Goddess of Creation: Reprogram Your Consciousness

divine mother 1 eraoflightdotcomWhen the Goddess asks me to write about consciousness or she channels about it such as this evening, it becomes something that is filled with layer upon layer of information. This is a topic for more than just this blog, but to keep it in perspective this is how she defined it for this evening.

We all have our consciousness of which we are aware. This would include our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, ego, experiences, physical reality. Most people are pretty comfortable this idea. We then have our un-conscious; the parts of our reality of which we are unaware.

We as our soul have lived many, many lifetimes and these previous lifetimes can have an influence on our unconscious thoughts or beliefs. They can be programmed into your DNA or it can create an overlay when you are born. During this channel, we go into the All That is and reprogram those previous experiences. We also bought in the crystalline energies to rebalance everything in the higher vibration.

This is an opportunity for you to consciously choose how to live your life. You can change the past and the future potentials. I invite you to open to this powerful transformation in your life.

Nama Sika, Venia Benya I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours, I reach out to embrace you in this now moment. I appreciate you taking the time to come and be in this space with me. I appreciate you taking the time to choose yourself. To choose the conscious life that you are creating, whether everything falls and place or not, you choose moment by moment by moment howsoever your life will be.

Feel the strength that is intrinsic within you. If you feel that you do not have strength or that you would like to have strength then I invite you in this now moment, while we are still here physically present, to let yourself just open up and know that you have an inner strength, an inner well of awareness that comes from you as your Soul that will never let you down. It is here. It is present. It is within you. There we go. As I spoke those words I could feel people literally opening up and receiving the knowledge for who they are from within so that it would be here and present within their day.

I invite you to breathe deeply sending that breath of energy down into Gaia so that you may ground yourself. Traditionally we seek to ground through linking with Gaia. Some people consider it sending roots into the Earth. Some people think of it as simply a beam of light, a cord of energy, whatever works for you. Having that clear intention allows you to know that you are part of Gaia. That you are a part of living here on this Earth and therefore you’re human, and you are more than just human.

Allow that flow of energy and light to come back up within you. It swirls through your heart center and then you send that beam of light upwards. As you do so it goes out through the top of your head. It leads directly into your Higher Self. As I speak of that I can feel people expanding in their physical reality. Allow this awareness to flow through you be-it conscious or unconscious with every breath that you take.

You know that you are you the human. You know that you can tap into a greater aspect of yourself and it is always there. In fact, I’m feeling this rhythm. Almost as if each of you have your own intrinsic rhythm or vibration which allows for that flow to move from your Higher Self into you the Human.

You then send that stream of the Light further up. You just have that intention that you align with your own Soul. You can call it the Soul Plane. It’s a vibration or a space within which your soul essence is located. As you allow your consciousness to link with your Divinity feel it expand even further. I always feel that this is a wonderful time for you to just take a moment to just activate to this vibration and feel the love. As if you are standing there, as if you have gone through a doorway and you are home. This home that is you. Just bask in your love that is always present and available for you.

As this energy continues to flow through you I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. As I do so I reach out to embrace you. I embrace you in your everyday life. I embrace you as your Soul. I see you. I see all the many lifetimes that have created you. Through my eyes you have another way of receiving the energy, the information, and the knowledge for who you are.

As our energies merge, we shift into the All That Is. Look around this space. There is even more available for you to create potentials, to look at your life, to clear out the past, to clear out the future.

Are you happy in your life? An interesting response as I said that is that I heard a number of people say, “yes I am”. Then the ones that always make me chuckle say, “Sometimes I am. Does it count if I am only happy when I am doing this? If I’m happy only 2% of the time does that mean I’m happy?” It’s as if that human mind always tries to reason, or analyze, or figure out an answer to something that should be instinctive within you. Are you happy?

An important aspect of that question is that happiness is different for every single person. Just as each one of you are living your life on your own pathway what is happiness for you is what it is. Some people if they are pain free for a period of the time, they are happy. Some people it’s an intrinsic part of their life. They just look at the world through happiness. Does it mean they don’t get sad, or question, or become frustrated, but that intrinsic place inside of them is happy.

So therefore, now I have given you something to percolate in your consciousness and I would like you to answer only for yourself. Do you feel fulfilled in life? Ah much better. I heard the yes’s and the nos. No more discussion in the background. Another question. Is there love within your life? Awesome.

I could go on and on with questions. I could go on and on with questions about the emotions, your thoughts, your intentions, whatever it is that makes up you in this life. And then you as the person will either think about it, analyze it, consider it and then turn around so as to live that experience or not.

Here you are. Here you are in this moment having this experience. Either feeling a lot or a little about what this is. The reason why it feels important to me to discuss this is because you have an intrinsic way of looking at your life, and then you have the way that is conditioned because of your life experiences. It doesn’t have to be just one or the other. It can be everything in the now moment and it can change moment-to-moment to moment.

So, take this now moment and truly be honest with yourself. Be honest with how are you feel about yourself, about your life. In your honesty feel what that is within. Feel what that is to you. Feel how you are able to not only allow your intrinsic aspect of you to be the foundation, but that you can also make conscious choices for where this is and what you are.

As you allow your focus to be within you, you can recognize how all of this is not only the blend, but it is also the unconscious response that you have. Take a moment and as if you see in front of you; look at the timeline for the many times that we have gotten together and talked about this and other similar subjects. As you consider that timeline is this a topic that you have considered at one point or another in the past, and as you take that into your awareness I invite you to really take note of just how far you have come in your personal growth.

As humans you have that tendency to think of things, or remember things, or get into a situation or response; and then that vibration or response becomes the filter in with which you see your life. Sometimes you forget to change the script so-to-speak. Sometimes the cells within your body that have that memory of experiences forgets that you’ve already healed that, you already have a new reality, you’re already moving forward. Therefore, as you looked at this time-line that is in front of you, if this has happened within your life tap into each and every one of those times, be it conscious or unconscious, ~whew~, and clear it out.

These changes that we make here within the All That Is are permanent changes within you. The most important aspect of energy for anyone to remember is that energy is fluid even in its most solid component energy can always be transformed. If there is something within your Ego, or your belief system, or in any part of you that repeatedly tells you that something cannot be healed, that you cannot get past it, that it will always be there; then I would invite you to send love. Send love, send a very clear intention that the changes you are making, anytime you are here within the All That Is, are long lasting and permanent. There we go. I can feel in each one of you how there are subtle shifts and transformations taking place.

Within this I invite you to have that clarity and that intention to truly understand who you are here in this core level, in this core aspect. As this energy flows through you I invite you to widen or broaden your perspective. To do so, you open up that flow, or the perspective of your more expanded divinity, and as you are allowing your consciousness to move within that space ask to see, be it other lifetimes or this lifetime, but ask to see a higher vibrational perspective of where you are right now. There we go.

As I speak of this one of the things or the perspective that comes through is that time and time again you have that sense that you have done something and redone something and done it again and again, and in that continuous experience you are feeling the now moment. As humans, as I mentioned in the beginning, sometimes you anticipate that something is going to be a struggle or have the belief system that if it is not a struggle there is less value. These are all truths as long as you accept that it is the truth.

Where within the Divinity can you tap into in this now moment that gives you the complete trust and belief within yourself, and the complete acknowledgement that you are amazing, you have done this, and you got it. Open up in all parts of who you are, your physical, your mental body, your emotions. Open up in everything that you know, that you accept, and acknowledge that you are receiving this insight, or programming, or acceptance, whatever it is that makes sense to you.

So much more of the energy of the Earth is supporting the vibration of transformation. As we speak of the crystalline energies and the vibration that is in association with that you are stepping into the intrinsic flow of ease and support. There we go.

The vision that I just had as I spoke those words were of people that are stepping onto like a flow of energy and like they were surfing the flow, they moved along with it, there balance intrinsic, going side to side, wherever they wanted and this is them.

Take another look at the timeline that you had tapped into earlier. Even though there were times in the linear history of your planet where the crystalline vibration was not present you have the opportunity now to look at those past lifetimes and send the impulse of the crystalline vibration into those lifetimes, into certain experiences, into your belief systems. If there are generational thoughts and beliefs that are impacting you then sending that flow of the crystalline balance, that intrinsic balance of the crystals, will allow those past experiences to transform. There we go.

Sometimes you just need to sit in an energy or allow your consciousness to just float until it finds its intrinsic awareness. As we do this now you are actually training your own vibration to be comfortable with the quiet. To be comfortable with allowing that intrinsic flow to find this balance.

As you are here looking at a timeline and look looking at your current life, and as you are consciously integrating the crystalline vibration, then put forth the intention what you would like in your life. Within that intention allow the vibration to move through everything so that your initial response to anything will be strength, happiness, balance, love, determination, whatever it is that you would like to program for your life. Allow it in and send it forth moving forward and backwards through all levels of your reality.

It is there. It is done. It is complete. ~whew~ Every one of you are now transforming. As I look at you, I can see the integration moving through, and in particular as it moves through the other aspects of your divinity. It is finding its own intrinsic balance.

As you consider all of this, I invite you to come back as a group. As you gather together what does that look like? Do you have that perception for who you are? Everything that you just integrated, that went through that transformation and is now being infused into the group. This is how you show up within this group. You of the transformed individual. As each one of you puts forth into the group; as you show up as yourself you will observe other people from a new perspective also and this is reflecting you.

Take this time and as each of you are communicating and aligning with one another a ball of energy is created. It may feel or seem as if it goes in many directions, but it has no particular shape to it. However, I am working with this energy that is generated and it has become a massive ball of light.

This then streams out into the Universe balancing with the other Stars and Planets. The remainder comes down within the Earth. It moves through the Collective Consciousness. It moves through, going down into the Earth, anchoring within the center and then coming back up.

This is clearing out the past history that has been entrained within the Earth. This is clearing out the potentials for the future that were in alignment with the lower vibration. In the place of it a greater balance and association with the crystalline energies becomes integrated.

It then moves up. Your own energy comes up within you transforming all of you in your human reality. It also creates out in the Collective Consciousness of the Earth; shifting, experiencing and integrating.

Continue to feel this energy as it moves through and you may take this time to allow your own focus to stream back down through your Divinity. Anything at all that remained in the All That Is flows back through your Divinity. It comes down through your Higher Self and into you the Human. You as the Human becomes the bridge with that anchored energy and expanded. It all moves within you transforming your cellular structure, transforming so that your own intrinsic energy is expressed with that associated higher vibration.

All right beloved family as you are moving through the days and weeks upon the Earth, I invite you to become very aware of your life. Looking at it consciously through the eyes of the All That Is. Looking at it consciously through the vibration associated with the vibration of the crystalline energies. Looking at it consciously through your Divinity. As you do so know what that is. Know that you are even more. Know that you have the transformation and the changes already within and around you.

Beloved I am ever with you.


This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website: http://www.goddesslight.net