Message From Paramahansa Yogananda: Love is the Strongest Magnet

heaven hearts eraoflightdotcomA student doubted his endurance on the spiritual path. To encourage him, Paramahansa said, “All souls are equal,” the guru replied. “The only difference between you and me is that I have made the necessary efforts. I have convinced God that I love Him, and so He came to me. Love is the magnet that God cannot escape. (Words by Paramahansa Yogananda, pp. 32ff. Self – Realization Fellowship)

I bless you who are full of love and who are not yet fully aware of this.

Love is the strongest magnet for God and for every living being on all levels of being.


Look into the world and look into the eyes of your fellow men! Your brothers and sisters experience a lack, because they give too little love and receive too little love.

Their hearts are closed and the loving impulses of their souls do not penetrate to them into the day-consciousness. Their divine self circles lonely around these people until one day they awaken and take up the connection to themselves.

God and every being are attracted by love and this love is acquired through effort.

What must be done?

What do these efforts consist of? What must be done so that the heart no longer closes and so that this heavenly door opens?

Meditation and surrender to God – these are the ingredients that gradually open a person to love.

You see, there is not much to do, if one puts into practice what has to be done.

The constant reflection and inner contemplation slowly lead you to become clear and pure and thus worthy of the encounter with God.

God is attracted by your light, and through your love, HE settles forever in your heart.

For this it is necessary to create space for God. As long as the interior of a person is cleared of the filth of the times, God finds no place to settle down. Clearing and clearing out are indispensable, if you want to invite the most important guest and if you have the desire that HE will stay forever.

Meditation, devotion and longing

Meditation and devotion are the ingredients that bring you close to God and from which God cannot escape.

It is your longing for God that generates the necessary energy to open your heart. Without longing for God there is spiritual poverty, but a person equipped with it is truly rich.

Therefore, always think of God, feel God in your life and act as a divine being who wants to be found by God.

You may expect everything from God as soon as you have created in your heart the space for God’s gifts.

Work on this by meditating and in this way advancing your transformation.

Make every effort until you can surrender unconditionally to the One who is everything and until the last veils between you and God are lifted – then you will be captured by love and God will enter your life.

This is the way back to the source of all Being and into bliss with God.


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» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl