New Moon in Taurus; Awakenings Around Values, Owning Your Worth, Invention In the Moment

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomOn April 22nd/23rd, the Moon, which rules our: emotions, intuition and gut instinct, becomes new at 4 degrees of Taurus. New Moons herald : fresh beginnings, starts and a new dawn. The days leading up to the new moon can feel intense and uncertain with no light + guidance from La Luna. Taurus, the 2nd zodiac sign, deals with: resources, self- worth, values, practicality and the body.

The New Moon in Taurus is here to cultivate grounded fresh beginnings around what we hold near and dear in our lives. This could be around our: finances, sense of stability and our own inner power. The moon loves to be in Taurus as its exalted in the sign of the bull. Planets in “exaltation” are strong and give positive and directed energies to that planet. We are all craving something solid and secure with this New Moon. In our current world with lots of unknowns and uncertainty, La Luna in the practical sign of Taurus so wants to give us this sense of comfort and ease. Mother nature though, has something to teach us about herself and each other. While there will certainly be moments of solace and peace with this New Moon, there is a deeper lesson at play. True stability is created in the moment, despite outer circumstances, not due to them. This new moon is here to awaken our inner guide of calm and direction.

The main aspect to the New Moon in Taurus will be a conjunction with Uranus, the planet of: surprises, shocks and innovation, who is also in the sign of the bull. Uranus conjunct the New Moon will add a dash of excitement, instability and originality to our lives. Values and beliefs that once held such importance to us could suddenly be replaced or vanish all together. Upheavals and reversals around our stability and security could also be in the works. The gift of Uranus is not to shake us up for just the hell of it. Uranus wants to create enlightenment and awakenings. The lesson of Uranus meeting up with the New Moon in Taurus will be our ability to be inventive and innovative around the relationship we have to money and our sense of worth and security. We so desperately want a guidebook on how it will all work out. The universe doesn’t work along the lines of a guidebook however. This aspect of Uranus and the New Moon in Taurus is a calling that all the love and stability is not outside of you, it is INSIDE. Once you can own that and believe it, the outer reality will match, even under the most bizarre and funky circumstances in life.

The New Moon in Taurus is here to awaken and re-adjust your values and sense of security. In a world of unprecedented chaos, La Luna wants to offer you a fresh perspective on comfort and peace of mind. What if you didn’t rely on outer circumstances to give you peace and stability? There is a chance with this lunar cycle to dig deep and reclaim what true security is to you and what really matters most in life. This is something that the: government, a bank account or a title cannot give to you. This is declared from your inner stand and recognition of your soul and heart. This is true security and peace…created from an inner knowing and calling.. not a system or established structure. The New Moon in Taurus asks you to stay grounded, yet open to listening to mother nature’s song of wisdom and guidance. She is here to bring: awakenings of inner strength and fortitude, detachment from previous values + beliefs and the ability to calm the mind and spirit with grace and patience.


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