More Layers and Level Ups Are Flooding In

lightworker eraoflightdotcomThe new codes are entering and the physical will respond where there is any unconscious Frequency lingering within.

It appears to be hitting the collective nervous system which is also directed towards the receive side of things, where are we blocked from receiving, which is ultimately where we are either not receiving or not acting upon trust/guidance…’s all got super Feminine.

Which now makes even more sense why I’m currently writing a new Light Gem to go in the library of the Opal Portal of the website.

It’s outlining the programming that sits around trust and authenticity, and shines a light on the spectrum of personal trust to Divine Trust in which you will see both as One within the transmission. I will let you know once it’s loaded or perhaps simply subscribe so you will know exactly when new data arrives.

This TRUST is most definitely going to need understanding on all levels because what is now entering will be the most highest of light grade Goddess frequ2ncies, something we have never to date experienced.

As a collective we resist guidance, we don’t pay attention, this means, this is about to become uncomfortable to those in resistance, ignorance and all forms of non-understanding.

I will be covering all this in the navigation reports to follow in the Opal Portal but for now be sure to rest, be sure to support the nervous system whether you think it’s activated or not, it most definitely is until the programming has been released. Extra self love in the form of herbs and Gaia medicine will be the most perfect preventative measure to what is likely to become an inflamed body if you do not act now.

The deepest of discord, ancient coding, more layers and level ups are flooding in.

The body may sweat to rapidly release old data, nerve issues inflame to highlight unconscious programming that is now requiring full attention. Feeling nauseous as we spin faster in the speed of light, headaches, and all of this still holds a message for you regarding where you are not yet in alignment with the new available frequencies. Pain, suffering and being uncomfortable are SIGNS that a manual (masculine) change is required. Do not be mistaking these for ascension symptoms as the noise will intensify.

This intensification is also being assisted by the recent Virus outbreak which is again yet another manifested mirror for us to see ourselves and how much of a virus we have become to our host, the Earth we all say we love.
With sickness being on everyone’s minds and lips we begin to manifest your so called ascension symptoms into the mirrors that reflect the fear programming.

This old way of thinking and the spiritual beliefs associated will be the karmic death of your choosing, eventually, although as we can see with the mirror of the virus and more frequencies of the 5th kind being turned on soon this is simply going to speed up the process as the fear codes are frazzled and the human Frazzles too.

Angels, if this strikes fear now then hallelujah your attention has been caught, because the gift is to reveal the fear now before each moves into a reactive space trying to grip the crumbling edges of a cliff that each chose to walk off. The ignorance is in the not bothering to step up now and it’s in the investments to the old ways that the internal voice knows full well is not bringing the light experience your soul requires to enter the phsyical, walking off those spiritual cliffs and hoping for some angel wings is suicide.

Being grounded is not about putting your feet in the earth, that is how we support our grounding, to ground is to land our Soul, it’s to unify and to know exactly how that works and operate it from only that space, because to operate from the physical space simply becomes the biggest and loudest load of nonsense.

I cannot express how precise this incoming energy that we are now receiving is going to feel and be 3xperienced, although I know some of you are beginning to work that out through the reflections of your reality and fields in this now moment.

Here we go angels and remember, this isn’t personal, this is the evolution of our race and we each have a choice to join or to be the reflection so others can see the example and choose the light way for all the navigation, reports, keys and gems to keep you fully in the know 💙💙💙