Judas Iskariot: Love Rays

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and I come today to warn you about different things happening in the world. There are different powers fighting each other. The Indians have a saying for it. They talk about the good and the bad in man and that it is what you give birth to that gets the upper hand in your life. What then is it that we should feed ourselves with? Yes, love of course, love and forgiveness, love and forgiveness and again love and forgiveness. Have you forgiven your neighbor, have you forgiven the world for what it has done? Have you spread your love rays so that they have been able to embrace whoever has caught them. Hatred gives birth to hate, violence gives birth to violence, you cannot change the world with violence, dear children. You can only change the world with your love. Wherever you see love sprout forth, there you have it

change. It may grow as a small plant, but may soon turn out to be a large tree and from there it can form an entire forest. The forest can further spread to larger areas.

It is with your sacred thoughts of love that you give the Earth the greatest help in transforming itself into a higher being. This also applies to humanity and all other life on Earth. There are many and great movements that work for peace on Earth. You may not always see them, but they are still there. I would suggest that you sit for a while and focus only on your inner heart. Somewhere you can find peace and somewhere there you can understand the truth. The truth about yourself and the world you live in. That is where your guidance comes from, and it is also linked to the wisdom and reason you have in your higher mind, linked to your higher self. Be sure to follow your intuition and the guidance that comes with it.

The world may seem frustrating, but with an inner clarity you can understand and bridge everything that seems to stand in your way, so that you can reach your goal. What can the goal be but to find its wealth of love and power. It is when you have found your inner kingdom of love and wisdom that you can help your brothers and sisters find theirs. You have everything within you and you can change your world in less time than you expect. This is true for yourself and the world you live in, but it also has a huge impact on the human collective field. It gives your whole world a push forward. That is what is happening now on Earth. All these movements of love and community affect your world and your Earth in a positive and loving way. It touches the hearts of many people who now also begin to see and understand how to relate to themselves and the world in which they live.

When the eyes of love look at the Earth, the Earth shines with love. When the eyes of love look at you, you look back with love. Take back the love of your life and let it shine and flourish wherever it comes, for love is the power that will save the Earth and yourself. This is the eternal truth and nothing can change it. The power of love is great, strong and beautiful, the most beautiful you can see and work within. Now let love grow in your hearts and see the miracles that fall in front of your feet. It has happened and will happen again. The kingdom of love is priceless and you can only reach it through your desire and desire to find it. Let it now become a part of your life that you have long wanted and sought. Now is the time when everyone can search and find it.

God bless you

Great love


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» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg