Are You In Your Storyline or Another’s?

sunny era of light dot comIf you are or we’re a ‘People Pleaser’, one of the HIGHER WISDOMS to be seen and practiced is to not only return to your own power, but to stay more and more in it. It BECOMES you, in a gentle, quiet yet powerful way. Where you stay true to yourSelf more effortlessly. When each and every entity KNOWS to honour themselves first (not from ego mind selfishness but from Higher Self Cosmic KNOWING of how the dream and universal hologram works), then a society is in a flow of balance and harmony with ALL. Because the HIGHEST FREQUENCY OF EACH, is given OUT, in each now moment, to the COLLECTIVE by honouring first, their Higher Consciousness.

We dissolve the small self (small mind) a bit at a time on the awakening path, and put the NOW MOMENT FIRST. So no longer feel the need of the small self to ‘people please’; to do as others want, need, expect, desire, prefer US to do for them. But we do any of those requests, IF it ALIGNS to our OWN core, and our own path.

So often, we can be pulled INTO other people’s STORYLINES. And UNKNOWINGLY, people can try and pull us into their Storylines that are not ours, but theirs. And often for what seems a beautiful reason on their part. UNDERLYING that beautiful reason, is a HIGHER truth and a certain degree of blindness at play. You are not another’s ‘Storyline’. They have their own path here to for-fill. Yet in their keenness to have you be a part of their overall Storyline, and in their own UNKNOWINGNESS (or sometimes it can be an intended manipulation at play), people can try and pull you into parts of THEIR Story that is not a part of your OWN divine PLAN. Parts of their Story, may not be in YOUR STORY. Or, may be just a SMALL part of your story, yet a bigger part of theirs.

The WISDOM is in YOU recognising in each MOMENT what is in HIGHEST alignment to your path. To always follow YOUR path and what resonates, because it is ALL your SELF CREATED dream. We can sometimes forget that, and fall into more disempowerment until seen. This becomes easier and more natural as we all go. As MORE become MORE aware of COSMIC INTEGRITY: To just observe and always honour another’s Storyline as the observer. To ‘meet’ others, engage, when you are KNOWING, it IS a part of YOUR own Play.

In the journeying stage of 4D, many people come into our dream, mainly to help us grow and see the distorted patterns within us. Many relationships are short term in 4D, as souls serve souls, to teach us all our own lessons. In 5D however, this stops. Because we are KNOWING our path, knowing our Higher Self, knowing of Cosmic Integrity. A daily, continuous, ever present KNOWING, that we are the master of our dream. This is not a belief or thought from ego mind. It is a KNOWING via our embodiment stage. That from LOVE, each shall align in perfect harmony. If we honour our HIGHER SELF, our dream experience will as ENERGY FELT, feel good, feel beautiful, feel harmonious. That feeling shows us we are in alignment to our moment and our path. It’s a FEELING, not a thought.

It is also worth mentioning, that when we ALSO meet people in the 4D energetic environment that are SOULS serving SOULS to assist them TO EVOLVE via lessons finally seen, distortions finally seen, that this INTERACTION will initially be a draw. It will feel magnetic. Feel very exciting. And this is intentional by both parties. For to see those lessons that our Higher Self wishes us to dissolve, the human tends to only see them via PAIN. For there to be that pain, there has to be an emotional or mental bond in the first place, to later see the lesson, via our attention to the pain caused. But this is part of our learning in the 4D. It’s not side-tracking, it’s all planned, in advance via soul agreements of PURITY, to help each soul evolve into their Higher Self on this earthly plane.

How do you know if you are keeping to your own Path and in perfect alignment to your HIGHER SELF? It feels good, it feels joyful. It flows easy. It feels effortless. It FEELS of PEACE and LOVE.

If you are unknowingly entering ANOTHER’S STORYLINE that is not yours, it will feel difficult, feel a big effort that doesn’t feel of alignment. There is a resistance within. It may feel pushed, forced by you or the other person. To dive deep into that…so to realise you are doing something, only because another person (in your own dream) wants you to.

What if you just don’t know whether to do something or not? Then you are not supposed to know in THAT moment. So to not use any force (force is anti natural flow) in trying to find your answer. It will come at your right time and knowing. So a NOT KNOWING, is the HIGHER SELF showing you, to not focus on whatever the small mind is trying to figure out in that moment. Your Higher Self is wanting you to actually be focusing on something entirely different. So again, we can see how another’s STORYLINE, if absorbed, can create unnecessary confusion for you. And how the Higher Self is always guiding you, even if the small mind has other questions it’s far more interested in.

If you are to MASTER the CREATIONS of your dream, it is to do, react, be in alignment WITH your own Higher Self, your own divine plan created outside of space and time. To feel into that, honour it, and take your footsteps. To honour everyone’s path and stages. So that if we choose to play with another, it is IN ALIGNMENT to our becoming more of our TRUE SELF and the HIGHER CONSCIOUS expression and evolving DIVINE path. We can’t play with everyone, yet we can experience the outside pressure (within our own dream), to play with everyone that is wanting us to, for their own reasons.

Peace is found in always seeing ALL peoples and their paths as the DIVINE. And in acceptance that all facets we label as human, are on their own path regardless. To just trust THIER path. As ALL facets of the One are purposely UNIQUE and EQUAL unto ourSelf. If we always honour that KNOWING, and come from love in each moment, we are aligning to COSMIC INTEGRITY, to do no harm by PRIVATE THOUGHTS, WORDS or DEEDS, to anyone or anything. Because it’s all energy emitted whether said or unspoken, that effects everything. If we FEEL WITHIN US, within our own thoughts and beingness, that sees and honours all others as us, we can then know we are in alignment to the divine within us. If our personal balanced, calm, loving choices upset another, it is their reaction to look into if they choose to, or not. And that is non of our business. Not ours. Any emotional dramas can be witnessed, yet don’t have to be your own engagement. The play here, is that we are ENERGIES with a human body experiencing various bandwidths of frequency (we call 3D, 4D, 5D etc). So we will be susceptible to the reactions of others contained within those variable energetic frequencies. To just be the observer, allow their expression to be that, for we are not here to change people, but to be that change ourSELVES. And as we practice this, more and more it becomes THE NATURE, as we rise in frequency. So it all becomes more effortless for everyone…in the honouring of their own reflection, where all IS THE DIVINE at play with ITSelf.

And all of the above, will become the collective norm, effortless beingness with the ALL.

The more we rise into becoming WHAT we are, the more we can ONLY be that in each moment. Where we can no longer hide our truest and PUREST expression, for fear of how another may react, be hurt, be confused or upset at what we are. For to do so, is to deny ourSELVES being, what we have come here to be; LOVE, the ALCHEMIST and the MASTERS of our dream reality. We take each step as LOVE KNOWN. And Be Love regardless. For we know our ENERGY is Source known. FINALLY known within us, no longer separate to us, anyone or any thing.

One Love,
Amanda Lorence.

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