve issues and strange happenings that would clear up over a few days. My family has a ton of brain disorders like Alzheimers, OCD, schizophrenia. The entire DNA library was totally degraded! Right now lots of skin stuff running through and it is itchy and wierd bumps and lesions appearing out of nowhere however my skin is getting amazingly soft again. I love it! We are donning an etheric quality, much less dense!

      I can clearly feel you are indeed a gifted healer! What a calling you have in this area. Love on family! 20 years ago I had early stage breast cancer and had the small lump removed but went through the chemo and radiation which was tough but I sailed through it with exercise and a positive attitude. Most of these diseases are energetic. The biggest thing I hear about in the astral is the DNA enzymes. I work on the planetary blueprints as the planet is of course a fully organic DNA creation. We are repairing these fallen inorganic “plastic” timelines. The DNA was so broken, mutated and overused by the dark ones in the quantum realm that some of the timelines were bent and fractured and ripped through bleeding into the time space continuum. We (my team) are sealing the plantary DNA with emblems and anthems which is the nature of of a harmonious creation that responds and unfolds to the angelic songs of a fractalized creation responding to the true laws of creation once again. So keep the lights on high! We are healing the entire DNA library through! 😘

    2. Adamas

      I can relate to this too. I wish I could release myself from the prison of biological needs. I’ve also been getting a lot physically stronger, strangely enough, and I really don’t exercise as much as I should. I’ve been doing a lot of energy work on myself to fix my DNA, so maybe that’s helping.

  2. Ed



    SO BE IT
    SO IT IS

  3. Cheri

    Adding my love to this beautiful tribe of souls who surround you with all of our light 😇😘

    1. Michael

      I send this loop of light around and around the world. The light is filled with love, peace and contentment. I ask that this light touch every heart and every soul and fill them with love , peace and contentment. Do this with me now Mother and Father God
      lets send this loop of light around and around the world.

      1. Cheri

        I’m with you my dear friend creator Michael!
        (P)raying for an
        (E)nd to
        (C)onflict on

        Through each particle of air in the jetstream and the frequencies in every wave of water! May we surround each other with the harmonious serenity that comes from within as we sing a new song of creation. Sending light packet downloads on the wings of love within a quantum field of pristine and unconditional unified energy! 😘🥰😇

  4. bodhimoss

    KejRaj, I am new to your site so I don’t know you well but I am sending you deep soul shamanic healing. I hope it helps and you are feeling better in short order.

  5. Finn

    Dear KejRaj, we are with you every step on the way; wishing you the very best of health and love!!

  6. Doug

    I know a phenomenal Shaman Medical Intuitive….seriously, she has been at it for 40+ years and has been able to find what Doctors have not. If interested let me know…send me an email. She connects with people all over the world and does not require an in person session. She scans your energy and can even go back into past lives if necessary. I know I know….just letting you know no worries. Be Well.

  7. Erietta

    We love you! You are so precious to all of us! Our love is eternal! God is with you always.

  8. Joyce

    Surrounding you with a loving healing white to etherealize anything that is not of the light. Much love and gratitude for all you do for this world in your service to Source.

  9. Doug James

    Love and Light KejRaj! Vit d3 30k to 50k IUs per day. The sunshine hormone.. get well we need you!

  10. Dyan

    Sending Love and Light to fill your body and release all that is happening within…feel your body heal and let go….release all entities that do not belong…and send them off with love!!! You are missed and loved!!! Speedy recovery is happening NOW!!! Love and Light!!

  11. Diana

    Sending you energy and white light of healing and protection. Can you give me any information on your symptoms at all? I’d like to help you if you will allow it. ❤️

  12. Barbara Church

    Beloved Brother of Great Light, Soooo wishing you good news and back to Radiant Good Health quicklyl. You are dearly loved and we appreciate all of the time you take to send so many wonderful sharings. GODSPEED and feel Healthy once more. Blessings of Limitless Love enfold you always.

  13. gswan

    Wishing you through the diagnosis, and that the problem resolves! Even light workers have issues, I have a spot of skin cancer, even where I wear shungite, where I rest cintamani, amythyst, -go figure! 🙂

    1. F Lubitz

      That might be because cancer is a whole body toxicity situation..and the localized tumor is the body attempting to capture and isolate the toxins to protect the rest of the body. So maybe the Shungite is doing that? Get propolis and ingest as well as putting it on topically on the skin cancer every day. I’ve eliminated some of these lesions this way.