Fear or Love; Connected Collective

energy waves eraoflightdotcomIt’s an unusual time with Coronavirus. Those of you that have been focusing on Ascension for a while, you may be fairly accustomed to balancing awareness and working to stay grounded so as not to be swept away by fear. It can be challenging to keep an open heart within a collective flow of chaos (change).

Yet this is what helps you to discover things about your capability that you may not have known otherwise. The Coronavirus is offering some powerful focus. It’s interesting to me that it’s named after a halo-like glow.

Yesterday I was a bit surprised to be shown (since I wasn’t focusing on the virus) how we “infect” each other with beliefs, ideas, and information like a virus. Ultimately that is a neutral part of human life, because at times it is positive, and of course sometimes it is negative. We are generally seeking to create a connection, a reflection, a validation of our beliefs or existence.

We are connected and we are meant to connect. Areon will often call us a “Connected Collective” to reinforce that we are connected, so we continue to understand the subtle connective realm in greater detail. When there’s a dangerous virus going around, that’s not so pleasing an option. But this subtle connection is a strength.

Next, I was shown how these “infections” are generally implanted in our heads, it’s not necessarily the only way, but it is predominant. I was shown many tiny plugs that inhibit, redirect or amplify flow, like acupuncture needles. As I watched this release, I could see these little mechanisms shifting mental flow as they released from all around the head. I’ll share a quick process later I was given that you can use if you feel drawn. I felt a deeper calm after it.

In the midst of this chaos of the unknown, it is the Lightwork to stay “calm” even though uncomfortable feelings may arise. As a sensitive part of our connected collective, you may be (like me) aware, compassionate and sometimes moving back and forth between tears, fears, and calm.

When humanity is suffering, there is an element of suffering that the sensitives may experience. Yet it is these times that show us our courage to feel, act and even dream of a better future. These become part of the information we reside within.

You are holding space for humanity’s challenges resolving into the new solution, and anchoring divine Love into this realm through you. You are the flame of Light in the darkness signaling safety even within the unknown and chaos.

Safety was the trigger when I saw the mental infections releasing. You have immense power within you. You are the divinity that is Life creating life. If you feel drawn, you can place your hands on your heart and repeat, I am safe to flourish. My hope is that in the midst of chaos or calm, you consciously strengthen and flow the Love that you are. Let your halo shine. Life is meant to flourish; it’s what Love does.

Much Love,

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