James Gilliland: Coping With The Shift, Discernment In The Days To Come

top news article eraoflightdotcom“These are not wars of the flesh these are of principality and spirit”

There are polarity wars now occurring on the Earth which are escalating. They are wars between Love, hate and fear, Universal Law verses Draconian law. Predators, victims, and saviors caught in an endless cycle pulling others into their hamster wheels while the feeding frenzy by unseen negative influences continues. Muktananda once said there are two reasons for every action, Love and lack of love. One cannot profess to be enlightened, operate in Christ or Buddha consciousness and at the same act entirely opposite. I love the saying, “Pull the beam out of your own eye before taking the splinter out of another’s.”

The internet is buzzing with people working out their own victim patterns, wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions through blame and projection. Most are operating from gossip and rumors, viciously attacking others they have never met nor have any first-hand knowledge of who they are attacking and what they stand for or do. They can’t see past their own filters, wounds traumas or take stock in what is motivating them. I might add what is feeding on them and the chaos they create. We also need to ask who is sponsoring them giving them a platform or paying them. Are they being promised a well paying future in Networks funded by well known admitted Luciferians? Have you seen the wave of Satanic, Dark Witch Craft, Luciferian movies pushing decadence? There is war unfolding and that is a war between Satanic/Luciferians and unseen negative influences feeding off the fear, hate, division, and warring, acts of decadence being created by those in “ignorance” or willingly acting as their puppets. I hate to sound biblical but things are going biblical.

These forces have infiltrated the political, religious and business institutions along with the music and movie industries. This includes the UFO and Spiritual communities where they are hard pressed to control the narrative. They are dispensing with anyone who is awake and authentic with the true messages of Spiritually and Technologically Advanced off World Visitors along with our Ancient Ancestors returning. This includes the messages of children who remember where they came from before incarnating and most women who bring a higher perspective beyond the nuts and bolts. Ever wonder why ufology is still stuck in proving ufos are real with 60 to 70 year old stories keeping everything far away, nuts and bolts, confused, in the past. What would Off World anti/counter gravity technologies, free energy, miracle healing technology do to those who enslave us through dependency, big oil and big pharma, the war and disease profiteers?

What if the true history of Earth and the knowledge of who the bearded gods were behind the religions along with the fact that there is an omnipresent creator far beyond the jealous wrathful external little old man with a beard were to be made known? The false image they use to keep us enslaved and distracted from making our own personal connection to the God within. This is why they need to control the narrative and suppress those who are authentic and enlightened. This is also the reason for planned opposition, those who profess to be in opposition to the very people they serve. In ufology it began with the Rock er feller Initiative, If I spell it this will get censord,” expanded from there and to this day the vast majority of those who are top in the field get their orders from the very same group. Watch for name dropping.

The movie industry including most spiritual and ufo channels are all about entertainment and profit. You cannot answer the questions they continually ask because that would end keeping everyone in suspense waiting for the next episode. Most networks are not here to educate they are here for another agenda feeding you 90% truth with their spin at the end . In our experiences with them they are morally corrupt, narcistic and support the controlled narrative again all about profit.

Those in ignorance who have fallen for these Luciferian agendas can be helped if they choose brutally honesty with themselves and ask,

“Am I operating from Universal Law, creating heaven on Earth.” It is really that simple. The simplicity is what will save you. It can be a guide to sift through the endless dribble, recycled ignorance and misinformation.

Those who are willingly participating with these darker forces due to promises of fame, money, power over others will take themselves out in the days to come. Their careers will rise and fall abruptly due to the waves of incoming energies which are getting exponentially stronger. These waves are karmic accelerators. One cannot claim to be a master, sensei, walk in Buddha or Christ consciousness while acting opposite and going against the masters very teachings.

Personally, people have claimed I profess to be a master yet they cannot find anywhere over 33 years where this has been claimed in writing or in the many interviews. Although many have come to ECETI and had profound awakenings and healings I take no credit it is between them and Creator. Those who claim to hold higher positions separate from others, elevate themselves, judge and condemn others have missed the point entirely. “There are no divisions in God, Creator/Great Spirit.” The Creator is neither male nor female and does not have an ego, it cannot judge. Jesus said, “Neither do I judge thee nor does my father judge thee.” So who are those who set themselves up above Creator and the Masters here to save the world through judgement and condemnation? Are they without error? Could there be three fingers pointing back? If you have mastered loving detachment and have learned discernment, along with flexibility as the need to be right then and only then can you profess to be a teacher and assist others. I share from firsthand experience not recycled ignorance. My come from is to assist people to heal themselves and educate others reminding them often of what they already know often validating their own experiences in a world where they are totally invalidated. My highest goal is to help people heal and make their own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit connection. I had to die twice to make my own connection with Source and the higher dimensional beings along the way. This was followed by over 35 years of intense study and initiations by Yogis Lamas which included a plethora of process-oriented therapies and healing modalities yet I do not consider myself special or above anyone else. I am the first to say I am not infallible, have gained a lot of wisdom from experience from what some call mistakes. The omniverse is so vast everyone is in the process of merging and learning. None of us know what another soul needs for completion.

I love the Mohammed saying,

“There are no perfect men/women only perfect intentions.”

When dealing with a civilization that is deeply wounded, traumatized, carrying wounds, traumas, wrong conclusions from past experiences it gets tiring. This includes trauma from past lives, off world traumas like the wars in Orion, Pleiadian terra formers getting caught off guard by reptillians, cataclysms, pole shifts, great wars, volcanoes decimating whole civilizations. Then add free will, that is why things often just don’t work out with friends, families and lovers. There are those that succumb to the darker forces upon which boundaries are necessary. No matter what your intentions are going into these relationships being kind and loving does not always work. It takes two to heal a relationship. All of this is coming to the surface. Those that will survive are those who take personal responsibility, stop projecting and blaming others, own what they are feeling and clear themselves. It is also the path to happiness and eventually ascension. Working out one’s own wounds and traumas vicariously through others is not the path. You will never regain your power which is within through external means. The external wars with others are in most cases the externalization of what is within, your own unhealed fears, wounds and traumas. To keep it simple external conquests are in truth conquering yourself. Again, are you operating from Universal Law? Is love and forgiveness first and foremost in your thoughts and actions. For those who do not know what Universal Law is, it is, Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. Let’s all back up and start over. The only reason I wrote this news letter is because so many good people, friends and lightworkers are under attack by those who paradoxingly call themselves light workers???????? Yes I know that is not a real word, neither is againstness but they work. Anyone see the ridiculousness in this?

Be well,

James Gilliland



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