Horoscope 2020: Here’s What The New Year Has In Store Dor You According To Astrology

astrology at eraoflightdotcomThis year will be intense! A trio of important planets, Jupiter (luck), Saturn (concretization) and Pluto (transformation) teamed up in the sign of Capricorn. Which sector of life must be transformed in depth in order to benefit from it? What changes can you expect? And how can you take advantage of the special events in Nasa?

We no longer recognize ourselves in our career? Our boss is insensitive to our efforts? We’re ready for a complete overhaul of our professional life, and 2020 is the year when we absolutely have to go for it, review our goals and not be afraid to take the plunge. Our natural passion and daring will be supported by an inner force focused on success and elevation. We redefine our priorities and use our leadership to achieve our goals. We are very popular. It’s time to make a splash and show off!

The finance

On the finance side: anything can happen! Sudden gains like unexpected losses can occur. We are careful not to get carried away for nothing, but if a fabulous opportunity is offered to us, we pay attention to our little inner voice which encourages us to get started! Within all this excitement emerges in us a new wisdom, a flair that we must listen to. On the side of the heart, a great cleaning is to be expected! We develop a growing allergy to sclerotic or toxic links, as well as a strong need for renewal. What must remain remains, what must leave is eliminated. We act calmly and thoughtfully, knowing that it is necessary for the continuation of things. Of all the signs of the zodiac, we are among the most energized, the most driven by the need for change!

The planetary regrouping in the sign of Capricorn influences the direction which one gives to our life, our need for expansion and the new learning which is offered to us.

The Uranus effects

Another extremely important phenomenon: the planet Uranus (to which we owe the rapid and radical transformations) entered our sign and will stay there for seven years. Our legendary placidity is shaken; we need to shake off the fleas and change our lifestyle. Back to school, impromptu trips abroad, change of look: these are some of the possibilities. The more we resist, the greater will be the heavenly messages or incitement to move. Yes, that’s right, we much prefer to plan everything and make sure everything is secure before we get started, but 2020 is the year where we learn to jump without a net! The relational sector is not spared. Desire for something new, to get out of our comfort zone, but above all to become aware of our need for space. Love and freedom are not incompatible! From May 13 to June 25, Venus (our planet) is retrograde. We may lack a bit of self-confidence during this period, so we take the opportunity to play sports, do a makeover and take care of our diet. It’s been a year of big revelations for us. We learn to pool our resources with others, we mourn old structures that no longer hold water, we rediscover our sexuality and we learn to manage our money better. We don’t look at things superficially; we are going deep. We want to understand, analyze, go to the end! Quite the opposite of our personality … but we will have to dive into the heart of our needs and our deep desires to find happiness. These fabulous awareness will help us reach our goals!

Are we blamed for our new maturity? We send the false friends for a walk! The end of summer and fall will be key times to test our friendships. If you need significant support to put a project into action, it is during the summer that you have to knock on doors! We release a magnetic aura and our libido is at its peak. We prioritize relationships with intimate connections, which is a real discovery for us, Gemini, often inconvenienced by commitment! On the professional side, the magic is there. We make clear requests to the Universe and we get what we want through predictions for 2020.

Take advantage of Jupiter!

We take advantage of Jupiter’s beneficial influence to stabilize our finances, make investments or invest in the stock market. It will be a crucial year to completely redefine our relationship with others. Whether in love, friendship, colleagues or family members, we no longer tolerate inappropriate behavior. We are sensitive, gentle and attentive, but if no one takes the time to listen to us in return, it’s over! We never dared to say what we thought, for fear of displeasing? We are in dire need of getting out of our comfort zone, especially on a friendly level. If we are in a relationship and the relationship is healthy, we will experience a pleasant renewal and a more sustained commitment. Is the relationship going down and the links hanging by a thread? We will be tested. And if something drastic must be done, we will have the courage to do it. Are we single and looking for the ultimate love? The possibilities are endless and promise a host of fabulous experiences. This year, the magic will operate mainly in the travel sector. A girlfriend decides to offer us a surprise cruise? Do we win a getaway to Europe? A pretender offers to come and join him abroad? Everything is possible!

Emotional year

It’s an emotionally demanding year. We are careful not to run away from our needs and our emotions by taking refuge in alcohol, watching series in series or compulsive shopping. Weight loss, significant change in our lifestyle, acquisition of new knowledge in order to improve … A total change in daily life is expected in 2020. This is a year that sounds the alarm in terms of health, both physical and emotional. The cocktail of planets in Capricorn will help us open our eyes to the vital importance of the vehicle that is our body. Iron discipline, Spartan diet, developing a plan to maximize our energy and magnify our body envelope: this is what motivates us! And since we hate failure or mediocrity, the changes will be dramatic.

Clean up relations

We will also clean up relations with our work colleagues. Are you tired of being jealous or not being taken into consideration? We manifest and improve this sector of our life, therefore it’s recommended to do personalized reading with Masters in ancient art of astrology. We clearly have the opportunity to take a giant step, but we must take it on the fly. Yes, the novelty could upset the family or couple’s balance, but you have to think about the future and your personal growth. The most important person in 2020 is us! We focus on the best and we are not satisfied with half measures, because we are on the rise. The fall of 2020 is an extremely favorable time to start a collaboration that will allow us to grow. We do neither one nor two: we go for it! Several areas of our life such as love, children, fun, luck and leisure will be stimulated. Our deep nature, marked by anxiety and the desire for perfection, will soften. Not only does the amalgam of planets in Capricorn modify our vision of happiness, but Uranus the lightning strikes literally upset the preconceived ideas that we held about our life. We open to the effervescence of fleeting joys, we are more spontaneous and laughing, the sky puts on our way people who like to smile and who live in the present moment. For the controller in us, this new way of life is disconcerting, but oh so stimulating and rewarding! We learn to trust, we delegate, we spice up everyday life with little things, and above all, we dare creativity and self-expression.