Goddess of Creation: Embrace Self-Love

divine mother 1 eraoflightdotcomThis continues the Goddess’s series on love. Self-Love truly is the foundation for what you can/ will accept for yourself in life. When you are open to self-love the nurturing in your begins with you. So often people can love and nurture others and find it challenging for themselves. In order to have a strong and balanced life you need this as a foundation. As the Goddess was speaking other thoughts were going through my mind such as respect, balance, and honor. If you don’t respect yourself, no one else will. Once you begin to feel your respect for yourself and your life, you will look at those around you through the eyes of respect. This also true for balance, honor or any of the other supportive parts of life.

While in the All That Is, the Goddess had people see themselves as if standing in front of them. When looking at yourself, she then had you remove all the physical experiences you may have in life; physical ailments, pain, weight, etc. She then spoke of beliefs and removing those from where you looked at yourself. This was a great time to be able to clear the old beliefs that no longer support you. The emotions were last. In most people these were huge! Removing the emotions were the largest part of most people. You were then left with…..you! This is the core essence of you. This is you without distractions and it was very emotional.

From that point the Goddess worked with everyone to truly integrate their soul and really know that their soul was a part of who they were. The created a core balance, an acceptance for self, a realization of who you are. Once you set up this integral balance, you then added the physical, mental and emotional aspects. However, in doing so, many people realized they could let go what no longer served them and move forward in life.

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment. As we are here physically, consciously upon the earth, I invite you to open up that you may feel who you are.

How many times do we talk about that? Sometimes it’s the same old information, other times it’s transitioning into something new but take this moment to look around. Look around at where you are physically located; look around at your physical body, taking stock of all that is here and all that is you.

As you live your life upon the earth, is it filled with turmoil? Is your life filled with calm placid energy or is it somewhat of a blend? How much joy do you have in your life? While we are still here fully grounded in the now moment I wanted you to take stock of your physicality thinking about your emotions, thinking about your body, your location, like you are taking a little snapshot for this moment in time.

Let that just kind of filter through you maybe going to the back of your mind for a moment, so that you can then take this moment where you breathe deeply moving all the way through your body, you breathe down through your heart center, you breathe down sending that into the earth.

As you feel your energy and your focus moving down through your energy bodies take this moment to connect with Gaia as if you send that energy down, it spreads out and is anchoring you upon the earth.

You feel Gaia and that energy then comes back up through you. You send it all the way out through the top of your head and think of it as if there is this burst of energy that you simply moves up from you and it connects with your higher self.

Your higher self is that space that is the blend of your divinity and the blend of you the human. Your higher self is when you disconnect in your everyday process; you are aligning with that higher perspective.

Create that conscious and open flow so that you have access to that any time that you so choose.

You then allow that stream of light, that stream of energy to move even further. This is a thread that connects you the human into your soul. As you align within your divinity take a moment to feel this presence, feel the energy, feel who you are.

As your soul you have multitudes of different lifetimes and experiences. Some of those may pop up for you as you’re feeling this embrace.

There we go. As I observed each one of you, I could see you like as if you were sending out little impulses of light asking to know, “What do I need to know? Who am I? What exactly am I as my soul?” If there is no one particular block of information be open only to the complete all-encompassing unconditional love.

Feel who you are. Feel that energy. Yes, this is you!

I the Goddess walk in and amongst all that are here. I reach out to embrace you, embracing you as the consciousness of this lifetime and the expansion of your soul. I am here to facilitate your awareness to understand more fully who you are and as we blend our energies there is a shift that takes all of us into the All That Is. As we are here take a moment to take in feeling all of what this is.

The All That Is is a massive vibration. It is a place where people come for many different reasons. There are certain vibrations associated with whatever someone might be experiencing in their life.

Each of you have your own particular space within here, therefore, your guides; the energy workers that you choose to work with are very present so as to help you in this situation.

I always have ideas for what I would like to work with every time that we come into one of these teleconferences. Tonight I feel as if we are balancing between several different opportunities.

We began by speaking about you in your physical reality. You might remember how we rolled back through time space reality (speaking of other teleconferences) so that you could look at this lifetime before you were even born so that you could look at what your intentions were for the significant points within this life.

We have looked at this way in which there are karmic agreements between you and other individuals saying that “we will meet in this lifetime. We are here to assist one another”. We’ve talked in the past about how the life that you have has been created due to perhaps illnesses, choice, lack, abundance, the many different things that make up being a human upon the earth.

Each time that we tap into any one of those or any other experience, you’re tapping into the previous and you’re tapping into the now because it is all happening most often in layers.

We’ve spoken in particular over the last 5 to 6 years about love; well we’ve spoken for 20 years about love! However, the earth went over a tipping point so that love could become the predominant means of creation upon the earth. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to me that humanity recognize love as the primary way in which you create within your life.

Let us take this moment and as if you have created in front of you, perhaps it looks like images, perhaps it looks like you’re looking on a big-screen, whatever resonates with you; as I say this people are immediately projecting certain things, whatever it is that was your first impulse, ~whew~ clear it out.

I would like for you to look only at your physical body. This physical body that you have is what is the anchor for your soul in this lifetime. This physical body that you have is what creates and maintains the vibration which culminates in all that you’ve done in this lifetime.

So while you look at your physical body, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

If there is something that is not working for you about your physical body, let it come up at this time. You have an illness, you feel you’re overweight, you feel you’re underweight; you have pain in your body. These are things that as you look at your body that you do not feel at peace about.

Take that information whatever that may be and shift it over to the side for a minute. Look back at your physical body. As you look objectively at that person, what beliefs does that individual have? What are the beliefs about life? What are your beliefs about potentials? What are your beliefs about spirituality? What are your beliefs about who this person is in this life?

For some I had the sense of various short little answers and then as I would say something that would be more of an expansion, whatever your beliefs are around you the person or as you the person, let all of that come together and we are setting it aside for a moment.

As you come back and you look at this human, this physical person, this human that is you; what emotions are the strongest emotions that you feel?

Okay, I could hear some of you saying, “My emotions about my body or my emotions in general?” As you look at yourself in this life, what emotions are most prevalent? For some I heard rage, anger, frustration, disappointment; for others I heard happiness, excitement, anticipation, opportunities and of course a vast multitude outside of those.

As you are looking at this person that is you and as your asking to know emotionally who are you, what is very interesting is that in most cases the list of emotional things is much bigger and expanded than the beliefs or the physicality. As humanity your emotions are one of the biggest filters for how you live your life, so let all of those emotions that represent you the person and how you express and let all of those come over here and then to the side.

Look back at the human. There is so much emotion that is coming up in Shelly that is also felt by many of the others because it’s like you’re looking at yourself strip down, no camouflage, no illusion, no filter but you are simply looking at yourself as your core authentic self.

As you’re looking at that person, the person that you are, as you’re looking without all the many filters that take up your life, what do you see?

Again so much emotion; the words I heard as I asked what I saw, a skeleton, I saw beauty, I saw a shell, I saw love, I saw emptiness, I saw nothing. Those were the predominant words that came through my consciousness.

As you look at yourself without the distractions that make up your life, I ask for you to look inside for your soul. Where is your soul seated within that physical body? As you’re looking at yourself the human, is there that sense that there is just a tiny little spark or is it a flame that encompasses you? Through your conscious intention as if you are opening up your heart just flow your divinity into the physical person that is you and watch, watch what happens.

In just about every single one of you as you make that conscious link between your consciousness, your soul and your human self, it was as if it all grew expanding. Your soul has always been there. Your soul will always be there. Nothing can remove it until it is your time to transition; therefore, understand that this flame that is your soul, that is in your core essence is there to create the balance, the expansion and to help you truly integrate all that is within your life. In fact I saw in some of you as soon as your create integrated it was like there was this growth, this expansion, that those individuals that saw themselves as small were suddenly big, they pullback in all of the other aspects of themselves letting go what no longer works.

When you look at your physicality from the eyes of your soul you are looking at everything with love. The human that you are wants only to know the love of soul. You may hear people say that’s not true, your ego is what it is to be human, your ego wants to experience life and be in control, which is absolutely true; however your ego from the time it was created within you knew that it was the ying and the yang, the kundalini. It was the core essence, soul and ego, creating the dance upon this life that is you.

This is all about balance. This is all about taking away the burdens and the pressure that you have place upon yourself through the years, through your mental body, your emotions and all this physical experiences that you have had. This is about recognizing you are not alive without your soul. You are not alive without your ego, therefore find the balance, find the way to live the best possible life that you may have and as you do so you will be very connected within your divinity and you will be very strong within your human person.

It’s not that one is better or worse; it is that you chose this lifetime, you chose this human, honor and respect yourself. Honor and respect yourself for the person that you are.

As I speak of that I can see how each one of you it’s as if you are transforming. For some it’s like I see this spiral, for others I see this transformation that allows you to honor yourself, respect yourself and if you do so then you can let go some of those things that have been holding you back or pulling you down. As you take back into you those things about your physicality if there are certain parts that no longer work for you let them go but if you’re still the same height, the same weight the same color eyes, it is what it is. Respect yourself.

As you take in those belief systems, are there certain ones that you can now see they’re no longer serving you? Let them go. Other belief systems that you have not honored or respected but yet now you can see they would actually support you let them come back in or create new. There are certain core beliefs that support you throughout your entire life. There are many other beliefs that come and go throughout your life; some of them were never meant to be there for your entire life so let them go.

The emotions, I see some of you, it’s like you’re looking at them like there’s this mountain and you’re saying, “No, no!” So let’s just clear out your emotions before you even tap into them. ~ Whew~

You the human that respects yourself, that honors yourself, that loves yourself allows those emotions that support you to filter back in filling in all those spaces between your beliefs, your physicality, within your energy bodies and as you are integrating these emotions if you find that something’s coming back in and it causes you to feel disjointed ~ whew~ let it go. Let it go and then you come back in once more.

You now stand in front of me. I AM that I AM! I am myself. I respect myself. I honor myself. I love myself. As soon as I said, I love myself I could feel people saying, “except for I want to change. I don’t like this”. Judgment is the number one aspect that needs to leave. ~whew~ Judgment never supports you. Discernment helps you to understand a difference between multiple things, but judgment says one is right and one is wrong. So encompass all of who you are, I AM that I AM and there we go.

Breathe in all of who you are. Let yourself be as magnificent as you know you can be. Allow your days and weeks, and the rest of your life to be lived through respect, honor, love. Let that move through every part of who you are, let it be within yourself and look at the world through love, respect and honor.

I invite everyone to join together; it’s as if each person been off in their own spot but I ask everyone to come back together as a group.

As you do so take that self-love, that respect, that honor, that which represents you and bring it up from within you and then send it into the center so that the core essence that comes from the All That Is representing what everybody did becomes enhanced to that conscious link; and it all begins to come together. It’s as if there are these golden, pink, purple, indigo, all these multiple colors, just are created through the blending of these energies and as that ball of light swirls through, everybody lets it go and it just naturally, it sends an aspect out into the universe and the remainder goes down into the earth.

Look for a moment as that ball of energy is going through the collective consciousness that surrounds the earth. It may be that you notice pockets in which it seems like it stalls for a moment; send an extra impulse ~whew~ that self-love, self-respect, honor, acceptance those energies go through the collective consciousness and all the way down into the center of the earth. It anchors within Gaia, strengthening Gaia. It then comes up. It comes up through the many layers of the earth and all of your own energies are now anchored within you.

The remainder comes up through the collective, through the surface of the earth and into the collective consciousness and as it does so that which came from the outside, that which comes from the inside comes together and blends and it clears out the lower vibrations, it clears out the old energies and anything that is not in alignment with respect and love.

Take a few moments and anchor within yourself. As you do so you bring back the remainder of your consciousness from the All That Is, it moves back through your divinity, your higher self and down into you and as this is all settling within you remember back to when you saw yourself as the core essence for this lifetime.

Trigger that within you and also let go in your human physicality everything that was cleared out so that you are self-love, self-respect, honor and you know that you are strength in this lifetime.

All right, so as we bring our channel to a close for the evening I invite you to look forward in your days and weeks to come to that recognition for who you are as the human; honoring yourself as your personality, honoring yourself as your divinity and allowing for that blend and balance to simply be the way in which you express yourself throughout your week.

You are divine, you are human and you are a powerful individual that reflects that outward; well you reflected inward first to balance within and then you reflect that balance outward.

Know that I am ever with you and within you


This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website: http://www.goddesslight.net