This Year is All About Truth

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomThe Truth of what is to come is very harsh to sensitive souls. Not everyone is a Sword of Truth wielding warrior and so I come at this time to offer some wisdom, deeply loving balm and compassion on how to handle this year, because this year is ALL ABOUT TRUTH.

2020 is the Earth shattering year where all is revealed that is not in divine alignment. Do you have your spiritual house in order? Are you being totally authentic and true to yourself no matter how your be(LIE)fs may sway you? Are you willing to look at the reality of what and where we have been living? And are you willing through truth to change it to be a better place for us and our children and future generations?

What is truth?

Truth is the hidden revealed. It is the Armageddon of the Soul brought into laser like focus in real time in this realm RIGHT NOW! And it is an unstoppable tsunami. The mainstream version of truth is: a fact or belief that is accepted as true. Well facts and be(LIE)f’s are very different on many occasions and the best barometer of TRUTH is in your own Divine heart. Always. Sometimes you just know without fact or evidence and this is the Divine Feminine rising through you. She will not be stopped and the HOLY SHE has a voice now like never before! Because you decided to speak up about injustice in whatever form that took. You said NO to injustice and that is a commendable accolade for the truth of You Divine Soul <3
Thank you <3

The Great Druids honoured the deep knowing of the Heart in their own ways and they directed their lives by this deep knowing of the heart and thus they lived in harmony together as they could sense dissonance and resonance easily in vibration. And So I ask you now to feel into your own HEART and invite you to live from that deeply sensitive place. For it is never wrong. There is never any wrong doing in the Heart.

I speak for the many ascended ones now on this planet, they will tell you that their journey as angelics coming into this temporal realm was the hardest thing they have ever done in ALL their lifetimes. And that is true. Some of them did not make it this far and I send my blessings and unconditional love for their deep commitment to trying to SURVIVE this sometimes impossible realm. And I extend that unconditional love to all the brave ones who are still here. WE ARE ALL SURVIVORS. ALL of US <3

And so it is time to be in UNITY. When we are in Unity we co-create together a wave of LOVE, an energy so powerful that it becomes the new reality and we all have to choose that. It will not be done for you. In the deepest darkest moments of revealing you are being invited to choose a LOVE so great that it transcends all darkness and evil. Can you do that? If you came this far, YES YOU CAN! It is what SAVED you!

I send you my deep embrace of the Cosmic Mother for this time as She wraps her angel wings around you as you dive deeply into this realm and see it all and transcend it with the deepest wave of Love at this time. Just imagine what we can all do together in Love and Let that Love Be our collective reality.

But First Truth.

Witness, observe, embody, transmute and ascend. <3

Nobody said this would be easy, but you have had the POWER OF LOVE all along <3
LOVE WAS ALL ALONG and it was and it is YOU <3
~ Divine Mother <3

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