The Pleiadians: Next Step

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomBeloved ones we greet you,  There is much unfolding on your earth plane. There is much more to be opened up, to be revealed and unearthed on your planet over this coming month. Do not be afraid or disturbed by what you witness. This is a powerful destiny time on your Earth that is necessary to set in motion and shift the energetic consciousness on your planet.

You take your next step on Earth and some of you take your next step by leaving this earth plane. There is no such thing as death. All is in divine order. This may not seem the truth within the illusion however within your own Heart you can find peace and the rightness of this time for all of humanity.

Play your role in this process by holding steady, by creating moments of stillness within your Heart. Develop a solid alignment within your Heart and be committed to your own path. Utilize the new form that your life has taken. These changes create an opening of a window and there is a huge potency available for you to align and channel through your Heart.

We, the Pleiadians alongside the rest of the universal community and the spiritual realms hold the doorways open and stable for you to step through and reunite within Truth. Yes, this is part of Galactic activity supporting the energetic changes on the earth plane at this time. Through the Pandemic many illusions are being shattered throughout all societies. At the same time a pure form of light is redesigning the vortexes and grids expansion on Earth. This is a profound time of change.

This is your journey. Be committed to the birthing moments within your sacred Heart and allow a communion to grow between you and others within your Communities. Be focused on building the light and holding this light of communion between your collective Hearts to shine brightly across your Earth.

We witness you!


The Pleiadians

» Source » Channel: Christine Day