Belief Systems Shall Come Undone

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Below is not channelled…it’s just the timeline… Please take what resonates and discard if it doesn’t. Every Belief System shall come undone, before each, one by one can enter the Eye of the Needle. So every human belief system is seen, consciously by you, to see through, come undone. For we take nothing with us, except our Love and innocence. We regain our innocence lost to those belief systems. Some on the planet never lost their innocence, yet for those particular innocents, they also fell into painful belief systems that held them back, for right and perfect timelines.

Some BELIEF SYSTEMS will come and be seen through like a gentle breeze. Where we smile, playfully giggle, at how funny they were, that we could have believed them.

Some BELIEF SYSTEMS will come like tornados. Where we are shocked, that we didn’t see them. They were staring us in the face all along and we did not see. These also dissolve quickly once seen.

Some BELIEF SYSTEMS will come like rain falling from our eyes. Where we don’t in that moment know how to let go of them. They were ingrained, hard to let go of, for we have carried these like a heavy burden through our childhood and life so far. These are the precious ones. The ones where tears fall. Where we may weep. For these Belief Systems when dissolved, let go of, finally, set us free. These need your full surrender, and personal kindness within. They take Human effort within to dissolve. Or ignore and cycle another round.

No amount of distraction can clear a belief system. Another’s words (telling you) will not clear it. It is you, from within that hold that power. You always did. There always would come this time, where you see. When you’re ‘at ready’. No force is necessary, just your will to become your purest version of yourself. You have the ability and you have the courage. It’s inbuilt, even in any forgetfulness it is there. You may feel lost when the personal ‘big’ Belief Systems get shown to you, but it is only an experience to then be ‘found’.

There are many individual Belief Systems we were given as a chosen experience.
There are many Collective Belief Systems we have been programmed into.
There are many 4D Spiritual Belief Systems created for more experiential exploration of self that can assist us to a given point.
There are many human belief systems of the Universal kind born from exploration within the Astral planes (lower 4D).

You will each be shown at YOUR OWN right timing, which Belief Systems have influenced you most, still influence you, so that you see each and let them go for your own consciousness rise. Huge surprises in store. No one need point them out, for each dissolve them when they are ready to, as per their own facet of consciousness and individualised storyline at PLAY. For another to say what is not true, would only be telling another when they are not ready to hear or let it go. Each Higher Self knows that INDIVIDUAL right timing that allows the Belief Systems to be dropped, that then fall like a pack of cards.

There is only your body, your innocence, your love that you take with you IN LIVING BODY to the higher planes of higher frequency consciousness. This is the esoteric meaning of the Eye of the Needle. We take nothing with us. For no belief systems we have lived human by, exist at higher frequency consciousness. There game we played was here under these systems so we let them all go. It is a new experience to begin and live by. Where the human innocence lost, is found. Where the Love withheld or given selectively is given to all in each moment. Where the disconnection or separation of Source experienced by human, is given back to human…from within YOU.

This whole disconnected human experience, could only be experienced via EACH consciousness facet experiencing certain restricted Belief Systems. That creation, in a SEPARATIONAL ENERGY FIELD and POLARISATION, allowed us to experience and explore the idea of disconnect. Where ENERGY could also be experienced separately, at separated out frequencies. That we then attached definition to. That created human brain thoughts. That we then experienced emotional of, as separated energy frequencies we did not understand. That we further defined again and again. We ATTACHED TO belief systems.

To lift into a higher consciousness state, that will experience a NEW SET OF ENERGY SYSTEMS we as awakened humans are first prepared, step by step through what we call ‘Ascension’. Where at final stages, FINALLY, all personal, collective and universal belief systems are shown to the individual. To be seen and dissolved. What we do for one we do for all. We pave the way to humanities liberation. Showing it can be done. Having the inbuilt courage. Making a difference. The difference is our increased energy frequency, given to us, embodied, to be given out. But to be that, we first clear all belief systems. Like attracts like. So the absence of ALL Belief Systems allows us to become once more the innocent, the free, the Love, the ‘child’ of God. This major breakdown of belief systems sets us in ‘readiness’ to become at certain time, the Higher Consciousness Frequency, that starts a new existence IN BODY with those GIVING qualities already present. We give, of innocence, of Love, in PRESENT MOMENT. Open and free to receive higher energies. Open to begin to accelerate VIA our INCREASED ENERGY, the gifts we sensed all our human life. New gifts, that humanity has not witnessed, that we give out of LOVE and INNOCENCE only in the PRESENT MOMENT. It can not be given in pre-planned manner, or contrived. For we have given up all belief systems. Present moment is THE ETERNAL TIME we give in, where the ETERNAL POWER we give out, is born of the energy of LOVE, emitted by the NEW human.

The answer is simple. It is LOVE. From this all flows.

One Love,
Amanda Lorence

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