Judas Iskariot: New Energy Sweeping Across Earth

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and I just want to say that you have come a long way towards good people on Earth. New events replace old events in a current of battle on Earth today. It can be difficult to keep up with and understand what is really happening on Earth. The earth releases a little frustration and you do the same dear humanity. Under the surface a new sun rises and lets its light shine down over the Earth with a gentle glow.

A clean and healing energy sweeps across the Earth today. Many people need to heal their wounds and get some new energy. They need to strengthen their consciousness and see the world with a little clearer eyes. Understand what process they themselves and the Earth are in. This is not a new process, it has been going on for a long time, significantly longer than you think. It’s really just that the process has escalated over the last few decades, in such a way that you too can perceive it. It also allows you to influence it in one way or another. You can strengthen your own and the Earth’s development. You do this by becoming more aware of yourself and the world you live in.

The world needs many conscious and clear-sighted people today. It needs people who remain in the light when the darkness rises a little here and there. The light needs to shine in the dark to make it disappear. All people with a clear aura need to quietly move on Earth without departing from their visions of love and light. It is the message of love that is to be spread across the Earth. It is love that will eventually prevail in people’s hearts. It is the love of ourselves, each other and our earth that will become the pillar of the world that has now slowly been opened to the children of the Earth.

The light shines brightly on the children of the Earth today and many are the ones who have also obeyed the light. They spread it further in different ways. One is not worse or better than the other. It’s the thought that counts. It is your intention that determines whether it is good for you or not. If it is good for you then it is also good for someone else. We lead ourselves and the Earth forward by being creative and imaginative. We do this so that we can reach each other, so that we can give a small handle here and there, so that as many people as possible can take a step in the right direction. The direction that leads to the kingdom of light and love. Some need to be woken up drastically while others have a more fluid or flying wake up. Others go both forward and backward until they reach a point where they slowly rise. There is no right or wrong in this but everything is just right. We are all different and have different experiences with us. The butterfly is already flying, but the pupa waits until it is ripe to release its protective cover. We have all wandered for a long time on Earth and developed ourselves in every possible and impossible way. For some, however, the time has come to release the protective cover and let the butterfly fly its way. Some of you now allow the wings to dry and then begin the work of healing the world. They have already forgiven themselves and the world they have helped build. With love and faith in their hearts, they can now begin to act in a way that heals what they have achieved and they lay the foundation for the new world of love and light. They look at the world with love in their eyes. A beautiful world where they now lay their rays of light energy. They see what others do not see, they understand what others do not understand, and with gentle hands they put into action what was once wrong. This is now approaching dear friends, some have started, others are coming after…

Be responsive dear Earthlings, listen inward and follow your guidance. Your wisdom and clarity can be found there. Your straws of light and love also need to be added to the stack. I see that humanity is on its way. Awareness has increased on Earth. Many straws have been added to the stack that the pioneers have started and I see more coming on new ones. It is wonderful to see and I am pleased with you dear Earthlings. Your new age has started and it will accelerate as the light gets a wider spread on Earth.

We go with you, I go with you.

Great love


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» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg