The Angels: The Universe is “on it!”

the angelics eraoflightdotcomMy dear friends, we love you so very much,

Breathe dear ones, you are all loved beyond anything you can possibly imagine. You are supported in the heavens in ways that are beyond belief. Your only task is to surrender to your heart in each moment, to do what you know to do, and find the joy therein. In a vibration of love, joy, or peace, you allow the universe to help you. In a vibration of fear, worry, or doubt, you block the love that is ever-present and always trying to reach you.

Consider a small thing, such as a tiny cut on your finger. There are so many cells affected – skin cells, nerve cells, blood cells, immune system cells… and the list goes on. Built into your very body, and indeed into each tiny cell is an internal guidance system. “Help! We are cut!” The skin cells alert the nerve cells. The nerve cells alert the brain. Chemical processes are initiated as well. The physical vehicle, with all its miraculous systems working in miraculous harmony, alerts immune cells and cells that help the blood clot. There are nations of cells alerted, mobilized, and coordinated simply to stop the bleeding, prevent infection, and imitate the healing process.

Now, what if the skin cells were to suddenly say, “Oh no! I’ve been cut! I don’t know how to heal! I don’t know what to do! I am all alone!” They begin to attempt to stretch across the chasm and heal themselves. The body is trying to contact them! “We’re here. There are nerves, blood, brain, chemicals, all trying to help you! There is a higher intelligence in charge! Relax. Do as guided! You are not alone!” The cells relax, listen to their guidance, trust all will be well, and the body heals. If they insisted, however, on attempting to heal all by themselves, then dear ones… you would find them in the same situation that some of you encounter at times – feeling lost, confused, alone, and unclear about what to do next.

So, when you have a life challenge of any sort, be it financial, health, relationship, career, or a gazillion other things that can arise there upon your earth, think of yourself as a tiny and yet important cell in the body of God. You have a system built into your very spirit that cries out, like a child, for help. Sometimes you pray with words. Sometimes you pray with desire. Sometimes you pray with frustration by focusing on what you do not want, but beneath that very thought is the desire for what you do. Always and forever, you send out a signal to the universe, “Help!” You can count on the fact, that the universe begins to answer.

The minute you have a desire thousands of “cells” in the body of God are mobilized. Angels are brought to help you by sending you energy to uplift you, help you, heal you, and guide you. Other human beings whose creations are harmonious with yours are given urges and instincts. A solution is formed in the mind of God for every desire, every challenge, and every problem you face. You need only “get out of the way.” By this we mean, you need only rest in the knowing that help is on the way.

When you feel fearful that you don’t know how to manage something, remind yourself God does. When you feel doubt that your dreams will come true, remind yourself, if you have a sliver of faith the universe can move mountains. When you feel sad, angry, frustrated, or confused, stop, breathe. Look around and find any one small thing to notice and be grateful for in the present moment, and in that single instant of surrendering to love you open to goodness and guidance once again.

Dear ones, you are never alone. Solutions are waiting for you to relax and allow for the guidance. Dreams are waiting to be fulfilled. You need only relax into the here and now, notice the love, feel the goodness all around you, breathe deeply, and remember that the universe is, as you say, “on it!”

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

» Source » Channel: Ann Albers