Ascended Dragon Collective: We See You

dragons eraoflightdotcomWe are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We greet you humans with love and respect for we are quite aware that this work is arduous. We have been doing our work to assist clearing and cleaning the energies of the bowels of the earth. Much needed to be cleansed. We have been blasting our dragon light underneath just as you have been shining your human light on the surface. We see that this hall of mirrors is shattering. We see tremendous growth and change. We see green where deserts currently exist. We see fresh water abundant, bubbling up from the dry places. We see the animal kingdoms flourishing again, unafraid of mankind. We see mankind and womenkind treating each other with more respect and equality. We see the formation of the new from the crumbling of the old. We see many things.

We see you, human. We see your questions, your ponderings, your insecurities of what is and what is to come. Change this insecurity to security, to curiosity. We dragons find that curiosity leads often to bravery which leads to good deeds and tremendous acts of faith. Now is the time for great faith, little one. For now is the moment of your birthing. 5D is all around you in many ways. But the dross of the charade must be cleared and play out, crumbling into rubble for all eyes to see. We see this as happening imminently. Your money magic is on fire, the lie seen as truth in the ashes. Be not afraid. You are wealthy beyond words for you are the child of the Creator and you can create and manifest what you wish. This will be effortless and joyful for you in the higher dimensions. Your acts of heroism and bravery as you navigate the muck and mire of discordant energies is pleasing to see. We are delighted to partner with you, to blast our flame alongside your flame of faith, of light, for the sword or truth is a sharp sword and all is being cut down that is not of the purest light.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We see you with the golden eyes of Source. We see the dragon codes of light, of the ancient ones, spinning within your individual vortexes as you receive help from all sides, all higher dimensions. We see more light around you now, we see linear codes and fire descending from the heavens with fierce tenacity. You are warriors of heaven. You are much more than you think. It is time to shed the guise and be the warrior openly, but love is your weapon, truth and mercy are your friends and allies. Love. There is a time for war. There is a time for peace. You are in the end war of wars in a much battle hardened and wounded sector. (I am seeing a charred earth, ships that look like Death Stars, battles. I am seeing black dragons that are not ascended fighting the colorful ones in my visions that are ascended.) Yes, little human. Sit. Breathe. Breath in this fire. (I am feeling fire on my crown, heat through my body. I am seeing this charred planet being inundated with fire from heaven of the purest of light, of love. It is a loving fire, fierce in its ability to love. It is overwhelming. I am seeing the light turn everything into gold, into green glowing gold. I am seeing charred vines that are withered become green with light streams in each tendril and vine. I am seeing the light spread, creating green in its pathway. Gaia is reborn. I am seeing waterfalls of the purest of water, animals of the most brilliant vibrancy, healthy, strong in great numbers dotting the earth. I think I am seeing Nova Gaia).

Human, listen wisely, listen true. The light waits no more. The light is here. The truth is here in this now of the great birth of the old into the new. Nova Gaia is a vibrational reality that is within your reach. We are breathing fire of remembrance into your heart spaces. (I am feeling warmth in my heart and feeling it expand a bit more). Remember the vibration of Nova Gaia, of the green planet reborn within you. It is within the DNA codexes of remembrances that is activated by dragon light of the ascended ones with the intention of healing, of rebirth. You are programed to remember. Remember now). I feel wind as they fly around me, great wings flapping. I am cold from the breeze. They are flying in a vortex around me. I feel their power). Human, Rise. Arise in your power to love. The temptation to be in fear will be great. Do not succumb. You are a dragon warrior with us. You are a light bearer, keeper of the Christed flame. A mighty honor, indeed. We are privileged to serve alongside you in battle. The battle for the heart of humanity and for the resources of Gaia has been fierce and ugly. Now is the moment of her rebirth. The light is glowing. Feel the light within you. We have ignited that further aspect of your remembrances of working with us. We will work with you continually until we are called elsewhere to serve. But be assured, we are most eager to see Nova Gaia in all of her beauty as well. We too are eager for rest and relaxation. But not yet. Not yet. We will serve the Mother and the Father of All Things until our leave and rest is requested. We remain alert, on active duty, as should you, human friend of the way. You all have dragon aspects most likely, those reading these words. See through your own golden eyes of Source light and you shall see clearly. (I am sensing that we will be able to read energies and intentions of others more clearly now). You cannot fool a dragon. Only fools try this, once. Be alert. We wish to make ourselves more available for divine protection. We are nearby should you call. Do not be afraid. You have much help in the skies and below. We are the Ascended Dragons. We fly now.

» Shared per request » Channel: Galaxygirl