Who is Meant to Join You Will Join You

energy waves eraoflightdotcomAt this point it is evident to many who have been on the genuine ascension timeline that the mess Humanity has been in is a lot deeper than most can even imagine. Now it is clear that we cannot hold on to absolutely anything/anyone that is not fully Devoted to genuine ascension. Each are walking their own path, many are on the way to move through more loops and cycles within hijacked timelines and it is each’s choice. If/when someone is fighting to maintain their identities, defend and justify the false ascension matrix and virtual realities they are living in, attempting to explain anything to them will backfire with massive blasts of schemes designed to confuse/disorient/entrap/consume because they are choosing to exist within weaponized/hijacked timelines. Be honest with yourself, this is your life, your soul path.

The only way moving forward is the release of everything that is not in full soul alignment. It does not matter what anyone else is doing and how, we cannot hold ourselves back for anyone or hold on to our own attachments. There are millions that are stuck in the false ascension matrix and they are quite comfortable in it. There are many who eat up the astral glamour like it is the substance of life. Understand that those people are going to be moving through many … many more loops and cycles within fragmented architecture of consciousness thinking they are embodying divinity, you are not their savior or supervisor. If there are ties to anyone, the only way to release is through unconditional love and nonresistance. If you are tied to a “twin flame” that’s deep in the false timelines, do not attempt to separate or cut ties, block or push away, this will cause pain and more ties.

Instead, when you feel the connection, work through any lower energies, integrate whatever code you two share as your own, whatever you feel is “them”, integrate as your own through purifying those energies, move into pure unconditional love and forgiveness for all that their lower dimensional self represents and keep unifying with the true beloved that is GOD. Anyone you consider to be “karmic” are your own ties to what they are holding within their energies so work through the fragmented timelines and neutralize any conflict/judgments. Make sure you are not on a mission to prove your own point or shake someone out of their trance when they do not want to be shaken … this is not soul aligned. Take your lessons and move forward. It does not matter what transpired till now … we are in a fallen system, we have been working through some really crazy stuff and it has not been easy. Fallen systems are like mental asylums. Once you see the true light, go there, don’t look back. Who is meant to join you will join you, let all else fall away.

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