Message from Ra: Eyes of Wisdom

horus eraoflightdotcomLook with the eyes of wisdom. Do not be fooled by the beliefs and likes of others but rely on that feeling and your instinct. You are many souls who walk the common path on your earth. Side by side, hand in hand, you walk in community.

More and more people are joining in, understanding that walking on the common road can facilitate life, can make life easier to understand. The tranquility and peace that is now present is incredible. This tranquility that shows the way. This calm that creates community.

Battle axes that are closed down because they are no longer needed. Every human being who in this way lets his interior show the way in a sure knowledge that everything is divinely taken care of. In your walk you open up so that you all, every one, shine and radiate the divine light. All of you who allow the divine light to flow down from the source.

In this time of fellowship, you help each other rise in consciousness. The important development on earth. This consciousness raising that you have talked about for a long time, that which you have called the shift. The big quantum leap you take when you unite. The shift you’ve been waiting for and you didn’t know when or how it would turn out. To stop the world, countries, cities, people who were difficult to predict for the human intellect. Some have seen it coming, but nothing of this magnitude can be understood in the heart before it happens.

Now when that happens, many hearts are rejoicing and many who have worked to help their fellow human beings rise in consciousness are now receiving further help and are even more important than ever for this process to be fully implemented. In order for the new era that has now found itself to be implemented in each individual’s life and then become permanent.

You are many who have been prepared for this by already having made major changes in life, already following the path of the heart. For you, what happens is not as brutal and demanding. See this as a receipt for what great work you have already done. You who are shaken, frustrated, confused. Let yourself be led on the common road. Know that you are divinely cared for. Let yourself be led in love, with love and for a loving life.

I am Ra from Arcturus and with love I give you the light of hope.

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» Source » Channel: Camilla Nilsson