Stay Calm in Chaos

mass meditation eraoflightdotcomCoping During Global Hysteria and Uncertainty

There’s an energy of hysteria in the air this week, stirred by fears involving a host of things taking center stage in global discussions. We knew 2020 would arrive with many high-stakes issues. Growing uncertainty is being felt across the planet because of many things beyond our immediate control: the corona virus, the stock market, the US elections, and the climate crisis. Continue reading to learn how to stay calm, and why you must.


We have a complex set of contentious issues demanding our attention in 2020. None of them are easy to look at or fix – but all must be addressed for us to go forward as a global society. The world’s restructuring isn’t an option – it’s vital for creating a sustainable planet and loving society. Surprises and a general tone of uncertainty accompany the process of moving out of fear and into love. Very uncomfortable. In my Predictions 2020 eBook out soon, I describe the process of evolutionary change occurring this year – and practical steps for navigating both immense opportunities and challenges.

The Importance of Staying Calm

When there is hysteria of any kind – emotional excess, seeing negative things as a catastrophe, or allowing bad news to short-circuit common sense – we may respond in fear-based ways. As humans, we are hard-wired to fear and to ruminate – allowing our minds to come up with the worst-case scenario. When we do this, we are anything but calm. In fact, our mind may not want to calm down.

Crazy as this may sound, this is not uncommon, especially now. We must rise above our conditioning in these moments. If we don’t, we compromise accessing our natural gifts of being able use a combination of common sense and intuitively-guided reason.

For our own well-being and to be the powerful divine changemakers we are, it’s essential that we stay calm when high-stakes issues and crazy things are unfolding. The world needs our light, our common sense, our active engagement, and our actions sourced in love.

For context, remember that many of today’s crises have a long history-in-the-making.

A number of key countries lack a national healthcare system that can confront a sudden outbreak of corona virus. Much of the world’s population lives in poverty, too, without basic sanitation and extremely polluted air and water. Citizens often are not informed about outbreaks or what to do when one occurs.

Likewise, the world’s extreme polarization is showing up in key global talks that could address climate. It’s also front-and-center in politics, impacting elections. Many people, so weary of the nonsense and unable to get calm enough before deciding to vote, may stay home or get discouraged after voting believing that their vote didn’t matter.

Going Forward

Remember daily that your energy counts. Your level of calm amidst uncertainty counts.

Your inner voice of wisdom is always there. Be sure to call upon it.

Your common sense that shows you practical applications is always there too. Invite that into your decision making, and into your interactions with others.

Know that people in your circles are struggling with many of the same concerns you have. Reach out to them with a comforting smile, word, or action. This often is more productive – and more calming – than reaching out to share “pain stories.”

Experience more calm by remembering and applying these things daily. Being calm helps your health, raises your frequency, and assists you in fully expressing your soul’s purpose here on Earth.


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