Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth

bright new world eraoflightdotcomAloha Soul-Star-Light Family!

As we observe the massive changes going on all over the planet, there’s obviously so much occurring to intentionally shift priorities, focuses and assist with releasing any old ways no longer aligned with this current vibrational now. As challenges present to facilitate an immense Global Consciousness Reset and Shift, each’s Behavior, Presence and Energy are beyond important. When/as each fully expands, infinite opportunities and possibilities become visible and present new ways of seeing, new ways of BEing and NEW ways of accomplishing that often look nothing like before.

I keep hearing many say “when things get back to normal/the way they were before”… Yet, the response is “They are not going to.” We are CREATING A NEW WAY, a NEW EARTH Experience that honors all as LOVE. Yes, there are birthing pains and growing pains at first, yet when our hearts are wide open and connected, we can (and do) accomplish anything and everything with greater ease than ever before. Pay attention, as it’s only when each gets into their head that things become complicated, convoluted, which is where “not possible” or “incapable” (as well as fear) enters in.

Your Heart YOU, your brilliant, beautiful, amazing and exquisite you… IS THE DIFFERENCE as PURE LOVE. YOUR LIGHT is what shifts all, brings through immense Peace, Kindness, Compassion and Caring…. softening and shifting everything from fear/separation/lack of trust to Compassion, Care, Unity and LOVE.

Embrace these important reality shifting energies as huge opportunities for welcoming and experiencing all a-new. Honor your physical LightBody, your sacred space, alone/quarantine times, the opportunity to support your immune systems, your vibrant health, the opportunity to come together, work together, create together … either at home with those around you or online with others ready to unite and do the same. Embrace all of the opportunities to create a new life, create all new ways and break away/out of any limits held before. Open your heart MORE and BE THE DIFFERENCE every chance that you get. Touch the lives of others when you are buying groceries, especially with physical distancing, as your ENERGY, your SMILES, your KINDNESS can do wonders when others are facing challenges, alone or scared.

If you find yourself in challenging situations, then go deeper within/inside to connect. Find that place of PURE PEACE and KNOWING and hold this place/space until your whole body’s vibration shifts to be in this….

Get CREATIVE. Take every opportunity to hear/see/feel beyond any/all fixed mindsets/mentalities/limits of before. Remember to PLAY, HAVE FUN, DANCE and connect with NATURE. See what you could not see, consciously release all judgment, as fears, judgment and fixed/linear perspectives will create more limits for you and all.

Might you see that which is not highest aligned? Of course you will, yet YOU … when you are fully Conscious, Connected and Holding your Highest everything will BE in a totally different reality/Energy and see what’s highest aligned/appropriate BEYOND ALL OF THAT. You will also be able to see higher purposes, roles and ways to affect, ways to contribute, ways to make a difference, even if it’s just “BEing” and doing nothing during specific times/exchanges/experiences, which is just as important as all the “other/big things” are.

Might you have dramatic, extreme, major or simple changes to your current lifestyle? Most likely, as every Country is pretty much going through this whole Global Shift/Reset as HUGE Shifts and Constant Changes becomes the “norm”. Might you be asked to step up and “do” something? Of course, as this is a part of all too. Might you be asked to self-quarantine so that you can go deeper inward to connect, find new ways and open up to more “new” or simply have some down-time, alone time so that you can create and do something really awesome that you did not/would not take the “time” for before, because you were to “busy”? Of course, as this is a part of all too.

Are there many things going on that are not visible, fully understood or seem quite right? Oh yeah, of course. This is a massive “collapse” and dismantling of all realities built on unconsciousness programming/platforms and yes, there will be many who will fight to hold on to the old, fearing change, living in a complete state of disconnection, as this is a part of each’s individual awakening process as well. There are many things that are also “for” all, yet the awareness of “how all plays out/occurs” might not yet be there, yet this does not change that it’s occurring and for all.

Might you see what others might not? I sure hope so…. as this becomes one way that you are able to guide, support and assist… Might many have their whole world “flipped upside down”? Yes, as this is how early/paramount phases of “individual/collective” awakenings/pole shifts work, which is part of re-balancing all and bringing all into new/full alignment for each. Ascension is a different part of the process, which means completely opposite realities are being experienced by many living this part/phase now.

Everyone is being asked to “do their part”, whatever that currently is. For some, this is to just stay home and learn to simplify your lives, returning to simplicity, happiness and joy. Having the opportUNITY to spend time alone or with family, reflect on current realities, work together and eliminate things no longer important, as well as the new realizations that come from this. Some will need to catch up on much needed rest/sleep. Others are on the front-lines in service related roles. This is a LIFE-ALTERING shift, that brings many things into focus and awareness that many did not want to see or listen to before. These are opportunities for new/more clarity, as well as showing where each functions from…

Are some unaware and going through massive “wake-up calls”. Yes, which means more kind energy is important to soften the abruptness of all. Are many scared and acting out. Yes they are, as survival mode is where many first go, until their hearts open enough to realize that we are all in this together, that it takes us all and we are all here to unite, come together and be the NEW through our presence, energy, actions and higher-heart-divine-intelligence, where we all have the capability to contribute, uplift, support, combine efforts and release the old with love.

This massive Global Reset/Shift is important for all. When we said we were all preparing for 2020, this is what we meant. Believe it or not, we’ve just begun what’s going to be even more massive shifts, as the whole planet/every individual is clearing immense density and distortions held within, so that the whole planet can live/function from a much higher consciousness/place than before.

So be kind to yourselves and each other. Respect each’s current reality and what each is here to learn/understand and Remember THROUGH various experiences and offer energetic support as appropriate and empowers each to go deeper within their own connection too. Remember that everyone IS CAPABLE of CHOOSING and experiences exactly that which is important for facilitating an immense Consciousness Shift. Present expanded options/opportunities, point all inward and hold the energy of kindness, love and share that which is aligned with the current now.

We are IN a MASSIVE REALITY SHIFT that will continue to accelerate as we go. The amount of Diamond Light Code Frequencies, Cosmic Frequencies, Gamma Rays, Rainbow Frequencies, Christed Frequencies and Soul-Star-Light Codes flooding through every moment of every day continue to increase substantially, softly and powerfully, which work through each’s physical body/reality to clear density, programming and re-code, re-calibrate, re-tune and vibrationally re-align all. SOURCE CODES replace/reconfigure and are beyond anything the human aspect is used to, aware of or prepared for. Your physical body is working constantly to integrate and raise it’s vibration constantly and your immune system, nervous system, whole body systems are a huge part of this process as well. Honor/support your physical body, listen to it’s higher consciousness and honor fully, as it’s beyond important in every way.

I’ll send out more updates and information to support as we go. We are still completing various Global Consciousness Projects, as well as making important changes as each moment/day presents, while connecting where highest aligned and invite you to join us for various opportunities/events. We will send out/post announcements as all is available and RAYdiate LOVE to you as you navigate all as Light. ♥

Live Your Light ♥ Live Your Love FULLY
Immense Love, Appreciation and Deep Sacred Respect,

Lisa Transcendence Brown

Copyright: Please share to assist and awaken others too. All I ask is that you include my name or website for credit as the author of this content. NEW Earth is all about about sharing. This assists us all.