The Moon’s Cresent Has Been Seen and it Has Begun

full moon eraoflightdotcomThe Moon’s Crescent has been Seen and it has begun.

Vision has become incredibly focused on the now and what’s to come, the memories of what was should now be holding very little to no value.

This gives us the symbols to confirm the portal of the 2/22 Sacred Union has been completed.

Also many will have noticed the switch to supporting self and the physical was super easy, and as I mentioned yesterday the quantum leap available was super expansive, so much so that many new to Quantum Leaping may well be finding themselves searching up “walk-in” experiences because each who chose to shift will literally be waking up to new embedded healthFULL ways of operating, super easy and somewhat surprising to move into.

In the beginning the magic of how fast things move when aligned to light has us seeking explanations to how this can be, how we can wake up literally as a new person, everything looks as feels so different.

May I suggest you leave the walk in talk alone as it creates more idea of separation and brings confusion, the truth is you have experienced a quantum leap, so imagine the spectrum and the octaves within, instead of progressing naturally at the speed you are used to, what happens is a few octaves are moved through at once, which gives you the alien feeling, comfortably alien but most definitely “different” for a few days and sometimes weeks.

Allow the stabilisation and INjoy your new found connection and up the physical body vibration, you will notice it requests different foods, vitamins, minerals, water intake, nature, a whole number of upgrades happen at once, all you need do is continue to support it without question. Which is a new lesson in the Divine Feminine (guidance/request) and Divine Masculine (pay attention and action)

What we have today is rather interesting, we have the Mars conjunct South node, and if that karmic dragon isn’t cut in half quite properly then I know Mars will be coming in to finish the job, but also we have his counterpart, Venus who is now in opposition to Juno, this is more Quantum Leap energy.

Angels you/we are in for such a treat!

Venus and Juno in opposition assists those uncomfortable attachments become more uncomfortable for the cut, relationships that should have ended (however that may manifest, work, money, health, self, it all relates to self in the end) now simply hold no pull, the 3ase of letting go today will be simply unbelievably simple, and as this is a super soul calling during a time in which the Sacred Union Template is now reverberating its new higher frequency codes and what we find is the surf magically takes us on a super supported ride, moving us so rapidly out of all those emotional chains.

Addictions, past pains, programming, take your pick, it will be simple to remove.

Collectively, we all shift, we all raise in frequency and we all take a step closer to unity as each of us allows more of the old to move away and welcome, open up to the new entering.

So I thank YOU as I thank ME

This feels like a celebration and this certainly feels like a time to pay more attention and to act upon the requests of the feelings from within.

Every irk, every annoyance every trigger is asking to be supported, it’s asking for your connection, to begin dialogue so that it can unfold your truth, for you to learn how to hold a Sacred Field and continue the purpose of why you are here in this momentous time and space.

None of this is about them, never lose sight of the mechanics that are working underneath it all, never forget this is only about energy, about patterns and codes, about cosmic laws, nothing should be personified and nothing is personal and the teachings of how to operate from this clean and crisp space is available to you now, you only need ask and you shall receive.

Never forget that everything is a spectrum, that to experience the most abundant we must experience the most incredible lack, to understand love we must experience fear, this is the sine wave of life, a sine wave dating from the day time/sine began, but as well as this each traverses this sine within a life time if we choose to harmonise and leave the very slow karmic way of travelling, the karmic sine isn’t really a wave, it doesn’t make the wave it just makes the dip and so it starts with innocence (child) at the top and traverses to the bottom, too heavy to take the trip back up, never learning to realise release and realign so by the time the bottom of the sign is reached it fades through being to dense to rise once again.

The path of the initiate dives deep so very fast, but learns whilst on the way down how we are going to come back up, the initiate asks why and how, and never stops until the alignment is found, much like putting in safety hooks when climbing, or perhaps the Hansel and Gretel story leaving the white stones, or maybe whilst I share this transmission as I do, Andrea, leaving gems and the keys for others to find their way. I’ve also felt into the idea that I am now leaving them here for my/our return, which excites me so much more.

The pendulum now swings, quantum leap’s are available for all, each is completely supported to choose the LIGHT way, and by doing so, by choosing to now align to what is trying so very hard to move in will replace this old so rapidly each will be waking up very soon wondering what all the fuss was about and noticing how very different life now feels.

This has all been about how we can support self more, and then, once this has been discovered we all move into a more supporting space, as we realise the value in support itself, we then hold bundles of respect and responsibility and it is then the I becomes the unified I, the me becomes the We and all separation dissolves between One and All.

Come into your Sacred Union angels, it most often appears like the path of separating, but I promise it is simply the path of seeing your separation through the attachment to out there, once this is passed, once it has been experienced and learned from, it never repeats, but in order for this to happen, we must learn from the operation manual, of how this works, it is the only way to connect and for all the most obvious reasons.

Reconnect your life force angels I have found the coordinates for the rise of the sine 💙💙💙

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