On Content Marketing: What Makes an Article Clickable?

did you know eraoflightdotcomMarketing can play a significant role in your company’s success. Every business needs to understand that quality marketing strategies and techniques can elevate their business to the next level. You just need to use one of the most effective methods that can ensure constant traffic to your platform, increased sales, competitiveness with your rivals, and record-breaking success; content marketing.

Read on to learn more about content marketing and how you can make your articles clickable.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strong, effective digital marketing strategy that focuses on transforming your business website into a central hub of content and information. This means that it will constantly attract customers, generate leads, and convert those leads into paying customers. Your platform’s success and lifespan rely on the positive traffic it receives daily. When you use content marketing techniques to help you post relevant content with the “wow factor” that keeps your audience interested and coming back for more, then you can guarantee great success. If you do it right, you can achieve high sales margins, increased profits, and enough exposure to build an excellent reputation for your brand.

It Must Keep Up With Trends

You need to realize that people love trends and you should keep up with them all to attract people to your platform. Content marketing means finding out what your customer likes to reel them in, whether it’s a T.V show, specific books, certain celebrities, ideas or innovations, or a lot more. This is crucial when it comes to generating leads. You need to ensure that your content will spread and continue to attract people constantly. The key to perfect content is making it relevant to the potential customer. People must be eager to read what you’re posting because if it doesn’t have the latest trends, the level of positive impact won’t be strong.

Mix Your Keywords

It’s important to work on your keywords to ensure that they’re working positively for your platform. It’s also known as your ‘anchor text’ and you need to optimize it properly to go hand in hand with your content marketing techniques and SEO strategies. To learn more, you can read this anchor text ratio guide from SEOJet to get a better understanding of the importance of mixing your keyword/anchor text. The main goal is to avoid building backlinks that are unnatural and strategically weak. Just remember that density doesn’t matter because your sole focus should be about making the anchor text relevant and trustworthy. Try as hard as you can not to ruin your distribution of backlinks because that will hinder your content marketing plans.

Choose a Field

Every business owner should choose a specific field to focus on. This will make your content more relevant, interesting, and trustworthy. For example, you can’t be a company that sells clothing, but post content about food recipes. These are two completely different areas and you need to focus on one because that will get you the right links from other websites that are relevant to your brand and products. This is how you’ll generate more clicks; you’re attracting the right customers to your platform. Keep in mind that if you focus on multiple fields, your chances of getting undesirable links will be high and your authority will be weak. Ruining your platform’s authority and relevance is the last thing you need to happen to your business website.

Surprise Your Readers

If you focus on surprising your readers and potential customers with intriguing news about the latest trends, you will guarantee their utmost attention. Research has proven that a surprised reader will give your content 100% of their attention and time. It will also increase the chances of getting it shared with different people. This will increase your clicks, visits, and success. Our brains work in mysterious and yet marvelous ways and when people see a surprising headline with even more surprising content, their curiosity will skyrocket and each sentence you write will reel them in further for more interesting and relevant content that the customers like.

Focus On “How to” Content

Every business should learn to post a lot of “How to” content because that’s how they can generate more clicks, views, and sales. We’ve mentioned before how interestingly the human brain works and these types of posts trigger something in us that will spike our interest significantly. We all want to learn how to do something new or how to get something specific. It’s where the real value lies and people are attracted to real value. Don’t let your audience guess or make their assumptions about specific topics. Tell them exactly how to do it because it’s the safest method. Human beings are mostly inclined to learn from others through guidance, so you need to provide them with guidance that isn’t stressful or misleading. It has to be completely valuable.

Sticking To the Format That Works

This will require some analytics, but you need to stick to the article format that works the most. Meaning, if you check and see your click ratios and find out which format got the most clicks and views, then this is the format that you need to use for all of your articles. If your audience likes something specific, give them what they want and focus your articles with headlines, content, and format that they’re attracted to.

It’s important to understand what it takes to make an article effective, especially in the crazy competitive times that we live in. With a platform that has interesting, engaging, and relevant content, people will constantly flock to you because of it and their trust in you and your brand will only increase over time. This level of trust can constantly convert your generated leads into paying customers. All of this is possible if you properly make your articles clickable and use the best techniques to make customers visit and see the content you’ve provided. No one doubts that content marketing can improve the reputation of any business. It helps you become one of the best in the digital world and the business market.