Hi, Kejraj here!

What I have noticed with wordpress and their censorship is they’ve been censoring sites that were hosted for free. However, Era of Light is on a paid plan. But this still does not mean that we are safe. I cannot take any chances. I reached out to another host. One thing that got me besides them being strongly against censorship, is one of their agents saying that if somehow things came to that point, where they’d have to censor something or the site, they’d let me know before taking any action. This would give me the chance to change or prepare in advance.

All that remains now is deciding a day to make the full transfer. I wish to do it as smoothly and as quickly as possible. We’ll keep you updated. All the light to You!

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  1. Archangel Metatron

    Dear Kejraj,

    Just my 2 cents, the combination of SpinupWP (it’s a service just add dot com), Digitalocean as the host, and using subscription JetPack from WordPress itself makes it quite easy and secure. JetPack does automated backups, SpinupWP does automated OS level patches, Digitalocean does not charge for bandwidth for now.

    All of this makes a good combination. It’s around $30 per month for a very fast high memory 2 CPU core machine including SpinupWP service. Jetpack was around $29 I believe. So the total should be less than $60 per month.

    It’s a clean setup, I know because I did this as a professional engineer and also ran a hosting company for 12 years myhosting and mail2web.

  2. galacticjoel

    I change host from wordpress.com to another some time ago among others to avoid censorship. If you want to change host you should do it in advance because it is not so easy to transfer website from wordpress.com to another host because you don’t have access to ftp files. You need to create new website on new host and transfer a content from old one. All images from library have to be uploaded again to new host.

  3. john

    hi KejRaj, Thank you for the update, as long as you have the same sitename ie eraoflight i’m sure we would all find you wherever you go but lets hope it does not come to that, thanks again for all your hard work you are much appreciated and much loved, all best and stay safe.

  4. Doug James

    KejRaj things are heating up I am now having my FB posts removed as are other friends. The dark ones are desperate now .. this only exposes them more of course so I thank them for helping to awaken the masses.

  5. gswan

    Hi, that MeWe (??) site -once I signed up, I got porn spam immediately…. Haven’t signed in since. Not that you are using that one. G, California