Profound Internal & External Change

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomThis is a week of profound internal and external change, echoing the Saturn and Pluto alignment that occurred in January. Much of what we are experiencing this week is because Pluto is at the midpoint between Jupiter and Saturn, continuing to activate the energy of these planets. Today, the Sun in Pisces semi-squares Pluto in Capricorn, creating tense transformation of the conscious ego. This is an opportunity to face our shadow and develop a deep sense of clarity about who we truly are.

Mercury, the planet that rules how we communicate our thoughts, is semi-square Jupiter in Capricorn creating the opportunity to expand our minds. This is occurring a day after retrograde Mercury was in a trine to the North Node in Cancer for the second of three times. These aspects of Mercury link us intellectually and spiritually to our evolutionary node of destiny. Mercury also harmoniously communicates with Chiron in Aries today, providing potential
for monumental healing in areas of our personal power dynamics. This aspect encourages us to focus on our own healing and allows us to be more empathetic of the personal processes of others.

Venus in fiery Aries squares Pluto, the planet of upheaval and renewal. This intense aspect triggers our shadow and allows the opportunity to have truths revealed in areas of love, money and mostly… our personal hidden parts. By acknowledging and embracing our triggers we can transform from victim mode into the empowered metamorphosis that Pluto has the ability to provide in our psyche.

The Magic of metamorphosis is made possible as Mercury in intuitive Pisces harmoniously sextiles revolutionary Uranus in Taurus. This is the second of three Mercury/Uranus aspects that the Universe is lovingly providing to propel us into communion with ourselves and Spirit. Uranus sees the future and amazingly allows connection with the Unconscious in the form of dreams, downloads, and innovative inspiration for our future. The Cosmic wisdom provided provides insights that allow our perception to be more in alignment with the Divine. This awareness allows us to embrace our true authentic selves with love and compassion.

This is an ongoing process that promises lasting results if we remain open minded, realizing that our endeavors are subject to change or revision once Mercury turns direct on March 10th. The Taurus moon trines Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn tomorrow providing a sense of stability as we progress with patience.

Sunday, March 1st, the Moon shifts from the sign of Taurus into Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury! This shifts the energy from Earth to Air, from foundation focused to freedom focused. We will navigate this emotional change with ease if we allow ourselves to remain movable in this mutable sign. The Gemini Moon then squares Mercury in Pisces, offering us opportunities to overcome difficulties in regards to communication as we embrace insights offered from the Spirit realm. Awareness is the KEY 🔑❣️

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