Rinus Verhagen: Transition to Freedom

era of light alternative news connectionThe course of the transition to freedom, as a liberation of the world’s population, the cleaning is necessary to remove the Cabal, Bilderberg and Pedophiles using Corona PsyOp. The battle goes on several fronts, both the collapse of the stock market, by the Corona list the world economy to decline.

Evidence is now provided by Trump, who is going to give an unconditional basic income to all Americans, under the cover of Corona Virus.

This will prevent the U.S. internal market from collapsing completely, and immediately after the transition as the Cabal, Deep State is eliminated people will see their standard of living grow.

As the FED can no longer produce money out of nowhere, as the money mass increases, and the value of the Dollar decreases due to this silent expropriation of inflation.

The ECB buys its Euro from the FED, when the FED falls, the ECB is also out of action.

In order to save the bankrupt Euro, the ECB wants to buy up 750 Billions of bad debts, which have to be paid by the Net Payers of the fascist EU by means of taxes for the northern EU countries.

With the Hype of the Corona Virus list, however, the economy in the northern EU countries is also being torn down on the altar of Globalism.

What is striking is that we don’t hear Guy Verhofstadt Hitler telling us what we should do.

The reason for this is that the EU is a paper tiger without teeth or decision making.

The EU does not offer solutions to any problems or oppression for the people of Europe and is now proving to be totally over completed.

Every country closes its borders to fight a Corona Virus, but in between corrupt satanic politics wants to roll out the 5G as soon as possible, because that was the real cause of the Genocide in China.

At the moment a mass slaughter of SMEs is going on that we have never seen in our modern times.

The globalists don’t have an answer to this, and uncle can’t introduce GESARA under their administration, because Europe is occupied territory of the Allies, who are now putting an end to the second world war.

All politicians of Europe so far are an appointed boss of the Cabal and Bankers.

The transformation from a debt economy to a human economy is in full swing, with the culprits never being allowed or able to stay in power.

Accrued government debts can never be paid back, because if I look at the US with 23 trillion dollars of debt, and the unconditional basic income that costs about 6 trillion dollars a year, while the income tax is going to expire under the old system is not affordable.

Spaceforce was founded to legalize the Deep Space program that has been active for over 50 years.

This with the help of hidden technology that has been hidden from the world’s population until now.

Trump is releasing about 6000 patents, making everyone independent of purchased energy.

Consider what the price of a barrel of crude oil has been, more than 150 Dollars higher than it is now.

This is part of the reason and the decline in demand for Oil that this price war is pulling the rest of the sick system to its inevitable end.

If you want to replace something, you will have to demolish the old one first, and we see this happening now.

However, by introducing a value-covered money system, a central bank can no longer play a leading role, because they have no wealth, if only the stolen wealth over the centuries, which they are now going to take away.

I am convinced that the Brics countries worked together to implement the new system, but were dependent on the US because the FED had full control over the global money system.

Now that the FED no longer has any significant role over the rest of the world, the transition can be further rolled out.

A nice side-effect is, that Q posted information exactly 2 years ago, now two years later, the past proves the future.

Next week from 23 March 2020 until 10 April we will be able to see and observe a lot of things.

In fact, just like in the US, we now have an exit restriction, this makes it possible to make the necessary arrests without endangering the population.

The army and police will be able to do their work more freely and the danger to the population will be kept to a minimum.

In the US there are 157,694 sealed and 18,555 unsealed charges, while for the rest of the world there are 378,296 charges, with more than one person responsible for crimes against humanity per charge.

The total clean-up action could result in more than 2 or 3 million arrests.

Europe defender is a Corona military operation that the world has never experienced on such a scale.

As the world’s population, we need to learn from this history and decentralize everything in order to rule out future abuses of false rulers out of self-interest and satanic conviction.

It is the ordinary honest man or woman who will reshape society with the funds entrusted to them, so that corrupt politicians and bankers will never be able to seize power again, because the QFS will immediately punish corruption with the exclusion of the new gold covered system.

Windmill parks, 5G, vaccinations, Chemtrails will disappear just as much as debts to the bankers.

Be aware that we now have our own control over our right to exist without tolerating abuse in the future.

By introducing an unconditional Basic Income, the competitive position of companies and countries will change.

It will be a great change for countries torn apart by the Cabal and war.

The deliberate overpopulation will stop and be reversed if everyone receives a basic income in their own country of origin from their own culture.

Europe will not become an EU Caliphate if the Cabal thugs from Brussels and the Bilderberg mafia had planted themselves.

Anyone who stands in the way of world peace will be excluded from society and banished to a place where they can rot.

Anyone who does not want to contribute to a better existence, undermines his own right to exist, religions like Islam will never be tolerated to rule over other believers, no matter what crazy Erdogan tries, he will not succeed, his own people will try him for the misery he brings to Turkey and the region.

An inhuman conspiracy against humanity is about to become known, including its perpetrators and their role in it.

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