Energy Update: We Are Here in the Most Auspicious Time in Human Herstory

sunny era of light dot comHi, Starseeds!

So, we are here! In the most auspicious time in Human (Her)story. The times that have been spoken about by many ancients over the span of thousands of years; the time when Mama Tara will return to her original frequency of 5th Dimensional Light. This time has been spoken about when the Ancients will return to balance out a paradigm ran on Fear, Oppression, the killing, rape and attack on the Divine feminine. The time of great chaos as Earth resets her grids and light, love and peace returns once more to be the true ruler of this paradigm.

We. Are. Here.

I’ve said this and I will say this again. We are the Best of the Best chosen to be here in this lifetime as Earth returns to her original vibration. We are the ones chosen to live through this time because WE are the ones that come from planets where our MASTERY will assist in this shift. This is a battle and you will see and be witness to many things during this battle that will rattle you, put you in fear, worry and anxiety. Feel it. But do not stay there; that is not your position in this POTENT moment in creation. You, Divine Lightworkers are here to HOLD the light. To use your exceptional higher mind, gifts and power to maintain the trajectory of light among the grids, to heal, to teach, to change the energies and transmute them. For those of you Light Warriors infiltrating the medical and science fields your time is COMING.

The Ancient Shamans are here reconnecting you to Plant Medicine. The Healers are here to activate your innate wisdom and to show you how to return to the body’s consciousness and DEMAND your cells, blood and organs to now open up to its ancient wisdom to heal at will. Our DNA has been preparing for this moment and it is finally here. Before you came to Earth your Star Families instilled in your morphogenetic field, brain, blood, DNA and cells certain codes that were to be activated at certain times to assist you at this VERY moment. These are abilities that allow the body to handle, transmute and transcend ANY and ALL attacks. What triggers this ascended field of consciousness in your body is your belief that indeed, you are the shit and the most powerful beings created for this time.

We have been working on the programs that have kept us in fear and limited. A lot of you are struggling as these programs get disassembled within your body. These programs have made us believe that something outside of us will save us, heal us, do the work for us. These programs have built you up on the beliefs that you are limited in how you think and act and anything outside of that limited consciousness is not acceptable or is a false narrative created by the “unstable” imagination. This is a lie. Your imagination is what connects you to higher timelines, unity consciousness and higher frequencies. This moment is calling on you to believe in yourself, trust yourself, have faith that you know EXACTLY what to do… surrender to what was and step into the void of limitless possibilities. These next few years are going to be life-changing, potent and INTENSE as who we are officially come online and you will be SHOCKED at your magnitude.

There are potent energies being streamed in right now by the Elohim, Our Galactic Core, Star Planets of Sirius, Lyra, Andromedans, Arcturians, Alpha Centauri, The clusters of 7 who are assisting us to merge with our higher templates. ALL hands are on deck and you are not alone. The skies are cloaked with ships that are assisting. Rainbow frequencies are coming in strongly to propel our DNA and body activations into overdrive. These are new energies and they are much “higher” in frequency so you might feel ill, dizzy, faintish, a feeling of being zapped, feeling out of sort, not feeling like you are “here”, feeling out of the body, weakness, pain and stiffness in the bones, joints, Adrenal fatigue, nauseated, you might be having sickness and diseases showing up in your body to finally be released; they cannot come along for this ride. Whatever is coming up emotionally really look at it and go deep within your healing, do not project your emotions onto others. Fatigue is HUGE as these energies are working with the major systems of the body including the Spine and Brain so you might feel to sleep or rest at random times of the day. This Quarantine is two folds; we are getting a MASSIVE template re-write by the Arcturians, Siriuans and Andromedans, you need to be in a state of REST so this transmission takes place with ease. The other reasons for the Quarantine are that there are meetings taking place within the Stars/Cosmos and those on Earth and we can’t be in the way of this. I’ll speak more on this when I get the OK.

This is the time Starseeds to step into what you were called to do, there’s no more time. The time is here and you are needed. I’ve been saying this for years; REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE.

I’ll see on the battlefield Divine Starseeds.

» Source » By Natoya Hall