Message from Creator: Awaken

galactic collective eraoflightdotcomAwake! Awake! Awake!

Now you have all the opportunities. Awaken, you too!

Beloved one,

the illusion of fear takes mankind’s breath away and holds mankind captive This illusion ensures that you remain inactive, that you admit defeat and that you remain a victim that you have been for thousands of years.

But an illusion is what it is – unreal, untrue and a delusion. What is true? What is true is that your awakening ends this illusion.

Awakening dissolves any illusion and lets you see what and who you really are.

This awakening wants to be acquired and attained. It falls to you only when the basic work for it is done. It is the moment when you open your heart unconditionally to the light of God’s love.

It is the day when you step out of this world and take on a new perspective. To participate in the game is to remain part of the illusion, to step out is to leave the world of illusion.

You ask yourself now, does that mean not to care about earthly matters anymore, to deny life and not to leave the mediation carpet anymore?

That is wrong! What is right is that you can only face life as an awakened being, as who you are.

You cannot interfere meaningfully as long as you remain a player. You cannot take a superior view if you let yourself be constantly occupied by this matrix.
What does awakening mean?

– Awakening means getting out of the conditioned role models that have bound you to this reality for thousands of years.

– Awakening means to accept your divine consciousness and your divine spirit and from this awareness to give the game on this earth a completely different direction.

– Awakening means to think, feel and act self-determinedly.

– Awakening means to be completely absorbed in God and not to lose yourself in the illusion.

Your centre is your heart – from there all knowledge happens.

The awakened person has direct and free access to his heart. He knows what he was, what he will be and what he is. Wounds are healed and attentively this person makes his abilities and knowledge available. His power lies in love, his strength is truthfulness and his strength lies in the knowledge of the things that must now take place on earth.

Today everything begins to turn into the opposite – and only when the world is completely upside down will so many people wake up so that the final change can take place.
Support of the inner and extraterrestrial brothers and sisters

Your Inner Earth and extraterrestrial brothers and sisters from the realms of light are waiting for this day – and until then they are with you.

They thwart attacks on the freedom of the human spirit, and they prevent those who are about to be removed from power from taking the Earth and humanity with them into their new world.

What can permanently harm mankind will no longer be allowed, because the earth is a planet on which beings can experience themselves as human beings from the light, and not a place that can be wilfully destroyed and annihilated.

The protection is great and it is good that you are aware of this. For the various threats are able to discourage you and in many places lead to despair.

The end from the beginning

What you perceive in this world now is the end of the beginning. The end of human collectivization. The unification of humanity is to be achieved through globalization.

Every individuality is to be dissolved and the individual human being is to perceive himself only as a collective being. People shall become ants! This will not be able to happen!

True unity can only be created by self-confident and free people. Everything else means unification and does not serve peace, but only the preservation of power of those who occupied this planet eons ago.

This abuse of power is now coming to an end. Beings who do not belong on this earth will have to leave this earth – and they already do so in great numbers.

But still the lightful effects are hardly visible, because the remaining beings of this race cling to the existing with all their might. They use every chance to stay in power and they do not see that the human beings break out of collectivisation and cannot be collectivised any more.

The awakening has begun!

Where humanity would experience permanent damage, there, your brothers and sisters from the realms of Agartha and Telos, from the realms of Inner Earth, are intervening. Humanity is never alone, and it receives every possible support from the brothers and sisters of light from different levels to solve the predicament on the Upper Earth.

What is important for you now!

What matters to you, who follow this message, is: Become aware that fears of the future are not justified and become aware of your role in this game.

Once you have grasped this, then work on releasing your fears. This goes along with the healing of your heart. At the same time, work on how to get out of this game and discard your role. The goal of all your endeavors must be to become an individual again, seeking knowledge of God on your own.

Leave the collective level, which either makes you a perpetrator or degrades you to a victim. Redeem your karma by dissolving the illusion of karma. For the law of karma is only effective as long as you participate in the dramas and comedies of the times.

Consciousness work means to come closer and closer to yourself, to set yourself free and to wrest the real meaning from being human. Then you blossom, then your soul blossoms and you become the creator of your life – the end of foreign domination.

Beloved human being,
Do not be deceived by this time, for it holds the greatest illusions as well as the greatest steps of knowledge for you.

Awaken! Awaken. Awaken!


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» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl