Judas Iskariot: Brighter Times

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and I want to say to all people on Earth that they are in good courage. Everything is under control and brighter times are waiting behind the door. Many doors have been closed at the moment but they will be opened again soon. There is no danger on the roof, dear Earthlings, although the danger now seems imminent to many of you. Remember that you should be in the heart and follow the steps whispered there. You all have a function to fill, whether under current circumstances you close the door to yourself, or are the one who can be a helping hand for the most vulnerable people. You get a moment in what you stand in this process, how well you can hear your inner voice, or if the fear still has a big grip on you. It may be wise to close your time if you are in a risk group. It is also advisable for everyone else to think about their fellow human beings and exercise caution for those who do not have as strong an immune system as themselves. It is now possible to see how much compassion one has, and whether it is most about me, or whether it has become an us or we. Where are you, dear Earthlings? What do you need to develop and understand to take another step towards the goal. This can be something for everyone to think about. We are equally worthy whether we close the door or give a helping hand. Both can be of equal help to society in its own way. There was little about the cloud of concern now hanging over the Earth. Breathe calmly and see it as a transient phase.

It is just one of the problems that exist on Earth today. You have many and bigger problems to deal with in order for the world’s people to have as good a life as possible. The water supply is one, the food another, the environment for humans and animals a third, etc. You need to allocate all resources in a good and fair way and you also need to take care of Earth’s resources with wisdom and wisdom. Many people have begun to understand it now and show it through their actions, while others still have some way to go. It is only through joint efforts that you can reach your goal. It is also only by following your inner guidance that you can be more helpful in reaching that goal. Love must be your guideline, everything that is not of love shatters and breaks.

In common love, humans can move forward on Earth and transform both it and themselves. It is in this way that your world is reborn into a world of love where everyone feels that they are one with each other and it is only the song of love that is sung on Earth. The gate is open, dear friends. Receive your miracles and be the miracle the world needs right now to heal itself. You are the miracles of the salvation of the world and each one has a little bit to add to the world in which you live. It is time to search and find it now. You are part of a larger collective and you can help each other find the miracles that belong to everyone on Earth. Some have begun to spread their miracles and others have begun to seek theirs. That is the light that has begun to shine on Earth today. The light from a long past of light and love alone has begun to flow on Earth. It has begun to shine stronger from the hearts of many people and its effect on the Earth is now beginning to become apparent and visible to others.

Be wise and wise now dear people on Earth. See the love that shines from people’s compassion and light instead of darkness of fear and sorrow. It is love and light that save you from the darkness, for the two cannot live together. Darkness quickly disappears into the radiance of light, so fill your heart with love and trust and leave nothing to the fear of entering. Ask for help, dear, if it feels difficult. There are many around you who are happy to help send more light and love to your hearts so that hope can once again light up your beautiful star eyes.

With this I leave you to let faith, hope and love fill your hearts again.

Great love


Translation for this channeling into English by EraofLight.com

» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg