Suffering is Resistance

light waves eraoflightdotcomThe higher frequency (Ascension energies) energies that we are being bombarded with lately are effecting all life…the awakened, the unawakened and the animal kingdom. We are feeling these higher frequencies with physical pains, higher emotions and extreme physical exhaustion. If you are not awake and aware it will lead you to think that something is seriously wrong, some may even go to the doctor for relief. But, it will pass in a day or two only until the next wave of these higher frequencies.

If the human species were not given these higher frequencies in waves our physical bodies would not be able to handle it. It takes these higher frequencies to give the human species it’s upgrades. These Ascension energies are replacing the dense physical energies in our cells. Meaning, we are getting an upgrade to our DNA, our cellular memory. Remember, serious energetic upgrades while remaining in the physical has never happened before. Meaning, a species in such a dense, physical state has never been through an Ascension process like this.

I’ve talked about this before and even our highly advanced Galactic friends don’t exactly know what’s going to happen to our species, that’s why they are here with us, guiding us through this Ascension process. As you upgrade with these higher frequencies you will no longer be in alignment with the old ways of your past and relationships, beliefs etc. will fall away. Particular foods that you enjoyed before will make you sick and not appeal to you anymore. Remember, everything is energy and energetic alignment is necessary if there is going to be harmony in anything.

You will no longer be in alignment with the things you used to be and it can be a painful process. You’re evolving state of consciousness is resonating with these higher frequencies and yes we all have free will and free will can ignore the truth but the truth will never go away because it is the reality.

Trust that everything is a Divine plan go with the flow. Many awakened and unawakened are suffering the pain of the intense clearing of the old ways due to these higher frequencies. In previous lifetimes most incarnated for one particular lesson to concentrate on and to complete but because of this powerful Ascension process that is taking place we are here to take care of business meaning… anything that acts as a barrier to your Ascension process meaning relationships, beliefs etc. anything that you are stuck in you are dealing with right now.

Intense experiences good and bad are stored in cellular memory are carried from lifetime to lifetime until cleared. Cellular memories that you are ready to clear are being brought forward by your experiences. When you live in that higher state of consciousness, that higher light automatically dissolves those lower energies that resonated with you before. If it is necessary for you to know something for your spiritual growth you will somehow get that information no doubt about it…through dreams, recovered memory, intuition and direct communication with your guides.

Suffering is created by holding on to one’s unfulfilled expectations on how things should look or be in order to be right due to your belief system. Suffering is only found in this third dimensional reality in which we are in the midst of evolving out of. Suffering, separation and duality does not exist in the higher dimensions.

This 3rd dimensional belief system we live in is the bottom rung of the dimensional ladder. Suffering remains and will continue to remain as long as we stay in this old belief system, old consciousness of separation and duality. Suffering is resistance, a yearning for things to be how your belief system tells you they’re supposed to be in order to be happy. Remember, nothing will change on a global scale until our consciousness changes, because consciousness is the substance of all that is and we have reached that state of readiness to move to who we really are. Evolution is the gradual removal of all debris meaning the illusionary veil we’re behind and this Ascension process is only the beginning.

» Source » By Teri Wade