Who the Hell is Bill Gates and Who Gave Him So Much Power Over the People?

the truth rising eraoflightdotcomWho the hell is Bill Gates, anyway?

Who gave him so much power over our lives? What makes him a (the?) top authority when it comes to vaccines? What gives him the right and the authority to demand a national lockdown, or to propose that everyone’s right to travel is restricted unless we take his vaccine?

What gives him the power to propose the issuing of “certificates for vaccination” that give us back our liberties (and who took those liberties from us in the first place)?

What gives him the right to speak on public matters like he is the voice of the people? I don’t remember voting for him, do you?

Does he hold an official position within the government?

Bill Gates Depopulation

Why is his foundation allowed to travel the world and vaccinate people? Why is his foundation immune to legal action, even after crippling around 47,000 children in India, and allegedly sterilizing half a million young women in Kenya?

Who or what gives him the right to inject children all over the world with chemicals?

Why is the President of the United States of America bowing to this shady character, who is obsessed with population control?

He is quoted saying:

“The world today has 6.8 billion people… now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, healthcare, reproductive health services, we could lower that (number) by perhaps 10 or 15%.” (Source)

Why are we accepting him as an authority on anything? Has the world gone completely insane?

Can someone, please tell me, who the hell is Bill Gates? 


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4 Replies to “Who the Hell is Bill Gates and Who Gave Him So Much Power Over the People?”

  1. TeeLight

    The face of our collective savior-mentality.
    Natural order is dangerous and wrong, only fallible greedy humans can be trusted to save our stupid selves.
    The guides keep telling me that these true believers, the politicians, the first responders, will meet the truth when they roll up their sleeves believing toxic chemicals and synthetic viruses can beat God’s plan.
    To dismantle the deathcare society and industry would require massive sufficient for the spell to dissolve.
    I had to face mortality three times and find ways to heal myself before I could see the man behind the curtain.
    The absolute numbers of humans that cannot exist in our new energetic frequencies is massive.
    Those who see have to realize taking care of the dead, and helping others through their shock and grief maybe the exact reason they volunteered.
    So much love for everyone, may your hearts be filled with peace.

  2. bodhimoss

    a) Guardian of the Gates of Hell
    b) Voodoo High Priest
    c) Man of a Billion Needles
    d) The Antichrist
    e) Genocidal maniac
    f) The next Bond villain
    g) All of the above