3 Things

* Comments may be disabled until further notice do to the virus. Some lightworkers have not been acting as lightworkers but as the exact opposite of that. This may be do to infections from the virus(HA!)

* I may decide in the coming days to “show” or “emphatically express” the TRUTH for Trump. Again, another reason to disable comments(most certainly you know why).

* The mass cleansing has begun, full speed ahead. What we have been waiting for for so long, we are here at last.

All the light to You!

9 Replies to “3 Things”

  1. Joan Amela Bordás

    This is the now, the moment when the final judgment so published for centuries all the sacred scriptures of all religions.

    The dark ones, without realizing it, have applied themselves to bring this event forward.

    The time has come to pass accounts, each of us will be our own judge, prosecutor, lawyer and jury. No one but oneself. There is no escape for anyone

  2. Cheri

    Right KejRaj lol! It’s an inner sun (corona solar plexus) virus lol! Huge frustration, grief, anxiety, dread healing through right now! I just wrote about the Orion timelines healing through on Daniel Scrantons post. These were severe mutations when the DNA ethetic library in Alexandria was destroyed. All the parasitic mutations are healing through our lightbodies right now. One of the main diseases of the mutated DNA I hear about in my clearing work is Turrets Syndrome. When I looked this up it was like uncontrolled outbursts of emotion as the main symptom! It has to do with the DNA peptides lol!

    I am with my friend Bodhi who calls it the beer virus lol! Nothing better than Corona with a lime on the sand of a sunny beach! We need to chill and let the fallen genetics heal through!

    I have never seen a better more compassionate leader than Mr. Trump. He can problem solve at multiple levels as his brain is amazing for finding win win scenarios. This is a true leader like I have never seen in my lifetime! Remember I said my inner team found the video conferencing equipment in the quantum timelines which I believe was feeding the mind control or “narrative” of the dark ones that Q calls the 4am talking points. This is their MK Ultra mind script that we are dismantling. I heard inside we now have full control which means no more propaganda. It is fascinating to see them starting to support Trump with his Corona Virus response. Also Google has just recently lifted the massive algorithm censorship that was going on. Great things happening!

    Love to you all incredible family! Big things happening! I’m not into the mass arrests thing as that is not our system of justice except for terrorists but even they get a fair trial. I see this as a massive rebalancing and justice as the sword of truth. The energetic field no longer supports secrets, lies and distortions. You get back exactly what you give out with the natural law of attraction. All things will happen within our non corrupted system of justice as it is rapidly being restored! Indictments will be unsealed and juries will decide the appropriate penalties!

    This from my narccistic higher self lol! The Law of One is back within this Ra Octave woohoo! Love to my favorite squeaky farmer lol! 😘

  3. Doug James

    Disabling comments only admits defeat. Let all energy be transmuted even those who still aren’t awake or doubt all is proceeding per plan

  4. Martha Fougerousse

    Does this mean these parasites will be pulled off of us? I am going crazy with one.

  5. Michael

    You go for it ! Looking forward to reading your thoughts. All the light right back at you and some peace & love on top of that. Thank You for all you do.