The Starseed’s Destiny

Greetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj!

You have destiny and freewill, these too always interact, in every lifetime. Only major events in one’s life are pre-destined. Everything else is up to you. At times, though it is rare, even these major events may change based on your actions or the will of your I Am Presence.

This brings us to you, the Starseeds, the Old Souls, and whatever term that is used to define this group of people who have chosen this path, who have chosen to incarnate on Earth.

Why are you referred to as a Starseed, or as an Old Soul? For one, you come from the stars, so does everyone else. However, you have traveled the Universe a whole lot more than most people on Earth. You are an Old Soul, in terms of experience. You became an individualized soul millions of years before most people on Earth.

The plan was laid out, the Universe knew what had to change, and the place was chosen where all this would unfold. So an invitation was sent out, an echo heard in the stars. Who was willing to leave everything behind, including all memory of one’s previous lessons, one’s mastery, infinite joy, and descend upon the Earth.

This is when millions and millions of souls volunteered for this mission, and you the Old Soul were one of the millions. However, volunteering was not enough, it was not entirely up to you if you get to take part in this or not. You had to be chosen by the Higher Councils, for this was a great endeavor, not for the fainthearted as the saying goes.

In simple terms we can say you have done it all, and this is why you were chosen. You are not here just for any reason. You are on Earth at this time for the greatest purpose. And that is to uplift a world into a higher dimensional reality. Not only to bring light to a world that was seemingly stuck in the abyss, but to permanently lift this world out of darkness into the light. With this act and mission lift up the entire galaxy and beyond to a higher reality. For we have stated times before, what occurs on Earth will impact the galaxy and beyond.

Here you are now, yes we can say nearing the completion of the mission. We know you will say but it doesn’t feel like I did anything to change anything. And we say your presence alone has caused this world to change. You have done great works, not only in this lifetime but in many lifetimes here on Earth, as well as on your nightly journeys, in what you call the dream state. Also, the way this world is about to change in the next three years alone, such enormous change has not occurred in the past one thousand years or more.

Humanity is about to experience one thousand years of evolution in three years time(2024, 2025, 2026). Please understand that this is to unfold for those who have chosen to uplift themselves into the Fifth Dimension.

Once again, it is you, the Starseeds, who will step forward, this time as leaders of the new world. As ambassadors of the Galactic Federation for the New Earth.

This is the Starseed’s destiny. You cannot escape the next waves of change, which are about to unfold on Earth, for not only does your Soul seek to be of service, but also you chose and were chosen to accomplish what at one point was deemed impossible by a few in the Galactic Community, and now they observe in awe.

We want to clarify one more thing. This journey, this shift, is not decades away, as some in the spiritual community have been saying. We do not speak of this occurring in the 2030’s, 2040’s, or 2050’s.

The first and major wave of ascension(with the largest number of souls) will take place between the years of 2025 and 2027(latest).

There are many timelines being dissolved, some merging, while others growing further apart. With major portals being activated, this is already seeing Earth and the Ascending Collective at the doorstep of the Fifth Dimension. This is where you stand now. Continue shining. For the grand moment quickly approaches.

All the light to You.

13 Replies to “The Starseed’s Destiny”

  1. Max

    I was wondering what age someone be StarChild. Do it miss a generation. A lot people’s tell me that I can tell you things ahead time I have uncle who work for NASA. Call me a StarChild. You have people that work for trying to take from uncle.. Why do some country would kidnapping little child. I love my gifts . It is a part of me.

  2. Gordon Jackson

    “Humanity is about to experience one thousand years of evolution in three years time(2024, 2025, 2026).”

    Absolutely, 100% know that you are lying. None of these things you predict have ever happened. You usually predict something will happen in the future, people will get excited about it then you will never mention it again and they forget. Then you make another prediction.

    If I go back through all of your previous posts I can see time and again where you have promised something because of your supposed inside information only for that prediction to never happen.

    It is the same with this post. A prediction that is just far enough away to provide hope but far enough away that the gullible, that still believe you, will have forgotten this prediction.

    I doubt you will publish this comment and even if you do the easily-led here will criticise me and suggest I’m not of the light. What they won’t do is come back at the end of 2024 and say I was right because they saw nothing happened. Nobody needs to wait that long though, just go back a year or two on this website and see what predictions have been made and see if any of them came true.

  3. Mike Ohira

    Your prediction is accurate, you did a great job KR!
    Allow me to add few comments.

    Old fart Biden and his bunch will be gone by this year. Galactic disclosure
    will surely happen right after.

    People who volunteered for the earth mission had to undergo a test. And
    it was a test to see whether the soul could withstand the severe sufferings
    and hardships associated with 3d earth experiment. For each soul that
    succeeded many, many millions flunked.

    Ascension will probably come in 3 waves.

  4. tigersnack1114

    The LIGHT in this message was amazing and soul truthful!
    Everyday I feel more and more…lol…lighter.
    Downloads coming in all the time …Go soak up the Sunlight!!!!

  5. Raksha

    I always feels emotional when hearing/reading about the Starseed process. You almost made me cry here 🙂

    I’m not sure about your prediction though. I feel intuitively, and I can get from astrology, that the next 3 years or so, are really important, and I believe we will see major events/shifts during that period. It seems a bit too soon for Ascension though. People need more time to evolve and make their own choices after the truth is revealed. Also, I believe the future is very much in flux.
    Also, it would seem more logical to me that the first wave of ascension (if there is a number of them) would not be for the majority, but for a few who will then help the others for the next wave and so on. But what do I know?

  6. Benjamin Franklin

    Wow! That is alot, to take in. Thank you Kejrej, jammed packed with all kinds, of information. You speak, from a higher sperspective, than most, of us see, from our personal, vantage. Much, of what is seen, is subjective, and because, of that, the scope of vision is narrowed, but no less important. This is very, encouraging, and uplifting. It is so appreciated.

  7. new beginnings

    These words Kejraj!! Put together beautifully in this article… Like medicine for my soul. Like sweet harmony, they enter through my physical eyes, and touch my heart and reverberate and expand out, ~touching the whole of humanity~Giving me a physical sensation in my whole body, knowing from that, these words ring true for me.
    We are literally changing our world from the inside out. I am so humbled by this realization, to be here and physically take part in the greatest love of ALL~

  8. Olen

    Hmm…three more years before great changes… Galactic federatioin usyally never tells dates becose of our free will.