Divine Mother: The Speed of Your Journey Will Amaze You

divine mother 1 eraoflightdotcomYou were never meant to survive. You were never meant to suffer, to feel weighed down and overloaded. You are created in the image and likeness of the Divine. You are of the Divine. It is not an extract; it is your essence, your very beingness.

In this period of external turbulence, I invite you to notice the ‘fizz’ within. Yes, things are changing, but equally importantly, you are changing too. Your veils are falling and your divine essence is becoming clear for you to see.

There is enormous energy for positive change in the air at present. Seize it! Own it! It’s yours. It’s a gift to you. It is the life force required for you to come into alignment with the transformations within you. It is the energy you require to make the changes you feel popping up inside.

New thoughts, new homes, new careers, new lives. All this is the zeitgeist of this age, these years. You have done your service and you are being offered promotions, relocations, new adventures, new expansions.

Let go of your worries and concerns. This age has been planned meticulously, in the face of innumerable, seemingly insurmountable odds.

Do you think that your precious life, your generous efforts for the light were not considered in that equation? Of course they are. You are more precious, more highly regarded than you can ever conceive.

The new ideas bubbling within you are the clues to your new life, your new promotion. Follow them! See where they lead you. Not running wild, but embracing that which you know to be true, even if it feels like a bigger step than you had thought you could take.

As everything is being shaken up, there is new space, new opportunities, new magic to be had. This is the beginning of the long-promised golden age. It will grow, deepen and evolve.

Your world and your lives will change beyond all recognition and in a remarkably short period of time. In five years, looking back to the You of Now, you will be amazed at the speed of the journey.

My beloveds, seize your moments! Open up to the embrace of change. Step into the unknown with the confidence that if you can co-create the Golden Age, you can co-create anything you can dream.

With so very much love,
Your Mother.

» Source » Channel: Jennifer Crokaert