Divine Mother: The Current Energies and The Upcoming Final Disclosure

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomDear angels on earth, I am your Divine Mother God. The planet, right now, has ascended to a very energetic field. This energy field where the planet is at is suitable for the ascension purpose. This energy field has been specifically designed for this time and this ascension process. This energy field is very intense and quite different for humanity because it has been forbidden in the past. Only now, when humanity has ascended to a certain level, that the Divine has deemed it is safe for the planet and humanity to be anchored in this energy field.

The energy is quite interesting in this area of the great Cosmos. The pro side is that the energy helps the planet to be stable and steady. Although, the energy is quite intense for human evolution, and the result of that intensity is the potential for various outcomes. Sometimes, unforseeable outcomes can come out of the ascension process because of this energy field. And that is why we, the Divine are watching the process carefully. And we, the Divine will make sure the outcomes are positive.

I love you dear angels. I am your Divine Mother. The planet is ascending quickly, and so is humanity. From Divine’s perspective, the ascension of the planet and humanity has entered into the highest momentum. The planet is anchored nicely. Humanity has been doing its best to shed unwanted energies. Besides that, our light workers too, have been doing very well. Some are on the verge of ascending to the 5th dimension. There is also a group of new comers who are catching up quite nicely. The entire Divine has been working nonstop and the result is very comforting. We are thrilled to see our light workers doing well, and the Divine plan is unfolding nicely. The Divine is indeed very appreciative for all the work that our Divine team and light workers are doing. We have achieved monumental progress in just the last few days. And more progress lay ahead. Indeed. The Divine is impressed and quite happy with the overall outcome.

Now, that being said, there is still a tremendous amount of the work ahead of us. First, the Divine needs to get all the disclosures done. The final disclosure needs to be done in the next few weeks so that we, the Divine can move onto the next step of the Divine plan. You may ask, what is the final disclosure? the final disclosure is the disclosure of the Divine’s existence on the planet. It is time for the planet and humanity to know that we, the Divine are here. The Divine has come for Gaia and her ascension. We, the Divine will lead Gaia’s ascension process. And your Father God is the leader. Yes, He is here, walking on earth, in a human form. He will appear once the final disclosure happens.

Once the final disclosure is done, the Divine and your Father God will come online. In other words, the planet is going to realize that the Divine has arrived. The Christ is here. Gaia has ascended. And the planet earth has been deeply anchored in the higher realm. Humanity needs to catch up with all that, and the catching up has to happen fast. Only then will humanity have an easier time ahead, And the planet have an easier rebuilding process. Even though all that has developed during a time while humanity has no clue, now we are on the verge of the final disclosure. Humanity is on the verge of learning about Gaia’s ascension and the Divine disclosures. Time is critical indeed. We, the Divine are very much looking forward to the happening of last and final disclosure. And that day is approaching dear ones.

The final disclosure is going to be very impactful. The planet wide disbelief could shake the human race. And that is understandable. We, the Divine have plans for different scenarios. It is human nature to react to different events. Any event when humanity is being surprised will shake the human psyche. Not mentioning the disclosure about the Divine and Planetary ascension. The reaction from the disclosure can be life shattering for some. We, the Divine understand the significance of it.

Your Father also has plans for the planet. He understands the human nature. And he has planned out events to reduce the impacts of the final disclosure. He knows that, at a certain level, the planet knows what is to come. Now, it is just the human mind that needs confirmation. And the Divine will accommodate that by confirming to humanity that their instincts are right. According to your Father’s plan, the confirmations are going to be obvious.

In the next few weeks, the Divine will continue to bring the disclosures to the planet. However, the final disclosure needs to happen around the next wave of the ascension, which is at the spring equinox. Once the ascension portal opens and the Ascension waves arrive, we, the Divine will bring more of the details. The planet is going to hear the final disclosure dear angels. That is the plan. I love you. I am your Divine Mother. So it is.

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» Source » Channel: Linda Li

10 Replies to “Divine Mother: The Current Energies and The Upcoming Final Disclosure”

  1. J

    “final” implies that there were previous disclosures already. Most of which (that I can recall) were all supposed to be world-wide and shocking in and of themselves. You know, things the average Joe can’t ignore?

    1. Doodie Cee

      We must accept that most “important” information is blocked at the editor’s news desk, so the general public will never hear or see it.
      The media cartel (owned by the elite) only disseminate news as per the official agendas, laid out to control, manipulate, and brain-wash the general public.
      Those of us who cannot be controlled and who resist mind alterations (autistics like myself) are physically abused by financial and other worldly constraints. They know who we are.
      How do we fight them then….. ?
      We don’t. Non-resistence is our weapon.
      Let the dark ones destroy themselves from within, trusting nobody in their herd, destroying their own to survive in a dying coven.
      And so it is.
      Blessed be.

  2. Cheri

    I see it as ones own integration process and connecting with their DNA memory fields and higher selves and their personal inner discussion that ensues as they start to recieve downloads of light from the quantum field to integrate the information. These light packets and so called channeled information are huge quantum concepts that our cells and brain receivers are learning to translate once again. So of course all kinds of fears and distorted matrix archetype behaviors get woven into the messages. This is the process of integrating the dark and light. The quantum field has to be cleared so we no longer distort the field with misqualified thoughts and feelings as all potential outcomes we can envision live on in parallel realities because of the entropic closed loop system known as this fallen matrix where energy lives on in endless loops and dead ends because it is not harmonized in expanding fractals that evolve naturally and follow the energetic laws of a true creational construct.

    I do love seeing the personal process now so clearly and give these channelers great credit for putting themselves out there. I look to these messages as inspiration but like Doodie, I follow my own path. I think our consciousness is evolving from channeling to embodiment and speaking from the first person or self as integrated wisdom. We have to remember in a wonderfully open expansive creational system there are no “answers” or “learning” required because it is simply about the joy of the experience and observing how it all unfolds in reaction to our presence within the system. We are perfection as source consciousness we are just healing the human blueprints so we can evolve the DNA library. This is the mission of ascension.

    Love to all! I am in awe of my own process as I am becoming aware of stuff I never knew through this clearing process and gridwork. We are clearing all our distortions which purifies the quantum field for all to integrate and take their inner power back. Fascinating to behold within! The outer happenings are just a reflection of what we have all accomplished, merged with and cleared inwardly as we are expressing ourselves in full integrity and coherence without distortions, beliefs and fears which clears out all misqualified parallel realities and collapses those timelines forever! 😘

    1. Doodie Cee

      What you said, Cheri. LOL
      Seriously though, I am still processing healing my past life traumas.
      Just discovered a lifetime with serious emotional wounds that I had buried deeply because it was too painful to deal with before. Had a good cry and then moved on.
      It is quite enlightening to discover how the distant past affects my present physical symptoms, and the healing I experience once I deal with the traumas.
      It’s all good.

      1. Cheri

        Yes Doodie! Me too! These are the angelic blueprints healing through and you are Lyran so these are from the original fall. Most of this stuff now is from these false dead end non organic timelines where the soul energy became trapped and frozen in endless loops when the blueprints fell and has been suffering on the fallen grids. What you are doing is collapsing that ancestral timeline which heals through the cellular memory as we are handling all the ancestral lines for our lineage galactically and universally. The monads are synchronizing and bringing into our fields the timelines to collapse, subconscious memories to heal, and cellular traumas still holding those memories! Gosh last night I could see timelines of the life of an old boyfriend and how it would have turned out if I had made different decisions, alcoholism and misery. It’s like all scenarios play out in a closed matrix system. Thank god we can cry, this is so cathartic! I worry about our guys as they are not used to crying as a huge release!

        Now I work on the Illuminati too so you can imagine those timelines from hell. But each layer peeled is just huge. I am more in horror for what they have put themselves through omg!

        You are healing through your precious Lyra Doodie! One of the greatest songs of creation ever sung! We are the soul point of the entire evolution of this universe. Love on girl! We are allowing it all to heal through! Some of it I can recognize as as a false scenarioor parallel reality that played out in my omnipresence but we still gotta feel it to heal it! Thanks for sharing! 😇😘

    2. Ed

      I love you 😘 and how you share your heart…
      in all ways
      ThankQ💜 Cheri 😘 LOVE
      Your writings are brilliant…as you are


      1. Cheri

        Thank you Ed my loving friend! You are a massive lighthouse yourself and composer extroidinaire! Sometimes I feel like a total chatterbox lol! But who else can we talk about this amazing process with except each other lol! It is just a joy to be able to share it all! I am more of a philosopher at heart adapted to writing as this is how we are sharing until our telepathy returns. I use a cell phone for online activities and I have become a lightening fast one finger typist hahahaha! I heard the word “acuity” last night in the glutensphere. Huge clue that the brainwaves are clearing the quantum programming. Just like you said, totally “brilliant” with multiple meanings in a full picture conceptual kind of way.

        Quantum indeed! Just awesome! The blueprints are healing so rapidly that the information is coming in fast and furious now! This structure is coming back in full organic and harmonious alignment and it feels great woohoo!

        We are in the final stages and the clearing is still quite intense like Doodie (Yanna) shared above. However I am positively effervescent now in general as the sweetest type of joy is returning! I have to admit though I have always been like a bubbly bottle of champagne my whole life until the dark night of the soul and this process ensued lol! I feel this from you too Ed! It’s about the energy that lies within the words. Love you and thanks for lifting my spirits and always making me smile as it is a lonely road until we fully unify in spirit once again!

        The light is my mirror! Greatest song ever written just for me! ThanQ Ed! Onward we go to full blown bliss! Engineering, complete the needed repair and phire up the dilithium crystals. Engage full spectrum lightbody circuitry for quantum travel. Holy guacamole! Here we goooooooo! Love you! 😘🥰😇🥑

  3. Doodie Cee

    This is their scenario to fulfill their own agenda.
    Anybody who accepts another’s path is yet again a slave to someone else.
    I make my own path and follow none others.
    Blessed be.

    1. Diana

      Doug, yes another scenario. I’m not sure how to take this message frankly. Considering this planet was too toxic to allow them to even be here when the last message was given. I guess we shall see.