The Galactic Federation: Times of Celebration

galactic collective eraoflightdotcomGreetings Divine ones. Come and travel into your hearts and open your eyes to the richness of your soul that is the essence of love. For loving oneself is the start of a healthy lifetime. One filled with vibrations that allows you to float in harmony as if on a magic carpet.

These vibrational frequencies are the fuel that perpetuates star dust energies of God to pulsate within. It expands with true alignment of soul in order for enlightenment to anchor. Yes to anchor for when you start loving yourself you are beginning to remember who you are. Where you have come from
as a precious one from God.

Take the time to begin to drop the pretense and walk adorned in a human costume. Take the time to take control and make the choices that align you with your dreams.

You and you alone can perpetuate yourself into the fairy tale of your personal dreams. You alone can expand your heart dropping the programing that has had you sleep in a bed of untruths.

These untruths were the experience that seeded your growth into realizing your divinity so judge it not. See it as playing a role just like those moving with dark ways have done. Played a role to awaken the soul within.

It is celebration time as new energies anchor on earth. It is celebration time where one can dance on the pedestal of self. The grand monument of Gods existence.

Take the time to expand your heart. That dear ones is one reason you came. The other reason is to aid your fellow man. To assist as your heart guides.

Take the time to honor yourself and take care of your needs to keep your body upgraded. Yes upgraded like you would of a fine tuned car or computer.

This is the time of reprograming your computer mind. To step into your power so your soul self can emerge inside peace.

The game indeed has sifted into a new consciousness of light. A new playing field where freedom in the true sense of the world has emerged.

Clap for yourself. Yes we say clap and celebrate all the huddles you have been through. Look at it as stepping stones to where you are right now.

Notice and learn from your Conrad of the animal kingdom. The bird starts to fly as they let go of fear and steps into their power. The butterfly flies by going through the pain or what we would say struggles of life toward expansion. The swan drifts upon waters gathering sunlight energy inside its divine form to remind that you indeed are a divine form. And even the tiny grasshopper moves in all weather jumping across obstacles to feel wind on back.

We commend you all who walk on earth for you are avatars and grand explorers and pioneers for the new world. You are at the crossroads where your individual power is merging together to make a heaven on earth. A place where many are from galaxy standing in witness of the grand shift that is in process.

We cannot encourage you enough to listen. Listen to your bodies and your hearts during this shift. Listen to the gentle wind infused with wisdom and your guides who send you love. Attune yourself to the higher vibration that is bombarding your planet in order for you to feel love, joy forgiveness. And get back to compassion for it is the key that will reshape the world.

Only you with the tools of love and compassion can alter your reality. Only you divine precious eternal humans can accomplish this realignment to become galactic humans and take your place in the universe of planets.

We honor you and thank you for listening to our song of light. We bow and leave you but tell you we are not far away. So, do reach out to us, your guides or any being of light you choose. For our union to assist has been orchestrated for your benefit and the benefit of the world.

We are The Galactic Federation sending you light and love. Sending it deep into your being as you contemplate this message. Go in peace for you couldn’t be more deserving.

Shared per request.

» Source » Channel: Star Blossom