Yeshua: My Death On The Cross Never Happened

yeshua eraoflightdotcomThe fable of Christ,

Every year during Holy Week, which is marked by suffering, I see myself called to bring the truth to the light and to bring people closer to the fact that Jesus was NOT on the cross. How do we want to free ourselves from our cross if we still believe that Jesus carried one?

Jesus was nailed to the cross by the Roman Catholic Church and not by the Imperium Romanum or the Jewish priesthood.

And the Savior has been hanging on the cross for 1600 years. If the Church of Rome has its way, it will continue to do so.

The two volumes of the Jesus biography paint a completely different picture and reveal the fable of which Pope Leo X (1475 – 1521), born when Giovanni de’ Medici spoke,
when he said, “How much the fable of Christ has benefited us and our people is well known.”

In this spirit you can read here the prologue from the book “The Jesus Biography Part 1″. Jesus Christ lets us know and unmistakably

My death on the cross never happened!

A truth that liberates, because as long as we believe that we must first experience hatred in order to reach love or that we must wage wars in order to achieve peace, nothing has been achieved and everything remains the same.
Pope distances himself from Christ!

However, the fable of Christ is being shaken to pieces these days. The current Pope is also making a significant contribution to this. In fact, Francis I gave up the title of “Vicar of Christ”.

“The Pope now appears as Jorge Mario Bergoglio, in his own name. This fulfills the prophecy about the Antichrist according to John 5:43, which says: ‘I have come in the name of my Father and yet you reject me. But if another comes in his own name, you will acknowledge him. The Pope is no longer Jesus’ representative on earth.”

This may mean that we will soon experience great upheavals in the Catholic Church as well. For it cannot remain without consequences if the highest authority of Christianity officially distances itself from Christ.

Conclusion: On the geopolitical level everything is in upheaval. Our society is staggering from crisis to crisis and we human beings are thus given chance after chance – for individual upheaval and for conversion.

The struggle for humanity is in progress, as is the struggle of the individual human being for knowledge, awareness and enlightenment.

The Corona Days also offer many opportunities to first of all turn the light on oneself. Only through this we enrich the collective consciousness and the upheavals can happen, for which we longingly wait.

Everything changes. It is up to each and every one of us, whether we participate in this planetary and cosmic change as an extra or as the main actor.

And at the beginning of every realization, there is truth. And this is what this publication is intended to do.

With pre-Easter joy – JJK

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» Source » Channel: Jahn j Kassl

10 Replies to “Yeshua: My Death On The Cross Never Happened”

  1. TeeLight

    Yeshua has been with me my entire life. Literally.
    He saved my life, actually intervened, directly, seven times I know of, he says many more, I was a problem child. He laughs and tells me being trouble lasted much longer than my childhood.
    The actual history is very different than what most believe happened.
    I was privileged enough to be shown my part of what happened then.
    The message of the myth of his death is, no one dies and all beings must rebalance the scales if we harm, or intentionally cause stress, to other humans.
    The message of his life was/is that the Creator’s Universes are abundant and growth, love, abundance is our birthright.
    The only things keeping us from living it, is ourselves.
    So much love he has for all of us, and to get his help, all we have to do is ask.

  2. jay werner

    stop ,,, this channel is a total fraud
    carefully read the first couple lines …
    the roman catholic church , did not exist at the time of , Christ …!

  3. Debbie Emrich

    So thankful that when I was a little girl and through out my life my Dad told me repeatedly. That bible wasn’t written by God, it was written by man to serve mans purpose. Because of that I have never felt connected to the bible. I do however and have always (even in my worst times) felt connected to God. Even when I am pestering him for a good parking space 🙂

  4. Doug James

    Blood of Jesus is satanic.. Yeshua never wanted a church and people saved he wanted awaken to the light inside them. The satanic Roman Emperors etc twisted the entire story.. communion is the best example.. drinking blood and eating a human body to be saved??? WTF no no to worship satan perhaps. Go inside raise your awareness stop being controlled and put in fear.

  5. Marilyn G.

    In one of the Seth books, channeled by Jane Roberts, Seth states that Jesus did not die on the cross. Then, a remote viewer from Far Sight, said that he escaped to Europe with Mary Magdalene, if I remember correctly. A mentally challenged look-alike, the remote viewer said, took Yeshua’s place. So do I believe that hokey story, so dramatized by Hollywood? Frankly, I never did believe it. Yeshua never said that he was “the” son of God, either. It’s all been about CONTROL, folks.

    1. Doug James

      Agree completely. He said son of man and he said as I do these things so will you. They the Roman’s Dark Emperors used the story to control the people far easier than waging wars and killing people no no make them pay you 10% every Sunday so they can be saved.

  6. Brenda Kuder

    I have never liked the symbol of the cross. I hope the truth will come out and that will shake up all religions. I am not religious, I am spiritual because I did my own searching for years and I have found what is true for me. Blessings!

  7. About Vladimiro Di Vito

    Is totally true your statment. The Cross have totally another meaning than a real crucifixion. Struggle in life, lesson, ethic moral responsability, believes , faith, loyalty, dignity and forgiveness sometimes are way more strong and challenging with extreme sacrifices, also more deep and bloody than a phisical crucifixion cab be.
    This is my point of view after 15 yrs of big jorney and challenges as man, soul, body and as human being. But with lots of sacrifices, hope and relying on my potential and survival instinct I am still here and serene about all my life. Kindness and honesty are my weapon and see the beauty in everything and everybody I grow my wisdom, that soon or later, will open the right door and finally I can go forward in life and as warrior of love be able to see beyound things.
    And yes I am totally ready to take with humility and respect my little stage and starring my future.
    Vladimiro Di Vito

  8. Era Of Light

    In the name and Blood of JESUS CHRIST AUTHORITY COMMAND SATAN and DEMONS false Prophets and the Anti Christ to be removed and bound and thrown into the fiery lake for eternity and to never destroy and decieve the Earth and my Creations and never tempt my Creations The Head Of Christ and I am the body tge Church and we are one.The Kingdom Of GOD is here And all Glory and Power and honor and riches are for S JESUS AND HIS BRIDE HIS CHURCH tbat now rules over the nation’s above and below over all the lost inheritence is returned To ADAM and EVE …Satan you cannot defend yourself from committing the UNFORGIVEN SIN and all others are guilty by the Divine Laws Of the Universe.So BE IT Guilty in THE COURT OF HEAVEN.Youhave no power or claim over on my Creations on Earth you have no rights.I ask my Enforcement Team to execute the judgements to be enforced upon Satan removeal and to establish the truth of Adam and Eve The Church Of Christ have legally won and finished the race for the human race.It is done.It is registered here in the Court Of Heaven.I have Spoken.And so it is. Thank you. ERA OF LIGHT(Juanita Jackson)Copyright©2019 Era Of Light All Rights Reserved®