Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: Advancements

higher self eraoflightdotcomAt a time when many new inventions are being developed in secret, it is nevertheless a most amazing time to be present on Earth. Behind all of the turmoil that is taking place, great steps forward are being made that will propel you faster than ever into the New Age.

Advancements are happening in many different industries and are such that it is going to be impossible to keep them secret. In fact where they are of a necessity there is a certain degree of urgency to get them introduced.

Free energy and water are amongst those at the top of the list, and the way that climate changes are taking place, the needs of people in some areas is becoming urgent.

For example for some time now it has been known how to cheaply convert sea water into tap water, and the release of such information would ensure that there was not a worldwide problem due to a shortage. Free energy would be a great addition to ensure people could be self-contained and able to see their way through extreme climate changes one way or the other.

If you added food replicators then people would become almost entirely self-supporting. These changes are already coming along and the question is will they come quick enough to avoid the result of the more extreme climatic changes.

Some of you will ask why any group should have the power to prevent new inventions from being available to everyone and the most likely answer is the Military do not want the technology to be available to those viewed as their enemies. However, most inventions can be used for peaceful purposes and they should not be denied to the populace. The dark Ones are in decline but can still interfere with the work of those who have positive intentions, but the Alliance is already too powerful to be stopped from their aims to make the world free from their interference.

Dear Ones, you have been asked to bear with the prolonged delay in enabling you to benefit from some inventions that are already in use, but until those in power are of a mind to put the people first you will have to wait for changes at a level that can command the progress of humanity.

Your extraterrestrial friends stand by to help you but are subject to Laws that forbid interference in another’s affairs unless the circumstances allow it. However, they anticipate that it will not be too long before they will be allowed to make full contact with you. If sufficient of you spoke of peace and acted peacefully it would help bring about the changes that you long for.

Whatever you are engaged in and regardless of where you are now, be assured that each of you are in the right place for this particular time. Some may not be enjoying their life experiences but all souls are where they can make the most progress that will enhance their evolution. For some there is still old karma to be cleared so that you can finally go forward with a clean sheet. In your present time new karma where needed can be instant as you can no longer carry it forwards. Some of you do not understand karma but it is simply a way of learning from your mistakes.

The effects of the new energies are being felt all around and it is noticeable that they are bringing in a more relaxed and peaceful energy that is transmuting the negative ones. It will continue that way until an absolute peaceful level becomes the normal. At such a time Ascension will occur through the tremendous flash of light from the Sun.

Many of you will ascend at that moment and find yourselves on the new Earth. Everything you need will have been provided and you shall not want for anything at all. You will become a higher version of yourself along with your higher self and you will have all of the attributes of a higher soul.

You will witness and be part of an event that only occurs at the end of a complete solar cycle and we will remind you that Ascension will be unique inasmuch that you will ascend with your present body. Naturally your vibrations will have lifted up prior to the event so you will be well prepared for it. Little or nothing of the old ways will apply as you will become Galactic Being with all of the attributes associated with that higher level of being. Now you will understand why there is so much of importance associated with Ascension. You will have worked hard to reach the higher levels and high praise for your achievement is in order.

Your remaining time in the present levels will be short but testing as there are energies present that have still to be cleared that may distract you from your goal. We have told you many times to be aware of them but not allow them to interfere with your life plan. Do not get involved in them unless you have a karmic responsibility to do so.

However in reality there is nothing to fear as you have already passed the marker and proved you are ready to ascend. There is still a way to go before the Event takes place and the Pleiadians are on hand to assist you. They are now in your solar system but have yet to reveal themselves. They are akin to your family and look upon you in such a light.

As time now progresses you will find that the introduction of beneficial inventions will accelerate and have the effect of lifting you out of the old ways and reliability on methods that are outdated. It will be your introduction to the New Age and a new way of living that enables you to follow your desires. The whole Galaxy will be yours to explore and meet the various types of Beings that are in it. Some have in fact been in touch with Earth but only for trading purposes. Your place really is in the Galaxy and you will be relieved and pleased to have such freedom whilst getting to know the other human type beings that are in it. But for restrictions around your Earth that prevent direct interaction with you, they would have already landed on Earth.

We leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same internal connection with God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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