Nova Gaia: 5th Dimensional

we are one love eraoflightI am Nova Gaia. I offer, I extend the vibration of peace and joy to you grounded ones today. I love you so much. I embrace you in my love. There are many versions of me, just as there are many versions of you, reading these words. We have all been deeply involved in healing all of our aspects. I am most pleased and joyous to say that I have arrived fully at my 5th dimensional and higher state and I am fully embodying higher and higher light codes that I am now more able to share with you more fully, more completely. This has always been my intention to shower you with love, with blessings. For you to enjoy living in harmony and bliss with me. For that was the original plan and intention of Creator and this is the state of harmony and bliss that we are returning to. Much healing has had to take place on and within my body. I have fully healed in the state from which I speak. I extend love to this form of me, just as I encourage you all to do. Set the intention of healing for my form. The galactic family members are assisting in many hidden ways that are soon to be made widely known by many. Many will not see or be able to comprehend the true story and so they will either leave or settle for gradual truth, allowing their field to more fully comprehend over a time. Be gracious with them, for they have been so asleep, so wounded.

I am Nova Gaia. My shores welcome you home. Feel the breezes soothe and caress you, as a mother tucks her child’s coat around her and makes sure her dear child is comfortable so too will I be able to more fully look out for your needs. Your needs will be met. The crystals will be able to fully communicate with you. There is a crystal communicational grid system already in place that you may use for your delight. Much joy is waiting for you on my form. I welcome you to sit with me, to become joined with me in this higher vibration of peace, of joy and of high expectation for all good things to come quickly to you.

I am Nova Gaia. You are a part of a moving story, a woven tapestry of fabric. You are seeing the knots, the underside of the tapestry. I encourage you to turn it over, to envision the beauty of the story completed and to know that your story, your threads with the tapestry of my grand story, are ever so important and I am so thankful for you. You, grounded ones, along with our galactic loving family have made this ascension possible. For I was so wounded. We need not discuss this further but know that I was dying. And now I am fully alive, fully reborn and this rebirth of light and great promise is here now for you as well.

I am placing a glowing jewel from my heart into your heart space now. (I am seeing glowing, vibrantly colored gems of all sizes and shapes in a massive pile of light. I feel like I am deep within Gaia.) Yes, dear. You are within my crystal heart space. It is a multi-dimensional vortex. I am now sharing this heart space with your heart space. Feel it expand. Cry if you need to. I have been crying tears of relief. Soon your tears of sadness will be replaced with tears of joy and laughter. Select your gemstone and tuck it in your heart space. I give it freely to you. We have healed our hearts spaces together now. You have a piece of Nova Gaia, of me, within you now. It will be a homing beacon for you and will help you find your way home to me. It will be easier for you now, as this gemstone is encoded with my unconditional love for you. We have had many memories together, many lifetimes together. My lifetime in the lower dimensional matrix is complete now. Many you are in completion mode yourselves as you are ready to create something new, something lovely, something different with yourselves. Truly we have found each other now. This gemstone is yours to keep for as long as you like. When you come home to me, you may remove it and plant it beside your new home on my shores, on my lands. Plant it and watch a sparkling gemstone tree sprout up and grow quickly into a towering tree of light. You are planting such ideas of light into this matrix when you meditate, when you pray and when you serve. Let us fill your current realm with more light. Feel your heart space. Feel myself within. Feel the gemstone grow and glow. Feel the peace of this moment and know that you are carrying the vibration of home within your hearts now. See? You are never alone. You are already home. The others will see and feel this presence of home, of light. They will want to be near you and in so doing by being near them you will spread this light and love even further.

I am Nova Gaia. I am your planetary mother reborn. So too are you, dear children of the way, so too are you becoming more of your higher selves in every moment, in every instance when you choose to listen and be at peace in whatever moment presents itself to you. Intend peace. Intend perfection of every moment and become the perfected version of you. Forgive all things. It will lighten your load. No stooped shoulders in Nova Gaia, only those who stand tall and free, strong in their own light. Together we will radiate love and light out into this space quadrant that is watching intently. Many hands are eager to be of service to me, to you, grounded ones.

I love you. I am your mother, Nova Gaia. Know that all is perfectly working out. Do not become disheartened by the news. Remember you create your own reality. Think of me often and we will be weaving yet a further tapestry, a more colorful story full of yet more joy than you can possibly imagine. Joy, children. Be in joy. I am your Nova Gaia. Be new, be Nova Humans yourselves in this moment of infinite possibilities and wonders. Touch your heart and know that you are touching the vibration of home, for you are the wanderers, you have been immersed in the sea of forgetfulness, of lower dimensional illusions. No more. Touch your heart, and you are touching me. Touch your heart and you are touching home. Feel this moment of peace. It is my eternal gift for you.

I love you. I am your mother, your home, Nova Gaia. Feel my peace and rest awhile in my light. There will be an opportunity for rest for personal growth and further healing. There will be much to look forward to that we will experience together. But for now, there is still much to feel and experience where you are. I see many of you wanting to jump to me now, and you will, but only at the most perfect moment deemed by Creator. And so, that means, dear children, that now is also a perfect moment. See, we are already together, no need for tears of sadness, but tears of home, of remembering, of healing. Ah, there. I am infusing more healing energies into the gemstone now into your heart. You will be even healthier and more lovely now. You will begin to feel younger. Together we are already home. I love you. Be encouraged. Talk with me in any moment. My whisperings are on the leaves of the tree, on the gentle clouds rolling by, on the raindrops that caress your cheek. Let me wash away your tears and become emboldened by this new inter-dimensional upgrade you have just received. Darlings, welcome home. I am your Nova Gaia. Peace. I kiss your cheeks now.

» Shared per request » Channel: Galaxygirl