Judas Iskariot: Light of Love

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and I have come today to give you hope, light and love. Understand that it is the light of love that is going to radiate now around the world. It is the light of love that you should keep up and let it shine upon your world. It is love that transforms the dark into the light. It is through love that you can make your world travel in a positive direction. A direction of light and love for all living on your Earth.

Don’t let fear shape your life, fear can be devastating for the decisions you make. It is only with love in your heart that you can make the right decision. A virus can be devastating to an already loaded immune system. It is important to strengthen the immune system in the best way. It can be done individually, socially and globally. Seeing your world is changing on all levels in a way that benefits the vegetation, the animals and yourselves. See your world in the light of a vision, where your world and your Earth live in harmony and love for each other. Keep up this vision and see it manifest. It is possible, just like anything is possible with the power of light.

The power is within you and just waiting to come out. Let it shine and shine on you now, dear Earthlings. It is you who choose the path you want to go now. Take a step back to the “drama” that is currently going on and let the light and love in your inner light shine out over the world. A world of light and love cannot be ruled by fear. Fear is paralyzing while love is liberating. Do you want to live in freedom or do you want to live in captivity? The choice is yours, your leadership is within you.

The steps you are about to take should be wise and well thought out. Follow the answers within you, don’t be afraid to stand out, no one is like anyone else and we all have different ways to go. It is your own inner leadership that is most important to follow. Many of you can visualize light and love over your world and it is important that you do it now. Your world needs all the light and love it can get. It is in the truth of yourselves that you can perform the greatest miracles, miracles that your world right now longs for.

Your Mother Earth follows with light and joy everything that is happening on the surface now. She tries to instill hope and confidence in yourself and the light and love that lives within each of you. It is now the feast of light that you should celebrate and not the darkness, for it has already had its victories. Now is the victory of light that we look forward to, so shine with your torches now, dear Earthlings. Let the light and love fulfill you and then radiate it over your world. It is time for a new victory in the service of light. It is the calling you have heard and that is the message that is sounding on Earth today.

Let light and love embrace you and take the measures and steps that contain light and love. Let the genuine compassion be dominant today and reach out to your fellow human beings if possible.

I love you so much


Translation for this channeling by EraofLight.com

» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg