Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomAloha Soul-Star-Light Family!

We’ve been so very busy and I’m not as “visible” when I’m back to back slamming, connecting, collaborating with so many and completing various Quantum Timeline Shifting Cycles through Pure Presence as “fast” as we complete these now. Pure Presence and functioning from Zero Point fully allows us to do all with great ease, simplicity and through Divine Sacred Union and Harmony from deep within. It’s a part of full Embodiment and Living our Highest fully in every way.

In order to keep up with the rate at which we accomplish all (Quantum), TOTAL FOCUS of OUR CONSCIOUSNESS/ENERGY is REQUIRED, therefore “how” we function changes all along the way, is relative to the dimension/density we physically occupy and the multitude of current service roles we fulfill. I am ALWAYS SO VERY DEEPLY CONNECTED and working with you all constantly, which is beyond beautiful within itself.

I’ll be sharing more soon, as we’ve been busy accomplishing daily all that’s highest aligned for fulfilling much higher service roles for all of HUmaNITY here. Beautiful collaborations, sharings, creations and experiences… with pure excitement, joy and various levels of Sacred Union with Star Family, Soul Family, Light Family who are also working in service through higher service role fulfillment and as Unity/Purity Consciousness here.

For now, a heart-felt expression of immense gratitude, appreciation and love for you and all. Through the years, we’ve all come to understand the immensity of dedication and commitment required by each one of us doing this fully here. The “return” is LIVING HEAVEN, because WE ALL CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE what we are willing to live, accept and allow and no longer compromise on a SOUL LEVEL in any way… which is a part of the immense 2222/22222 POWER UP CODES that flooded through all of February, further supporting all in achieving with greater ease, where this is each’s priority and where excuses/dis-empowerment are released fully by each.
The Last Few Weeks Have Been Pure Power Codes…

… focused on no more compromise AS SOULS/STAR/LIGHT/LOVE BEINGS in any way.
Each will have to CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE TO UTILIZE/APPLY/LIVE THESE, otherwise the codes for all VIBRATIONALLY ALIGNING for ALL NEW REALities continue to lay dormant within. Many of you will have felt this come from within you, the immensity of this POWER in CHOOSING/ALIGNING and HOLDING YOUR NEW FULLY too. These are amazing and also garner massive collective/individual shifts, which correlate to entire inner reality changes/shifts moving all further through these QUANTUM EVOLUTIONARY PROCESSES of our Evolving Planet/Individuals, EVOLVING DNA and the formation of our NEW EARTH FAMILY/SOCIETIES as well as creating, building, forming and living by ALL NEW EARTH TEMPLATES AND CODES…. which supports humanity’s transition processes being experienced with greater ease. This is able to occur where all are truly open, ready and fully embracing this.

UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS IS A STATE OF BEING, a presence and way of LIVING…. and as more live this fully, we are able to unite, come together, work and live together cohesively and accomplish that which seemed “impossible” by the human aspect before. Everything is possible, yet only for those/all who are truly open, deeply connected and holding their own highest will be able to achieve this with great ease, because of how each’s mentality dictates, linearity/density complicates/gets in the way, so it’s each’s personal journey to clear this density, programming, fixed/linear/limiting mentalities/conditioning/beliefs held deep within and CHOOSE TO SHIFT TO MUCH HIGHER TIMELINES/REALITIES for actually living here.

Keep anchoring, integrating and LIVING these magnificent NEW EARTH CODES fully and holding the highest to support, uplift, inspire and anchor more through your own Physical Lightbody/field and entire reality too. As each are able to DO this, then this CREATES COHESION AS THE UNIFIED FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS for all to inJOY, live, breathe, experience and expand exponentially to touch the hearts/lives of all others here too!

I have new articles coming out very soon, as well as returning to more public interviews/discussions/talks/live events, in addition to various community gatherings too. As our NEW EARTH NETWORKING SYSTEM continues to unite, expand and grow, we are able to accomplish and complete various launches of all new/more humanitarian projects, which create more opportUNITY for all, as well as provide various new levels of support and service(s) to further guide/assist all fully embracing on every level too.

So, “Stay Tuned”… in every way and we look forward to connecting, uniting and accomplishing so very much more together as the magnificent Soul-Star-Light Family that WE all are, here to usher in more Heaven for all to inJOY and live fully, share fully and incorporate fully in their own lives too!

I love love love and deeply appreciate each and every one of you!
Live Your Light ♥ Live Your Love FULLY
Immense Love, Appreciation and Deep Sacred Respect,

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