Major Portal, Recalibration 4/4/2020

numbers eraoflightdotcomGreetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe! As many of you are already aware on April 4th we are in for a spectacular and very important gateway in which we can join together and send out nurturing love frequencies to the entire planet in order to neutralize and transmute all the negativity that is being released and experienced by many on this planet right now. This is also a fantastic day to tune into that which we truly wish to experience. On this day two titans are doing their dance in the sky and we are invited to not only watch the show, but fully participate in it.

Last night I had a very interesting dream. It went like this: I see a meteorite flying through the nightly sky, it’s flying very fast and with incredible intent. I see it coming closer and closer and crashing into my back yard. Everything begins to burn and explode. It lands right next to the house and begins to burn and explode, after the fire dies down I see that it created a perfectly rectangular deep hole. All of a sudden, I see water rising and moving into the house. Everywhere there’s water. I am distressed as to the amount of work that we will need to do in order to fix this damage and that the house is going to be destroyed. Then all of a sudden my mom appears and says why are you so distressed, the water will eventually subside, the house will dry, but look outside, look on the bright side, now you have a perfect place for a swimming pool! You don’t need to put as much effort into building one. I look again and realize that she is right, the house will be much more interesting now that it has a swimming pool. Then I wake up. I don’t have a house that needs a pool. But the message from this dream was clear!

Everything that we are all going through right now is perfectly showcased in this dream. A catastrophe… Fear…Destruction of the old…Discomfort… and then… Realization that NEW has arrived and that this NEW even though at first it looks like destruction, is really CREATION and IMPROVEMENT, seeing OPPORTUNITY and POSITIVITY in a rather complex and at a first glance dire situation.

On April 4th we have a beautiful conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto, planets of destruction and creation, which is giving us an opportunity to rise from the ashes of the past and rebirth anew! This is a perfect time to once again let go of that which is clearly no longer working for us, both on a personal and collective levels.

I am sure that in your life there are many things right now that are asking and demanding to be released. All areas of our lives are affected right now as the whole world is going through a major cleanse. Some are still not comprehending that this is so, and are confused and are grieving the old system, which is absolutely okay and is important to do. It is important to say goodbye to all the experiences of the past, to evaluate everything that has been, weight everything on scale of “do I really need this?” and let go of anything that is no longer working for you. As we have all seen, the time has come to let go, whether we want to on a conscious level or not, because on a subconscious level we have all made this decision together to change, to let go and to build a new world together.

On April 4th, we are given an opportunity to tune into these destructive and creative energies. An opportunity to bathe in crystalline energies and release, finally release by realizing and understanding what is no longer needed in our lives, while at the same time clearly seeing what is needed and what we truly want! But because we are entering a completely new territory the time of taking and taking is over. This is a time of both GIVING and RECEIVING. I talk a lot about this concept in my Abundance Online Course. It is important to learn how to GIVE in order to RECEIVE and vice versa.

We are entering a time of balanced exchange of energies, no longer one sided and it is important for us to realize this as we connect with the divine on April 4th and map out our abundance plan for the coming of times. As we tune into abundance we must remember to not just ASK TO RECEIVE, but also ASK TO GIVE.

Therefore, as you sit down and think of all the things that you want to let go of on April 4th, and all the things that you want to attract to you, please remember to also ask the following question “How can I be of service to others? What can I GIVE so that I can RECEIVE?” And if you are having issues receiving ask for guidance on how to learn how to RECEIVE so that you can continue to GIVE.

It is important to learn how to give, after all if you pay attention to nature you will see that in nature this concept of giving to receive is absolutely integral to thriving. I learned this by observing trees, bushes etc. A tree is stationary, it cannot move, but it needs to proliferate, it needs to have offsprings, it needs to have nutrients, etc to thrive. So what does a tree do? It doesn’t stand there expecting that someone will take care of its needs, it begins to GIVE. It gives through the blooming flowers which attract bees and other insects that need the nectar from flowers, when they collect the nectar it helps to pollinate the flowers on the tree, which then turn to fruit, which is then picked up by an animal that will eat it and carry the seed further out into the forest where it will burry it into the ground and then another tree will be born.

So what happened here? A tree needed to proliferate and so it GAVE to insects and animals who in turn helped it to achieve it’s intended goal. This is what we all need to learn in the new age, to start the process of RECEIVING by GIVING. So, start thinking of what you can GIVE to another and what you truly want to RECEIVE. Begin by analyzing your everyday actions, think about what you are doing and what your behavior attracts into your life. Release everything that no longer feels right to you, and tune into the changing energies that are coming our way.

Things are not going to be the same ever again and it is important that we learn how to work with the new, that is entering our lives, instead of holding onto the old that is clearly asking to be released. So please take this opportunity to say goodbye to everything that is waiting to leave, cleanse your space and open the door for new beautiful experiences and opportunities which are waiting for you.

Again, on April 4th we have an opportunity to tune into new energies of abundance on all levels, evaluate what abundance truly means, and use the new energies to shift this world into positive gear. We are blessed with these supporting energies which are compelling us to truly look into what we have created, and restructure our lives. And, even if at this moment the changes feel a bit forced upon us, deep down inside we know that they are for the greater good of ALL involved. So, let us then join together on April 4th and make the best use of these energies!

~Anna Merkaba – is a Channeler, Lightworker, Healer and Messenger of the KEYS to help YOU on your journey of awakening to your true self! For more channeled messages to help you on your journey of self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL–